The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 220

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 220 First Kill

Serefina moved further into the castle as she conjured a white butterfly again, along the way she tried to compose herself and focused on the matter at hand, also her mission.

But, the little boy's face always came into her mind fused with the image of Jedrek that she remembered.

Serefina could feel the sharp pain in her heart and curled her lips into a self- deprication smile.

Because of her mind was in mess, she didn't careful enough when she turned at the end of the corridor and almost hit by a flying chandelier.

Thanked to her outstanding reflex so she could dodge it in time and turned it into dust. At the same time the white butterfly disappeared, it meant, she had met with the Luna.

And right there was another battle with golden fur Lycan in charge, facing the famous witch head on, baring her fangs and snarling dangerously.

Surrounded the golden fur Lycan was dozens of Lycan warriors, growling and trying to attack the witch in attempt to protect their Luna.

Serefina was squinted her eyes at the witch that those Lycans were fighting of, it was Fabian. No doubt!

What those wizard hunters gave him until he couldn't remember anything like this? And whatever it was, Serefina needed Fabian to throw it up.

The situation would turn for the worst if it kept this way. It was impossible fro Serefina to stop them from fighting by showing herself.

In that way, she needed her normal condition and more power to stop them, the only thing that she lack right now.

Thus, she was trying to find the right chance for her to be able to interfere and end the battle.

Those Lycans didn't realize that Serefina was there because their focuses were elsewhere.

From behind the ruined of the wall, Serefina was staring at them with her lime green eyes as she squeezed her brain to find a way out from this situation.

No matter how hard Serefina tried, she couldn't find anything that she could use to stop it.

Fabian wasn't in his right mind and the Lycans wouldn't be mind to kill her along with Fabian if she was going to attack them.

In this situation, the only way was to gain more power and blast them with magic, a shocking attack, and the only way to increase her power in matter of second was to find Raine.

A guardian angel wasn't hunted for centuries for nothing and that the only solution that Serefina could think of.

Serefina narrowed her eyes, she didn't know if her guess was right or not, but at least she should try as her options was limit.

Once again, she conjured the magic white butterfly and let it flew in the air, slipping her body away from the battlefield undetected.

Serefina didn't see the baby, so she assumed Raine would be with the baby, though she was unsure about this too.

How Raine could end up with the baby? And why the Luna trusted her son to someone that she didn't know?

But, Serefina's mind was in mess, so she just followed her instinct and put aside those thoughts as she walked down along the corridor.

# # #

Raine looked in horror when the fire ball shot straight toward her and in the last second, using all of her strenght she turned around to cover the baby and gave her back to be hit by the magic fire.

She held the baby tighter in her embrace and waited for the pain to come, she readied herself and gritted her teeth in case the pain was so unbearable.

However, nothing happened. she didn't feel the pain that she expected, the only thing that she felt was only warm around her body.

Gradually, Raine opened her eyes and almost screamed when she watched her entire body engulfed in red fire, the fire was so wild, yet she wasn't burned.

There was a loud laugh behind her, the sound of it made Raine felt sick. It was the wizard hunter, laughing to his heart content, threw his head back because he thought he had succeeded to kill the Alpha's son and this insignificant girl, who foolishly, tried to protect the baby.

Without him knowing, Raine was fine and wasn't the least bit hurt.

Thinking they were misunderstanding the situation, Raine took advantage of it and played along with their assumption. She just hoped the baby didn't make a sound and gave away their true condition.

This must be the horn of unicorn that had protected her, again and again, Raine really needed to thank Serefina for this, because this thing had saved her life many times.

She would do that, after she could survive this situation and managed to find her, it sounded like a long- term plan.

When the fire around her body was extinguished, the wizard slightly frowned when he saw Raine's body, the end of his fire ball should leave the girl body with burns, but this confusion was overlooked by the wizard hunter.

The wizard hunter, with his smug face, walked over toward Raine, who he though had died by now, he squatted down and faced Raine.

He didn't have suspicion when he watched Raine's fair skin, because he thought the fire would kill her, whether her skin burns or not as he lack of knowledge about witch power and spell.

"I will bring the baby's head for my Master as a gift." The wizard hunter enjoyed his own thought.

Meanwhile, Raine gritted her teeth and tried to calm herself, because the next thing that she had to do was something that she would never have imagined, even in her nightmare.

Raine could hear the wizard hunter drew his dagger and felt he came closer, and the moment he touched Raine's hand to take Torak from her arms, Raine opened her eyes and glared at the wizard hunter.

This action of course took him by surprised as he fell on his back and flabbergasted.

Raine took this one- shoot chance and abruptly charged toward him, snatched the dagger from his hand and stabbed it right in his chest.