The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 217

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 217 Showdown

Serefina knew this wizard hunter. They would meet with each other two centuries from now and became sworn enemy.

However, the wizard hunter named Brad was quite surprised because Serefina knew him.

He raised his eyebrows and smirked. "I am very surprised that you know my name." Brad slightly bent his body, mocking her. "Such an honor for me."

There was a soft whisper among the wizard hunter when they saw Serefina.

"Did she survive from the attack of those witches?"

"No way. There must be traitors among them."

"Yeah, those witches didn't care about their family."

Even the most powerful witch, not the pure blood one, wouldn't stand twenty witches at the same time, so they didn't believe Serefina managed to leave the battlefield unscratched.

"Keep your honor for yourself since you lack of it." Serefina replied as she lifted both of her hands, there were fireball in blue fire on both of her palms, ready to be shot. "Leave him now since I am still nice."

Brad raised his eyebrows. "You are sure very arrogant young lady."

"Arrogant? You judge me too fast Brad, you have not seen my arrogant side." Serefina smirked and threw the two blue fire balls in her hand and shot the nearest wizard hunters from her.

The two wizard hunters that were aimed by the blue fire ball, evaded the sudden attack just in time as they swung their whip toward Serefina.

Seeing the whip whirled in the air and moved faster toward her, Serefina didn't even bother to stop walking and only flicked her hand to ward off the attack.

In no time, the whip burnt into a blue fire that made the two wizard hunters shrilled in shock.

"How could this happen?!" Both of them backed off and stayed behind Brad. "She shouldn't be able to burn the whip!"

That whip was protected, so no spell from witches could do any damage on it, but only a flick of Serefina's finger, she burnt it like it was nothing.

A smug smile appeared on her red lips as she approached them, step by step, as if she enjoyed the bewilderment and confusion in those eyes.

"Get lost while you have a chance." Serefina said calmly as she let herself to be surrounded by the wizard hunters and be the center of the attack.

"You want this man?" Brad kicked Fabian's leg with the tip of his shoes. "How about you work with me and I will give you power."

All of sudden Serefina broke into a fit laugh. She laughed very hard until her body bent down as she held her stomach and tears came out from the corner of her eyes.

This action of course irked all the wizard hunters and hurt Brad's pride. His eyes turned gloomy as if a dark shadow covered them. He clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes dangerously at Serefina.

But the witch didn't even care to stop as she enjoyed her own jokes.

"STOP IT! WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!" Brad couldn't content his anger anymore and his voice roared in this vast land and forced Serefina to give him some attention.

Finally Serefina stopped laughing, wiping the remaining tears from the corner of her eyes, she stared at Brad disdainfully.

"You?" Serefina moved her eyes up and down to assess Brad's figure in front of her. " Will give me power?" She pointed herself and looked at Brad tauntingly. "You can't even beat me and now you are talking about giving me power?"

Serefina's questions were too much for the wizard hunters, as one of the haughty kind, they couldn't take Serefina's words pretty well.

Thus, without the command from Brad, they all immediately wore mask over their face and threw a smoke bomb toward Serefina. All of them, at the same time.

In no time, Serefina had covered by thick red fog that burned the grasses beneath her. This smoke was actually poisons. It could burn anything if it was inhaled and entered the body.

The smoke could burn your lungs and your blood.

Seeing that, Brad carried Fabian away from the area and stayed further back, so he wouldn't inhale a bit of it.

From the amount of the smoke bomb that the wizard hunters had thrown to Serefina, that witch wouldn't be able to survive, even the grass had turned into dust and the soil had turned darker than charcoal.

There was no way she would be able to stand it.

Yet, reality said otherwise.

The red fog stilled in the air and whirled into an odd movement before it dispersed into thin air without leaving a single trace of it.

In the middle of the wreckage, standing beautifully a woman with fiery red hair, untouchable, even her white dress has no stain at all.

She stood there, on the dark soil, like there was nothing happened. Her lime green eyes shone attractively under the moonlight.

All the wizard hunters around her rooted on the ground, dumbfounded as if they couldn't find their voice, were entranced by what they were witnessing.

"That's it?" Serefina raised her perfect eyebrows and shot a dagger look at Brad. "Move!" She said.

And, like a miracle, at the same time, Fabian opened his eyes and groaned. He curled his body into a ball as he held his throat tightly. His throat was burning.

Serefina didn't care about the gazes around her and another smoke bomb that those wizard hunters would throw at her as she walked forward.

"Retreat." Brad said as he walked back a few steps together with Serefina, who walked forward and squatted down beside Fabian.

Brad glanced at the witches, there was a trace of resentment in his eyes, before he turned around and left the area with his own people, disappeared into the darkness.

Serefina tried to hold Fabian's body from trashing on the ground. "Stop! Let me see what they fed you!"

Yet, Fabian still growled in anguish and once he opened his eyes, they were so dark like the pit of the abyss.

But, that wasn't the shocking part, because once Serefina touched his hand, Fabian jumped and strangled her to the ground.