The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 213

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 213 The Beast Went Berserk

Raine stumbled and backed away upon seeing the rage in Janus's dark eyes, she knew exactly what was that mean.

It was already nerve- wrecking when Raine watched Torak was getting mad, not to mention she became the object of the Lycan's anger now.

Fortunately Diana was calm enough to assess the situation, she held the Alpha's arm to keep his beast at bay.

With the touch of his mate, Janus's tensed muscle slightly relaxed as he pulled Diana closer to him and kissed her forehead.

During that moment, there was a communication between them, because not long after that, Janus nodded his head rigidly and let go of Diana's waist.

Diana then walked gracefully toward Raine and ordered Dmitri to release his tight grip on her. Dmitri did what he was told, but stood close enough to react fast if needed.

"That accusation is something that could make you lost your head." Diana's expression was calm and composed when she said that, but there was a warning behind her words. "I will give you a chance to take it back."

However Raine was already in her dead end, whether she could gain the trust of the Lycans with her words or she could keep her mouth shut and let the lycan dealt with the wizard hunters themselves.

The problem was, Raine couldn't let the latter option to happen by relying to the security that the Alpha had prepared for his family and betting Torak's life on the line, so she would do everything for the former option.

Raine shook her head firmly. "No, Luna. I am telling the truth that the wizard hunters have a plan to kill the Alpha's son. I heard them said that."

Now, after Raine was done telling her part, she wondered what would happen to Torak in real time if something bad happened to him here.

If she didn't travel back time, then who would tell the Alpha and Luna about this? Since Torak was alive in the present, probably they were able to tackle the conflict that the wizard hunters had created, right?

However, Raine stick with her decision. She didn't want to take the risk that she couldn't bear.

Diana frowned. "The consequences of your words are very severe, you know that?"

"I will not dare to tell lies." Raine was getting anxious because she couldn't see the baby.

Right after she said that, suddenly all the light of the room was wiped out and left them in the darkness for less than two seconds before all the light returned.

"What was that?"

"What was going on?"

"The light just disappeared, right?"

A wave of uproar among the guests was starting when they threw the same questions to people beside them.

Janus pulled Diana closed to him as he scoured his eyes at the entire room to look for an imminent danger.

However, nothing happened afterward, as if the thing that happened earlier didn't do any harm, yet Raine knew what exactly it was.

"It was them." Raine mumbled and then said in louder voice. "It was them. That happened when the witches, which was sent by the wizard hunter, were attacking my sister and me." She said through her gritted teeth, but it was clear enough for the Alpha, the Luna and the other Lycan warriors nearby to hear.

"What the flicker of light could do?" Diana asked, but from her expression, she had taken Raine's words seriously now.

"They turned the room very quiet. Make us couldn't hear any sound from outside of this room, so we wouldn't know if a fight is going on somewhere." Raine explained hastily.

Once again Janus and Diana communicated with each other in silence.

The lycans and werewolves couldn't hear the sound because of the spell while Raine couldn't hear any sound because of her limit, she didn't have the same remarkable hearing like them after all.

Janus and Diana's face turned gloomy, and then the Alpha was mind- linking his Lycan warriors, because shortly after that they rushed out of the hall.

There were no witch inside the main hall to lift the spell because even though the Alpha welcomed all the creatures inside the village, but he didn't trust them enough to be near his family, especially his newborn son.

"Luna, may I know if the baby is safe?" Raine couldn't help, but asked when she saw the communication has over.

Diana's face looked rigid as she stared at Raine and answered her. "You don't need to worry about that. We are checking what you just said and if you are proved wrong, it will be better if you are worry about yourself first instead of your sister." Her voice laced with warning tone.

Upon hearing that, Raine gulped visibly. Fear started to creep in her heart.

She didn't want the thing that those wizard hunters said happened, but if nothing happened then she didn't know what they would to her, especially if they found out that she wasn't a witch.

Raine bit her lips nervously. Praying for the contradiction.

'Please let something happened, but don't let anyone suffer.'

Raine chanted those words like a charm.

And as if it worked, someone mind- linked Janus.

[Alpha! This is bad! We found a dead Lycan's body.] The sound of the voice in Janus's head was so anxious.

[What!?] Janus's eyes turned dark as if there was storm was raging from within.

Diana widened her eyes when she knew what was going on and then turned her head to look at Raine in disbelief.

In the other hand, the expression of Diana let Raine knew that it has begun.

"Luna, their aim is your sons!" Raine reminded her anxiously. She couldn't stop to worry about Torak.

Where did she send him?

Right at that moment, someone mind linked the Alpha and Luna. And even though it was only a communication, both of them could feel the horror that his voice was carried.

[Alpha! Your son is missing!]

That word as a cue for the Alpha beast to go berserk in his Lycan's form