The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 215

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 215 She Was Struck By Magic Fire

Raine was dumbstruck when she witnessed the graceful Queen turned into her beautiful golden Lycan. Her golden eyes had turned bloodshed red as she snarled at the witch above her.

But, Raine didn't have time to appreciate the sight in front of her as the beast whipped her head toward her and growled loudly as if to chase her away.

Taking a last glance at Fabian, Raine started to move toward different direction. The only problem was, she didn't know where she has to go.

There was a lot of things roaming around her head and unanswered questions. With the sight of an opened door, Raine slipped her body inside with the baby Torak in her arms. She decided to hide here until the situation settled down.

Those Lycans would be able to find her by following her scent or the baby's scent.

Apparently, the room that Raine had entered was a dining room, hence there were not many places for her to hide.

Raine found a secluded corner behind a huge display cabinet and stuffed her small body inside. It seemed this part was intended for storing paintings that were not used anymore, as Raine sat down beside a row of canvas.

Only then, Raine could take a breath to calm her thumping heart.

Once Raine had calmed she looked down at the baby in her arms, she didn't pay attention to him because she was too busy to find a safety place for them.

The moment Raine looked at the baby, a pair of beautiful blue eyes, staring back at her. Somehow, the baby had stopped crying from the impact of being thrown away by the explosion.

Baby Torak was playing with Raine's hair. Strands of her hair wrapped around his little fingers while Raine was mesmerized about how beautiful the baby. She had never seen a baby that was so enchanted like this, especially his blue eyes.

"Torak" Raine whispered his name and stroke her finger against his chubby cheeks. "This time I will be the one who protects you."

Though Raine didn't even know how to protect herself, and moreover to protect the other, yet she determined to do everything that she could.

The baby giggled by the touch of her fingers and pumped up his stubby fist while showing his toothless smile.

Raine couldn't help but giggled along with him, but then she realized their situation.

"Sstt don't make a sound" Raine whispered to him as she tried to listen her surroundings, but the room was still very quiet.

Raine didn't know what was going on and wondering if the Luna could manage to take down Fabian. She even didn't know if Torak's mother was still alive in their real time or how she died if she wasn't.

Raine made a mental note to ask about Torak's past once she returned, in case something like this happened again.

However, before long, Raine was tensed up again when she heard a sound of someone walked inside the room. No, there are two of them.

"I saw the girl ran inside this room with the Alpha's son." The first man told his companion as they walked further inside the dining room. "Do your job well and we will not harm your family."

The other man didn't say anything, but Raine could see the familiar white smoke filled the room. The same smoke that the witch had used inside the inn to discover whether there was someone inside the room or not.

Raine held her breath, though that wasn't necessary as she had gone through this before and because of the horn of the unicorn that resided inside her body, she managed to escape from this magic.

Raine should thank Serefina if she met her because this thing had saved her life.

Afraid that the smoke was poisoned or could have negative effect on baby, Raine covered baby Torak under her cloak and hugged him tight while hoping he didn't make any sound that could draw those two people' attention.

Only when the white smoke had dispersed, Raine stared down at the baby to check on him and found him still playing with her hair. Fascinated by how Raine's silky hair wrapped his little stubby fingers.

"Found you."

A rough and callous voice suddenly sounded from above Raine's head and made her shrieked out of fear.

How they could find her? Was the horn of unicorn not working anymore?

However no one would answer her and she was trapped there without a way to escape.

And before Raine could what she should do, that man had grabbed her hair and dragged her out of her hiding place.

Raine tried to hold her hair and kept the baby safe, but it was a hard thing to do now as she felt her hair was like revoked from her scalp.

"Well, well who is here?" The wizard hunter threw Raine across the room and chuckled.

Ignoring the pain on her head, Raine curled her body to protect the baby from the impact when she glided on the floor as she screamed in pain when her back hit the feet of the big table.

"You said it was only the baby is here." The wizard hunter tilted his head at the young man, who was standing in puzzled while looking at the girl in purple cloak.

"No, it supposed to be only the baby is here." The young witch looked perplexed and frowned.

With their comment, Raine remembered, she was immune to spell but Torak wasn't. That was why they could find them.

"I think you are not that good as a witch." The wizard hunter said in mocking tone as he walked to approach Raine and the baby. "But, it doesn't matter." His lips curved into a devilish smirk. "Kill them." He ordered the witch.

The wizard hunter stared at Raine, who was writhing in pain from colliding into a table.

"But, that is the son of the Alpha" The young witch was very afraid as his hands trembling.

"I said kill them before I told my people to kill your entire family!" The wizard hunter roared.

With that, a ball of magic fire hit Raine and the baby in her embrace.