The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 222

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 222 She Has A Better Idea

Raine also didn't believe that she could say something like that, but she was aware with what she said and didn't regret it.

Nevertheless, she had killed one person today, so it would sound reliable when she said she would kill Aeon for hurting Torak.

The shadow that engulfed the baby stopped as Aeon was taken aback by Raine's words. "You will kill for him." Aeon reiterated.

He also was in disbelief with what Raine had said.

How a timid girl like her with soft nature could say something like that? Was she trying to threaten him?

"I had done it." Raine glanced at the wizard hunter's dead body and then stared at Aeon. "And I will do it again if I have to." She said firmly.

Aeon's eyes narrowed dangerously.

For a moment Raine thought Aeon would go all the way with his intention, after all, though she had said something so brave like that, but in reality, in her current situation, she wouldn't be able to come near Aeon if he didn't let her.

However, a moment later, Aeon retracted his shadow and said his last words before he disappeared in the darkness. "The man that you think is your mate will be the death of you." And with sad expression he added. "I will always protect you. This is an oath."

Afterward he vanished along with the shadow around his body and the room turned quiet once again.

The cried from the baby in her arms also subsided and left him with a soft sob as he stuffed his stubby fist onto his mouth.

Apparently the baby was hungry.

The night started to wear off when the fight in the dining room was over, leaving Raine with trembling body, yet she sighed in relief that both of them were still alive.

The first ray of the golden sun came through from the huge window, illuminated the messy room and highlighted what was happening.

Raine was so tired, she hoped the fight outside had stopped and wondered who would win this battle.

Raine almost fell back when a loud bang from the door was being opened echoed through the wall. But, a wave of relief washed all over her body when she watched Serefina strode across the room and approached her.

"Serefina" Raine cried. She had never felt so happy the moment she saw the witch. "I I I killed someone" She stuttered, feeling so awful when the fact left her lips.

Yet, the witch just brushed it away like it was nothing. "No worries, I had done it thousand time." She helped Raine to get up and took the baby from her arms.

However, out of the blue, the baby started to cry again, feeling agitated because the discomfort of the way Serefina carried him.

"Even as a baby you are very annoying." Serefina grumbled.

"Let me." Raine took the baby again, she was afraid Serefina would throw the baby away, and tried to pacify him.

Without word, Serefina returned the baby and made a hand gesture for Raine to follow her. "Come! We need to go now."

Raine stumbled when she tried to follow Serefina, wobbling toward the door, she found her pace and started to run along with the witch.

This wasn't the time to be indulged herself with fear, because if she didn't move fast enough and let the fear resided in her heart, she would die in the next moment.

This was a situation like that.

"Serefina I saw Mr. Alizon" Raine informed her while trying to catch up with her.

"I saw him too." Serefina replied curtly as her eyes scanned her surrounding and took precaution in every turns of the corridor.

"He looks like he is not himself." Raine remembered how Fabian had tried to blow them up.

"The wizard hunter fed something on him." Serefina abruptly stopped at the end of the last corridor, she stretched out her hand to stop Raine from getting closer as she sneaked a peek at the situation behind the wall.

The battle was still happening and the golden Lycan was still standing along with a few more Lycan warriors, they fought side by side.

"Raine, listen to me." Serefina switched her focus on Raine, her expression turned serious. "The current situation is very chaotic and this is getting out of my hand."

Raine tried to figure out what Serefina wanted to say, it wasn't like her to talk so thoughtful like this.

"If we let this happen for any longer and the Alpha comes into the scene, he will kill Fabian and we can't let that happen." Serefina said. "But, if we come out now and interrupted their fight, Fabian and the Lycans will kill both of us."

It sounded like a dead lock situation.

"So, your point is?" Raine became impatient. Why was Serefina suddenly talking so long- windedly?

"I don't have enough power now to stop them from fighting on my own, hence I need you." Serefina came to conclusion.

With that being said, Raine's mind reeled. She frowned. "Do you mean you want to sap my energy?" When it came to power and guardian angel, that reason was the only thing that past her mind.

After all they had mentioned it for many times until that fact had engraved in her head and heart.

"Yes." Serefina said.

"But" Raine backed away, she remembered what Lydia had said to her about the fate of the guardian angel whose energy was sapped from them. "But it will harm me." She would lose her soul.

"No, I will not weaken you until you lose your soul." Serefina reassured her. "I hope." She added, slightly doubted her own words, after all the temptation for become powerful was strong.

"You don't even believe your own words." Raine sneered.

"Have fate in me will you?" Serefina slightly offended as she folded her arms in front of her. "This is the only solution that I have, tell me if you have another useful idea." She said arrogantly.

Raine looked the baby in her arms and then Serefina impatient expression.

"I think I have another idea" She said unsure. "But, I don't know if it will work."