The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 212

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 212 Telling The Plan Of The Wizard Hunter

Seeing the misunderstanding in their eyes, Raine hastily raised both of her hands and waved them frantically to deny their unspoken accusation.

"No, my sister didn't kill them." She would be in disadvantage if she was in the wrong side. "She just tied them up and left them unconscious. It was the wizard hunters that came after my sister left the room and killed them all." Raine explained.

Janus and Diana looked at each other and stared at Raine, ordered her to continue to talk.

"The wizard hunters bribed the witches to fight with my sister to distract her, so the wizard hunters could attack my sister's friend, Mr. Alizon. But, my sister didn't kill them." Raine emphasized her last words.

Because Raine didn't know the situation here and how exactly those creatures relationship with the other creatures, hence it was way better to come clean. That was what Raine thought. At least she wouldn't anger them by lying as she was pretty sure her lies would have many plot holes.

"Mr. Alizon?" Janus stepped forward and stood beside his Luna, he put his hand on her slender waist possessively, just like the way Torak always treated her. "The pure blood witch?"

Raine's eyes lit up. "Yes, right. He is the pure blood witch." But then her bright eyes dimmed slightly as she wondered if this would be a good thing for her to associate with the pure blood witch? Because Fabian looked obviously reluctant to come across the land of the Lycan.

The question was, was they were in good terms?

The room turned very quiet, it was almost like a graveyard instead of party celebration.

"No wonder the wizard hunters went crazy." Diana nodded in understanding. "Mr. Alizon is the last pure blood witch and has been missing for years."

Janus stared sharply at Raine and said. "I will ask my warrior to find your sister and her friend. And you are welcome to stay here until we find them."

The Alpha's words were an order and Dmitri nodded at them respectfully.

Janus waved his hand to the musician and the music played again, the melody echoed from wall to wall as Janus turned around and helped his Luna to sit back on their thrones.

However, Raine hasn't done yet. There was one more crucial thing that she had to tell the Alpha about the wizard hunter wicked plan.

"Come here, Raine." Dmitri opened his arms to ask Raine to follow him, but Raine refused.

"No, wait. I have one more thing that I need to tell you!" Without thinking, Raine rushed forward to stop the Alpha and the Luna from leaving the spot.

Raine careless moved agitated the other wolves guards nearby, as they stepped forward to arrest her.

Raine didn't think this would be their reaction and terrified when a burly man stopped her and forced her to kneel.

Her knees collided with the marble floor beneath her painfully as both of her hands were pinned behind her back.

"No, wait. I don't mean any harm!" Raine screamed out of the pressure that the man put on her hands. It almost felt like her hands would be broken into two. "I have important thing to tell you! Please listen to me!" Raine shrieked, the pain on her arms was almost unbearable.

Diana looked at Janus before she waved her hand to dismiss Raine's attacker. "What do you want to say little child."

Only if they knew this little child was the mate of the Alpha's son, they wouldn't treat her badly.

Raine's breath hitched when she felt the pressure was gone and the only thing that left was her aching hands.

Fortunately, Dmitri helped her to stand up, though he didn't know what Raine was going to say, but he could see how important it was.

"What do you want to say, you could say it to Dmitri." Diana nodded her head at Dmitri.

Now, the distance between them had reduced and even with the sound of the music, they could talk without being heard by the other guests.

Regardless the brief commotion that Raine had made, the party still resumed under the Alpha's order. Now the two rulers put their focus on her.

Raine took another step closer, but was held by Dmitri and the Alpha took precaution by standing in front of his Luna, he glared at her.

"Talk from where you are." Said Janus in dangerous tone.

Raine bit her lips when she heard that and looked around her anxiously. "There is something I need to tell you about what the wizard hunter's were talking about after they killed the witches inside my room."

Janus and Diana looked at each other as their eyes became foggy. Raine knew that they were communicating with each other through mind link. She had seen that many times.

Dmitri grabbed Raine's hand to stop her when she was about to talk before she got the permission from the Alpha or the Luna, he shook his head, indicating that wasn't a wise move.

The Alpha could be very angry and didn't want to hear anything from Raine's mouth and directly put her into the prison, after all he was the sole ruler inside this room.

He could do whatever he pleased.

"Talk." Diana said after, seemingly, she won the argument with Janus.

"Thank you Luna." Raine said gratefully and also showed her that she had a good intention. "Actually, there were two wizard hunters who killed the witches inside my room and after they killed them they were talking about their next plan."

Raine looked around the Alpha and the Luna as she couldn't find the baby, she became more anxious.

"From my hiding place, I could hear them clearly when they said about the plan to kill the Alpha's son." Raine blurted out the truth.

Dmitri's grip on Raine's hand tightened as he heard what Raine jus said.

The Alpha's eyes turned black when he heard that words while Luna covered her mouth with her palm out of shock.

"IMPUDENT!" The sound of his voice boomed inside the hall and once again an eerie silence fell.