The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 219

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 219 Unwilling To Part

Even though she couldn't lift the spell from the entire castle because she didn't have enough power, but she could still enter it without much difficulty.

She waved her hand at the entrance gates, where there was no a single guard at sight, and stepped inside.

Serefina wouldn't be able to look for Raine in this whole entire castle, as it was too huge, and then she couldn't use magic to find her either, thanked to her brilliant idea to give her the horn of the unicorn, thus she decided to find the Alpha and the Luna.

Because the woman in the inn said Raine was brought to the castle by the guard, then Serefina assumed she would meet the Alpha, as they needed an explanation about what had happened in the inn.

Hence, she used the same spell and conjured a white butterfly from her breath and let it flew away to find the Alpha of all the Lycanthropes.

However, the more she walked inside the castle, the more strange the situation.

There was no one in front yard or the first hallway toward the main hall, where the party supposed to occure, where everyone has gone?

It was too quiet, there wasn't even a sound of the wind.

Serefina stopped her steps and looked around her as if she was asesing something, and when the understanding dawn on her, she clicked her tongue in annoyance.

"This trick again?" Serefina scoffed while the white butterfly fluttered its wings above her head.

However now, she must try to be comfortable with this situation, because she couldn't use her power to lift up the spell.

Apparently, the enemy has fetish for quietness, because they used the same spell as the one they used in the inn.

Actually, losing hearing ability to your surroundings wasn't a big deal, but it was still uncomfortable as it could help locate the fighting ground in this huge place.

Especially for those Lycans who always depended to their remarkable hearing.

Meanwhile, Serefina needed to be carefull in every turn. Because the absent of the sound, she couldn't hear anything until she saw it for herself.

She had ran into a battle ground twice as she followed the white butterfly and almost clawed by the Lycan, who was fighting witches and wizard hunters.

The questions remained in Serefina's head about why the witch and the wizard hunters were attacking the Lycanthropes?

The nature of both of them wasn't an enemy, most of the time they would respect each other territory and was aware enough to cross the boundary.

With a little bit magic and her agility, Serefina managed to escape from two battle ground and now she was walking down the corridor to the back yard and once the white butterfly disappeared into thin smoke, she knew that the Alpha was nearby.

When Serefina turned at the last corridor to the back yard, at the same time the battle scene came into her sight, roar, growl and snarl filled Serefina's eardrums.

Serefina covered her ears with both of her palms as her eyes landed on the whyte Lycan in the middle of this chaos and a small boy in the age of seven.

That little boy was standing so close to the white Lycan as the beast guard him protectively, flanked on their both side were another Lycans, in the color of red and black.

Serefina's focus fell on the boy, out of nowhere, her eyes turned foggy as she stared at him intently. The boy put her entire being was in mess.

She didn't realize, she was standing there, unmoved, watching as the white lycan roared in anger to send his enemies flew a few meter away from him and his son when there was a witch that managed to break free from the two Lycans.

The boy's expression didn't change as he watched the enemies fell one by one.

As blood spluttered on his tiny face, his eyes remained as cold as ever, as if nothing could move him. He was so young, seven years old, but the dreadfull scene before his eyes didn't even manage to falter him.

"Such a cold guy, even in his tender age." Serefina mumbled to herself.

The white Lycan and his two comrades kept the boy at the center of their protection and as many carcasses and dead bodies fell on the ground, the smell of blood very thick in the air.

Even the white fur of the Lycan had turned into red color, complimented his bloodshot red eyes.

Serefina was far enough, as no one would be able to see her, but from her spot, she could see everything. She narrowed her eyes when there was a witch who would attack him with cursed.

Serefina moved faster than the Lycan to prevent the cursed hit the little boy and repelled it before major damage could happen.

In the other hand, the boy seemed realized something as he saw a black magic that was sent toward him suddenly banished before it could come close enough to do any harm.

He frowned and looked around, but saw nothing odd except the mess around him as he was in the middle of the battle.

Serefina hid herself behind a big pillar and kept protecting the little boy from curses that was sent to him from time to time, as bunches of witches came one after another, outnumbered the Alpha and two of his subordinate.

Serefina only left when she saw the reinforcement of Lycan warrior had come, they went berserk and bit off the witches' head, added more blood and dead body on the scene.

And when the situation was on their favor, Serefina took a last glance toward the boy with indiscernible eyes, there was unexplainable feeling in the way she stared at him, as if she was unwilling to part.

Afterward Serefina moved to find the Luna.

There was high chance the baby was with the Luna and Raine was with her as well, just like Serefina, Raine must want to protect someone that dear to her.