The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 223

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 223 Do You Think Torak Will Be Happy?

"What is it?" Serefina looked at Raine in anticipation. She narrowed her eyes as if she wanted to figure out what was running inside Raine's mind.

Raine bit down her lips, unsure what she had to do. She scanned her surrounding and didn't know if it would work or not.

"Now what?" Serefina was getting impatient by Raine's distracted expression. What she was going to do now?

Well, at least she needed to try this

It wasn't because Raine didn't believe Serefina's words that she wouldn't do any harm on her, the moment she was sapping her power, but she didn't want to take that risk.

Raine wasn't in good term with Serefina to the point that she would leave her life on the witch's hand.

"Aeon?" She whispered that name.

"Aeon!?" Serefina glared at Raine, she knew Aeon was the name of the shadow warrior that came after her.

Serefina had put spell on Raine and the house where Torak and Raine was living to prevent the shadow warrior came close to her, but why Raine was calling for him?

Moreover, how could it be possible that the shadow warrior came here? It wasn't a matter of distance anymore, but they were centuries apart.

"Aeon?" Raine ignored Serefina's perplexed expression as she called Aeon name louder.

"Are you insane?" Serefina scoffed. "Do you really think he will come to meet you because you call him? What do you think he is? Genie?" She said in a mocking tone.

Raine grimaced upon her attempt.

Well, this was indeed ridiculous

When Raine was about to give up the idea, as she thought Aeon would be nearby to help her just like how he had helped her when the chair almost crushed her head, a distance voice replied for her call.

"Do you call for me?"

Raine and Serefina whipped their head at the same time to the direction of the voice and found Aeon was approaching them slowly. His expression couldn't be read, as it was so rigid.

"You?" Serefina pointed her long nail toward Aeon, her jaw dropped open in disbelief. "How could you be here?! How is that possible?!" Her mind was distraught.

Ignoring the frantic Serefina, Aeon only had his eyes on Raine, he intentionally avoided to glance at the baby in her arms.

"Do you need me?" Aeon repeated his question.

Seeing her nonsense idea actually worked, made Raine quite surprised, she didn't know that he would really appeared.

That idea was pure an instinct only because Aeon had said to her that he would protect her.

"All of this is nonsense." Serefina muttered to herself and turned alarmed when Aeon stood only a step away from Raine. "You better mind your distance."

"You better shut your mouth." Aeon retorted and shot a dagger look at Serefina. "If you can't protect her well, don't even try to act powerful. That's disgusting." He made sure that the witch heard his every word clearly.

"What did you say!?" Serefina temper flare up as her hand conjured a blue fire, ready to shoot it to Aeon for his comment.

"Both of you please stop!" Raine yelled, but she moved aside, afraid that Serefina would really shoot her with the blue fire, in Serefina's case everything was possible.

All this time, the witch always said that she would protect her, but just how many times already she had been trying to kill her? That was why, when Serefina said she would sap her energy in order to save Fabian, who no other than her own father, Raine couldn't believe her that it would be safe.

Nothing was totally safe with this cunning witch, although this trip seemed to have improved their relationship but in reality it didn't. Raine had to put her guard all the time.

Aeon switched his attention toward Raine. "What do you need Raine?"

"We don't need you!" Serefina snarled.

"Yes, we do." Raine frowned at Serefina, this witch irked her through and through. "Aeon, Mr. Alizon is under the control of the wizard hunter and now he is fighting the Lycans. Do you think you can take him without harming both parties?"

Serefina rolled her eyes and leaned her back against the wall. "If Torak knows you ask for another man's help, do you think he will be happy?" She tried to use Torak as an excuse.

Even though her power depleted now, but to ask for help from an enemy, Serefina thought of Aeon as her enemy, was hurting her pride.

"Do you think Torak will be happy to know that you took me here without a word and put me in danger? Not to mention you will sap my power."

"Sap your power?!" Aeon's shadow tendrils splayed around him as he glared at Serefina.

One of his tendrils moved forward in intention to attack her, yet Serefina waved her hand and a bright light appeared around her, like a bubble of protection.

"I am not in good shape now, but it doesn't mean I can't crush and throw you into nothingness like a shadow you are." Serefina gave a sharp comment.

"Stop it please." Raine's arms were getting tired by holding the sleeping baby, he wasn't aware about his surrounding as he slept away in Raine's comfortable embrace. "I just want for this to end."

"What do you have in mind?" Aeon closed his eyes for a moment to compose himself before he opened them and looked at Raine coldly. "What do you need me to do?"

At this point, Raine felt a little bit guilty toward Aeon, he had been trying to protect her, but Raine had shooed him away, yet the moment she called out for him, he appeared and still willing to help.

"Actually, I don't have any idea how to do it, but Serefina does." Raine looked at Serefina. "Can you stop your snarky comment please? You said it before that time is crucial, so we need to move quickly."

Gritting her teeth, Serefina gave up and popped the bright bubble around her as she talked in the same arrogant tone. "Okay. Listen..."