The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 216

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 216 Powerful Witch

Serefina was dashing through debris and dust to go to Fabian's room, when the fighting sound was growing louder and louder.

She moved her feet as fast as she could and arrived at the center of the fight. That room was mess with the door had flown from its hinges.

Inside, Raine could see Fabian was fighting ten wizard hunters at the same time.

However, Serefina didn't move fast enough as one of the wizard hunter sneaked an attack behind Fabian's back.

He was stabbed by a long black rod that turned into white when it touched Fabian's body and then sent him slumped on the ground, couldn't even move a finger.

"Fabian!" Serefina shouted at him before he closed his eyes entirely. "Let him go before I kill every single soul inside this room."

Serefina this time looked terrifyingly scary, her eyes shone in dark green light while her fiery short red hair fluttered with the wind that swirled around her and made her as the center of the typhoon that she had created.

"Take the witch and get out of here!" One of the wizard hunters shouted at his subordinate, yet before he could talk much, his body was being lifted from the ground and threw harshly to the road across the inn through the window.

"This witch is powerful!" One of the wizard hunters hissed in frustration and resentment toward Serefina after she threw his friend away. "Come out here! This is your turn!" He signaled someone or a few people from certain direction to join the battle.

The wizard hunter was protected by many charms that could turn them immune by some spell from the witches, that way, they could capture witches and used their power for their own benefit.

Hence, if they could manage to take a pure blood witch it was equivalent to a thousand mere witches. As the pure blood witch has many hidden power that they couldn't even imagine.

One of them was; raise the dead.

With that signaled, around twenty witches burst inside the room and surrounded her.

Now, that room filled with many people and was hard to move. Especially when there was a whirl of strong wind that could throw anything that touched it.

"SCRAM!!!" Serefina's powerful wind threw all of them away from her.

Some of those witches were thrown out of the window and many collided with the wall behind them, leaving a visible dent on the surface.

There were around seven or eight witches that still stood their ground and less affected by Serefina.

"Why do you help an enemy?!" Serefina growled at the remaining witches inside the room as she shot them a dagger look.

"We don't have a choice." One of an old man, who looked much stronger than the rest of the witches, answered her.

Serefina's angry eyes scoured around the room and found the wizard hunters had long gone with the unconscious Fabian.

The wizard hunters must have thought Fabian was the last pure blood witch who was still alive and would have never thought that Serefina also a pure blood witch, or else they wouldn't leave her there to deal with the witches.

"Scram from my sight or else you will never have the chance again." Serefina stared menacingly at the witches around her.

Some of the witches, who was laying on the ground before, because of the impact of Serefina's powerful wind started to get up and joined their magic with the old man to hold back the fiery witch in the middle of the room.

And in the next second, everything went so fast as a blasting white blinding light forced them to shut their eyes along with an earth- shattering sound as debris and dust fluttered in the air.

They found themselves had already laid down on the dirty floor and when the blasting white light had subsided, all they could see was a huge hole in front of them.

The wall had gone and behind it was a sight of road to the street night of the festivities while the fiery witch was no more there.

All of them were flabbergasted by the show of power that they had witnessed. The witch was so powerful, they had never seen such powerful witch since the pure blood witches decreased in number.

However, there was no way that woman was a pure blood, right?


Serefina was running through the crowd, trying to pick up the traces of the wizard hunters' escaped route.

She was very exhausted after blasting the whole wall and took down a dozen witches by her own. As a witch, she has her own way to track down another witch and how to locate the wizard hunters.

After all, Serefina had spent centuries encountered their kind. She cursed under her breath when someone bumped her and she lost her balance.

This street was very crowd.

Serefina took a deep breath and tried to concentrate, as she did so, her warm breath became vivid, as if she was in the middle of winter, yet the white smoke from her nose and mouth formed another shape and turned into a white butterfly that flutter its wings around Serefina's face before it flew up high.

Serefina took a deep breath before she followed the white butterfly that she had conjured from magic spell.

The white butterfly led her toward the east of the city and up the hill where she found a vast land covered with yellow grasses.

The magic butterfly disappeared with the wind when Serefina found what she had been looking for.

In this vast land, she watched Fabian was laying down on the grass as the wizard hunters forced something into Fabian's mouth and made him to drink it.

Serefina's breathing was uneven and rage, but her eyes were still sharp, with a wave of her hand, she managed to take down the thing that those wizard hunters forced Fabian to swallow it.

There were even many wizard hunters there than in the inn.

"You are too late." Said the man with devilish smirk.

"Brad" Serefina breathed his name with venom on the tip of her tongue.