The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 210

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 210 The Castle And The Baby With Blue Eyes

I threw myself at the wolves, only to learn of the tenderness in their howl, and the loyalty in their blood.


Raine opened her mouth, but her voice couldn't come out, she sniffed and a tear fell on her cheeks. She looked so pitiful like a lost child.

People, who saw her, regardless their nature, would take pity on her.

"I I don't know" Finally Raine could squeeze some words out of her lips. "The wizard hunter chased after her"

There was a growing complain from people around her.

"That wizard hunter, they really don't take the Alpha into their eyes!"

"How they could do that in a day like this!?"

Raine continued to weep pitifully to gain more sympathy, with this, either she would get more attention so Serefina would know her location or, these people could help her to find Serefina.

"I want to meet my sister" Raine said between her sobs.

"The sister that she mentioned, must be the witch with fiery red hair." One of the men beside the burly man told him in low voice.

They had seen Raine with Serefina before, so they assumed both of them were siblings.

"Which direction did she go?" The burly man asked again.

Raine blinked her eyes to let out a few tears before she answered uncertainly. "I don't really know which way she went, because she left me inside the room, but I think she was going to the fighting sound from earlier." She said truthfully.

The expression from people around Raine, changed. They frowned and scrunched their nose.

"Girl, I don't think there is someone left after the fighting between the wizard hunters and the witches." A young lady in blue dress said. "The fight broke out very fast and I think the witch didn't expect that."

"Yes, it was an ambush attack and also the wizard hunter outnumbered the witch." An old lady beside the young one chimed in.

The fighting between the witch and the wizard hunter must not happen in the first place in this occasion, moreover under the Alpha's territory.

It had been emphasized that every creatures were welcome to come to enjoy the festivities, no matter they were a sworn enemies like wizard hunter and the witch or Lycanthropes and the devils, they could come and were protected equally, so no one did any harm.

Today could be consider as a peace day for every creatures, so today fight was unacceptable.

However, the fighting earlier alone had shown how the wizard hunter had disrespected the rule, and for the Lycanthropes, rules were absolute.

Raine's heart quivered when the old lady said that as if her bad premonition came true. "What should I do?"

Without Serefina, how she could go back to her real time? And moreover, without Serefina, how she could survive in this place?

"We need to take you to meet the Alpha." The burly man said. Apparently, he was a Lycan warrior, who has been pointed to make sure the area was secured and there was no event like this.

However, it had happened and now he needed to report it back to his Alpha, thus he could take this lost little girl also to the Alpha and let him decided what to do next.

After all violation any rules were not acceptable.

Upon hearing the word of 'Alpha', Raine's eyes lit up, her first attempt to gain sympathy was so they could help her to find Serefina or the other versa.

Only if she found Serefina, Raine could tell her that the wizard hunters have a plan to kill the Alpha's son, no matter which one, it was still terrible news, but now the burly man said he would take her to their Alpha directly, it could be consider a good luck.

Raine could tell the Alpha directly about the wizard hunter's vicious plan.

"Can you take me to the Alpha? I am afraid the wizard hunter will come and take me." Raine said with pleading eyes.

"Of course, come." The burly man stood up and reached out his hand for Raine to grab. "Today is the celebration for Alpha's second son, this kind of rude action couldn't be pardoned." He said firmly.

Raine looked his big opened palm and put her small hand, his grip was so firm as he helped Raine to stand up.

As they walked, people around them dispersed to the side and gave them a way. Two more people with the same dressed as the burly man was wearing, followed behind them. Raine assumed that clothes were like uniform for a guard.

Torak would have his Lycan warrior dressed in the same way too.

"What is your name?" Raine lifted her head to look at the burly man. He was very tall, Raine barely reached his shoulder, with dark skin and curly hair.

"I am Dmitri." Answered him. "You?"

"Raine." Raine said her name.

Dmitri, Raine and two others Lycan walked in the crowd of the streets swiftly, they didn't talk to each other, but when Raine turned her head to look at the inn that she had stayed only for less than an hour, she could see the damage after the fight.

There was a big hole in one side of the building that Raine thought it must be Fabian's room before. Raine shuddered with the thought of how the fight had occurred there and how Serefina and Fabian fought those wizard hunters.

Did they survive? Or being captured? Then where were they? Why no one appeared and fetched her?

With those things were rambling inside Raine's head, the four of them arrived at the gate of the castle.

Raine could have dropped her jaw open, the sight of the castle from this close distance was way different from what Raine had imagined.

The real thing was indeed more fascinating and marvelous.

They walked under the open gate and into a hallway where many people with the same clothes as Dmitri greeted them.

Raine followed Dmitri's lead down another hallway, three chandeliers hung over their heads and reflected light off of marble flooring beneath them, the walls were glossy stained wood, each side decorated with wide, elaborate tapestries.

The ceiling must have been fifty one hundred meter high, they were painted in blue color. Along the hallway, a few dozen windows lined the walls on each side, all of them stretched from the floor to the ceiling, so the light could illuminate this part of the castle.

Raine walked in awed as if she forgot where she was and what she was going to do. This place had drawn all of her attention.

They walked until they reached the dark doors on the other side. Dmitri opened the door and held it for Raine as she passed through.

They entered a circular foyer that filled with people and at the furthest part of the entrance door, were two massive golden thrones, inlaid with rubies.

Raine could say nothing and only stare.

"Wait here." Dmitri said as he walked past the crowd to a man, who Raine assumed was the Lycan Alpha.

He has dark hair and blue eyes that similar to Torak, he was as tall as Dmitri and has muscular body. His face carved into a threatening expression when he saw anyone near a beautiful woman beside him, who was carrying a baby in her arms.

And there, Raine saw him, the baby with the most beautiful blue eyes, staring back at her as his tiny hand stretched out toward her direction.