The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 211

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 211 Meeting The Alpha And The Luna

Courage is not having the strength to go on, it is going on when you don't have strength.

-Napoleon Bonaparte-


Raine could say nothing as she was charmed by the baby blue eyes and the way he giggled toward her with her toothless smile.

And Raine found she smiled to the baby and waved her hand at him.

"Look, Torak is laughing." Diana tugged the Alpha's hand. It was hard enough to make the baby laugh as he always preferred to shy away or sleep.

Janus turned around and saw a big smile on his happy baby face. "I think he laughs because he knows today celebration is for him." And he felt someone was tugging his leg as he looked down, he found his eldest son.

"I want to see him too." Jedrek raised both of his arms to be carried, he was just seven years old and still not high enough to see his little brother in their mother's embrace.

However, before Janus could carry him, Diana decided to bend her body so Jedrek could see his little brother conveniently.

As Diana bent down, Jedrek moved to the front and covered the line of the baby's sight, hiding Raine's figure behind his small body.

"Hmm?" Jedrek tilted his head. "Why he is frowning again?" He saw the smile on baby Torak's lips two second ago, but now his lips formed a cute pout.

"Maybe he is hungry, honey." Diana consoled Jedrek while Janus rubbed his big palms on his son's head.

Jedrek didn't satisfy with the answer and touched the baby's cheek with his small forefinger. "Smile again, will you?" He kept pointing Torak's cheek until his finger slipped to his little brother toothless mouth and Torak sucked it. "Yuck! Disgusting!" Jedrek backed away and wiped his wet finger, which covered with Torak's saliva, at his clothes.

Seeing that, Diana and Janus laughed loudly and happily as Diana stood up straight and kissed the baby's cheek, relishing her baby's scent.

Not long after that, one of his Lycan warriors stepped forward, greeted his Alpha and Luna and then gave them news about the situation at the village.

"There is a fight between the wizard hunter and the witches in one of the inn." Said Dmitri after Alpha Janus gave him the permission to speak.

"Insolent!" Janus roared in anger. "How dare them put a fight in my territory?!"

Diana also frowned and gave the baby Torak to a woman beside her and asked her to leave the hall. "Who instigated the attack first?" Diana acted like the Luna she was and tried to understand the situation.

"It was the wizard hunter that had ambushed the witch." Reported Dmitri. "There are six witches found dead in the inn, two missing and one come with me."

"Dead!?" Janus anger reached the roof. A fight alone already turned Janus's mood gloomy, but now they said there were victims?

All the creatures that came to celebrate the birth of their second son were considered as his guests, how could he let this slide? Not only the wizard hunter didn't respect the rules, but they were also didn't put the Alpha into their eyes, before instigating something horrendous like this.

"Where is the one who come with you?" Diana asked, while the Alpha was so agitated because of the news, Diana was more cool- headed. That was why both of them were a compatible ruler. They complement each other.

"She is little sister of the witch that is missing." Dmitri informed his Luna and signaled to the other two Lycan warriors that stayed with Raine to bring her.

Raine saw that signaled too and the two lycans that stayed with her came close as one of them said. "The Alpha and Luna want to see you."

Raine nodded and walked toward the thrones with the two lycan warriors flanked at her left and right side.

However, when Raine came close to them, she didn't see the baby in the Luna's arms anymore. Where is the baby Torak? Raine slightly frowned.

Because of the crowd, she couldn't see when Diana gave the baby to her attendance and asked her to leave the main hall.

When Raine came close to the two rulers, she could see that Torak got his eyes and temper from his father, but he took after his mother's face, that was why, he looked so charming and beautiful, but still has the masculinity and dangerous side of his father.

Raine was clueless how to greet both of them, so she bent her knees slightly and raised the side of her dress a little bit, like the way a princess made a greeting toward the other people in the movie that she watched.

Probably that was the right move or the Alpha and Luna just have another concern to focus on rather than to criticize the way Raine greeted them.

"Are you the little sister of the missing witch?" Janus asked Raine. His voice boomed inside the hall and drew all the people' attention.

The noisy sounds from the chattering gradually quieted down and only left an uncomfortable silence for Raine.

All of sudden she became slightly nervous because those hundred people pair of eyes were on her.

Raine cleared her throat and started to tell her story about how she travelled here with her sister, Serefina and her friend, Fabian.

She told them about the wizard hunter that followed her from the bar.

However, when they went to different room to take a rest, Serefina and she were being attacked and so did Fabian.

After Serefina took care of the attacker inside their room, who no other than five witches also, she went to help Fabian and left Raine inside the room alone.

"Took care of the five witches?" Diana frowned, her white gown fluttered when she moved closer toward Raine. "Dmitri just told us there were five dead bodies of witches inside the room, so it was your sister that killed them and not the wizard hunters?" Diana narrowed her eyes.

Dmitri also looked at Raine in puzzle. "I thought it was the wizard hunters that killed them." He voiced out his own mind.

No matter what the reason, fighting, more so, killing was forbidden in their territory in this occasion.