The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 214

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 214 Bring Him To The Safety

Raine squatted down when the white Lycan leapt above his head and bolted out of the room. Second later the room filled with Lycans in various color, some of them went out of the room and some of them made an ear- piercing howl, while the remaining of them stayed close to their Luna.

"You, come with me." Ordered Diana to Raine.

Raine scrambled to stand up and followed the Luna, though she was still in human's form, she walked very fast and moved swiftly along with the other ten Lycan warrior.

"Where is the baby? Is the baby all right?" Raine asked anxiously, almost out of breath, trying to catch up with Diana.

The son that Janus's Beta mentioned was Jedrek. They couldn't find the seven years old boy while the baby Torak was still with her keeper.

"Did you hear what their plan is? Or, which son are they targeting?" Instead of answered Raine's question, Diana asked more detail about what she had heard.

She grew restless second by second, away from her sons and mate, and the fact that Raine's words were true didn't help at all. Diana realized now how the situation around her was too quiet, though there was a battle happened somewhere inside the castle. Diana could feel the tension through the mind link.

"No. I didn't hear anything except that." Raine shook her head in regret. "They left afterward."

"Hmm." Diana nodded and moved even faster, but still graceful as the queen of the Lycanthropes.

Just as they turned at the corner of the corridor, they saw a lady in white dress carried a baby in swaddle in her embrace.

Only then, both Raine and Diana, could breathe in relief.

"Is everything okay there?" Diana asked while approaching the lady and her baby.

However when Diana just took the baby from her arms, she saw something sparkle under the sunlight. With the sight of that, Diana's eyes turned dark as she let out a beast snarl and moved to the side very fast.

However, because her concern was on the baby in her hands, she didn't move fast enough and didn't protect herself carefully.

When the caretaker lady pulled out the dagger in her hand, the sharp blade grazed Raine's left arm, which protect the baby.

Everything went so fast when the ten Lycan warriors, who had been following them from the main hall, turned into their beast form and pounced onto the lady.

Raine looked away and shut her eyes tightly, she knew what would happen next, as she couldn't take it the horrendous scene that was happening. The only thing that gave away the brutal moment, which was going on, was the shrill scream and deep growls from the Lycans and the caretaker lady.

Only when the nerves- wrecking sound had died down, Raine was dare to open her eyes and put her focus on Diana, who was standing not far from her with baby Torak, safe in her arms.

"Luna, are you all right? Is Torak all right?" A man in blue clothes and curly hair approached Diana with worry in his amber eyes.

"Torak and I are fine. Thank you, Eaton." Said Diana in her soft but firm voice.

Yet, the man named Eaton stared at the blood in Diana's left arm and the wound that not yet heal. "But, Luna your hand."

"This is a silver dagger." One of the Lycan, who had turned into his human form, said while staring at the dagger that covered with blood, the caretaker's blood.

"We have to tend your wound." Eaton stated apprehensively. For Lycan, wolfbane wouldn't affect them, but silver still did damage on them. "Let's move to the sanctuary."

"Raine, let's go." Diana glanced at Raine, who had turned as white as paper, she was standing behind her without moving, flabbergasted.

"Oh, yes yes." Raine stuttered, trying hard to not looking at the direction where those beasts had ended up the caretaker's life, but still caught a glimpse of the pool blood on the marble floor.

"Look ahead." Diana said to her, knowing this scene wasn't something that she could handle.

Raine staggered forward and picked up her pace, following the Luna and her guards.

This silence was very uncomfortable for them, no matter what they did, they couldn't hear what was happening behind the wall because of the spell that had been charmed the whole castle.

Raine's normal human hearing couldn't help with that either.

"You are a witch, can't you lift the spell?" Eaton glanced at Raine, who was still wearing her purple cloak.

Raine shook her head. "I can't, I don't have enough power to do that, but sister can." She explained.

Eaton scoffed and continued to walk, slightly irritated because of the situation. "Why the witches join hand with the wizard hunter?! How is it possible!?" Eaton groaned in frustration.

But, as soon as Eaton finished his words, suddenly the wall beside him exploded, sending shards in all directions.

Eaton moved fast and covered his Luna while there was another Lycan, moving to Raine's side and protecting her, bore the brunt from the explosion.

However, the blast was so strong and all of them were knocked back by its power and stumbled hard to the ground.

Raine could feel the debris and sharp fragments grazed her cheeks and her hands. When Raine stopped rolling on the ground and the dust settled, she opened her eyes and gasped in horror.

Fabian was floating in the air in front of them and most likely he was the one who had attacked them earlier.

But, why?! And where is Serefina?!

Fabian put his hands together in front of him and with a shockwave of energy, he sent all of the Lycan warriors into convulsions.

The spasms rendered the ten Lycans hard to breath and in the same time immobilized them.

Raine hurriedly stood up and was about to approach Fabian when someone held her back.

It was Diana.

The Luna's condition wasn't better than Raine and the baby in her embraced started to cry. "Bring him to the safety." As she said that, she gave the baby to Raine as she turned into her Lycan's form to face the witch head on.