The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 221

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 221 If You Hurt Him I Swear I Will Kill You

Not only the wizard hunter, but Raine also was shock with the action, which she managed to pull it through.

She stabbed the wizard hunter! She really did!

Even the young witch was flabbergasted by the sight before his eyes, the girl should be dead by now, but she actually moved freely and now attacked her attacker.

Did his magic not work on her? But, why? He saw it for herself that her body was engulfed with the fire that he had conjured, yet from the look of it, she wasn't slightly burn.

How could something like that happen?

"You!?" The wizard hunter groaned in anguish, he was shock but the pain in his chest reminded him about what was happening.

The wizard hunter stretched out his hand and was about to strangle Raine when she moved even faster, pulled out the dagger and thrust it again on his chest. Blood spluttered from the opened wound and sprayed on her cloak and face.

Raine's whole body was trembling when she did it again for the fourth time before she stopped and all she saw before her eyes was the wizard hunter had died with his eyes opened wide, as if he didn't believe the way he died would be like this, in the hand of insignificant girl, who he had underestimated.

Raine pried her fingers open from the hilt of the dagger and stared in horror at the dead body of the wizard hunter

Was it true she did that?

Though her mind was telling her she had done the right thing by killing him, but she couldn't calm her thumping heart and breathed normally.

She kept telling herself that; if she didn't kill him, then he would be the one who killed her, so she did that to protect herself and the baby.

After all, she had said it for herself that she would protect the baby at any cost.

Raine scrambled back and brought the baby to her arms, held him tighter to stop her body from shaking uncontrollably as the baby also felt her discomfort, he started to cry.

At that time, Raine felt something uneasy crept from her back, but when she glanced over, there was nothing there.

"Impossible why it doesn't work?" The young witch mumbled to himself and backed away when Raine stood up and walked over him slowly. "Why it doesn't work?"

"Scram!" Raine growled in deep voice as she prowled closer to him.

The witch was in shock and was so scared to be able to comprehend the situation as he waved his hands frantically to stop Raine from moving closer to him.

In his attempt, he lifted a dinning chair with his magic and threw it to Raine.

Didn't expect this, Raine tried to dodge it, but another chair was flown toward her direction and it was too late for her to evade this second attack.

Raine's body tumbled backward and lost her balance and when she readied herself to be hit by the chair, suddenly that flying chair was engulfed with dark shadow.

It stopped mid- air and was thrown back to the witch across the room.

The witch was stupefied and didn't have time to dodge it. In his desperate situation, he chose to blow the chair into dust, the blast send him flew a few steps back.

However, the young witch had not yet regained his composure when tendrils of shadow wrapped his body tightly and in matter of second, his entire being was covered with dark shadow as he could do nothing but screamed on the top of his lungs before the same shadow covered his mouth, swallowing the rest of his voice and then he felt nothing but agony.

Raine watched in consternation and fright when the shadow consumed the young witch and left him with nothing, not even a drop of blood.

She felt her knees were so weak as she fell on the ground with loud thud, the only thing that kept her mind attached to her consciousness was the cry of the baby.

When everything was over and everything turned eerily quiet.

A man that Raine has known for some time, appeared in front of her.

Dark eyes and curly hair that reached his shoulder, he was no other than Aeon, the shadow warrior from the village of angel.

"Are you alright." Aeon squatted down and reached out his hand, tenderly, he brushed away Raine's strand of hair from her face. "Are you hurt?" He asked softly.

"Aeon..?" Raine's voice was raspy and scratchy as if she was having a bad cold.

"It's me. I come to protect you." Aeon caressed Raine's face from the blood that tainted her beautiful face. "It has been a long time since I can touch you" He sighed in relief.

"But how?" Raine thought with Serefina had burned her mother's diary, Aeon wouldn't be able to come close to her again, especially when Serefina had put spell on her and around the house.

"In this realm, you are free from her protection spells." Aeon explained.

However, that reply only answered one of Raine's questions while she has hundreds of it. Such as; how he could travel back to the past like what she did?

Yet, before Raine could ask further question, Aeon's dark eyes turned even darker when they landed on the baby in Raine's arms.

"This baby is Torak." It was a statement instead of question. "We should get rid of this baby. You are better without him." The way he talked was very cold.

"No." Raine swatted Aeon's hand from her face, suddenly aware by the killing intense that sparked in his eyes.

"Raine, trust me. You are better without him." Aeon tried to touch Raine again, but she evaded his hand.

"You don't need him Raine. He will never be able to protect you." Aeon said firmly and repeated his words. "You better without him."

And before Raine could say anything, a shadow crept on her arms engulfed the baby.

Raine was alarmed. Aeon had done the same thing toward the young wizard earlier.

"If you hurt him, I swear I will kill you." Raine stated with the voice that came from the deepest hell.