The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 224

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 224 You Really Have Guts To Do That

The golden fur Lycan glared at the witch in front of her with her bloodshot red eyes, around her, some of the lycan warriors were laying on the ground, whimpered out of pain because of the magic.

The witch's magic affected them gratefully, but it less affected her because she was an Alpha female, her blood protected her from the magic.

Nonetheless, it still affected her in some way.

Diana could feel the conscious of her beast started to slip away as she out of breath. She shook her head to regain some focus.

The only thing in her mind was her son. Torak. Would he be alright with that girl? Was that a right decision to leave his son with her?

She had to find her son before something bad happened!

With new determination, the beast's eyes were getting sharper as she pounced onto the witch and raised her sharp claws.

Ignoring the spell that the witch chanted that turned the air around her like thousands needles, she managed to claw his arms before he could dodge her.

Without waiting for another moment and before he could recover from the first attack, the beast leapt at him and opened her mouth widely, showing her razor teeth, readied to bit his head off.

However, before she could do that, out of the blue everything went dark, regardless the sun that shone a moment ago, the darkness before her eyes was so thick.

At first, Diana thought she was blackout because of the long battle, but she could still smell the blood around her and the ground beneath her paws.

What is it?!

Diana tried to mind link Janus, but she couldn't reach him yet. It had happened since Janus left the main hall, apparently this quietness not only affected the sound, but also their way to communicate with each other.

That was why, everything was out of control and unorganized, because everyone didn't know where to go. This whole situation, frustrated them greatly.

The beast roared and snarled to get back her sight, but nothing worked.

As she started to dash and pounce any random direction, suddenly she felt something engulfed her and lifted her body from the ground.

The beast struggled to be freed from whatever magic it was, but her strength was weakened immensely.

She felt her body lost all of her power, as her claws retracted and turned into finger, and the golden fur around her body receded.

Once she was going back into her human form, her body slowly descended to the ground again, but she was too tired to even lift a finger.

Diana blinked her eyes and light returned.

The first thing that came into her line of sight was Raine, who was holding her baby. She wanted to say something, but wasn't able to.

Slowly, Raine squatted down in front of her and put the baby in her embrace, before she retreated.

Diana glanced at her son and felt her body slightly relax when she watched her son sleeping face.

Not only that, Diana could feel the link was restored as she could hear her mate's voice in her mind.

[Diana, where are you?!]


"You really have guts to do that." Aeon glanced at Serefina in resentment.

They were out in the vast land where Serefina managed to catch up with the wizard hunter and the place where Fabian had tried to strangle her.

She had marked this place, so she could teleport them here after she had made Fabian threw up whatever crazy things that those wizard hunter fed him, but one thing that she miscalculated.

"Why are you here!?" Serefina yelled at Aeon, her lime green eyes looked at the shadow warrior in disbelief. "I don't remember bring you along!"

Aeon ignored that and helped Raine to stand up thoughtfully.

Meanwhile, Fabian was still unconscious, laying on the ground without knowing what was happening or what he had done.

"What happen? What Serefina had done?" Raine confused with their another squabble and looked around her. She didn't feel like she had been here before.

"The witch sapped the Luna's strength." Aeon said casually. That was why, Diana lost her beast power and turned into her human form.

"What?" Raine whipped her head toward Serefina's direction with questioning look on her face. "Is that possible?"

"Possible." Replied Aeon. "However, beast's power would make you strong for a few moment, but your power will decrease greatly later." He explained. "Therefore, no one would sap the beast's power if they are in their right mind."

Serefina didn't talk anything about that and didn't try to argue, she just walked closer toward Raine.

"Is that true?" Raine looked at Serefina in worry. "Will you be okay?"

However, instead of answered Raine's question, Serefina raised her hand toward Aeon and growled. "Scram!"

She threw Aeon away with harsh wind from her palm and engulfed Raine and Fabian in warm bright light.

Gradually, the light became so bright for Raine to open her eyes and so blinding. "What is this?" Raine grunted.

In the blinding light, Raine could hear Serfina's voice was so close at her ears, as if she was speaking straight through her mind.

"Don't say anything about your meeting with Torak. Knowledge of the past should stay in the past or else it would change the future, maybe it would change for good, but there always a possibility it will be worse than you can imagine." Serefina's voice gradually faded along with the bright light. "Don't play with time. Remember that."

As Serefina's voice was no longer could be heard and the light had subsided, Raine opened her eyes and found herself in the dining room, back to Torak's house, their house.

She scanned the room and blinked her eyes rapidly, afraid if her eyes played trick on her. But, here she was, back to her real time, like nothing had happened.

Serefina also nowhere to be found.

If it wasn't because her dress and the remnants of blood and dirt on her, she would have thought everything that she had gone through was a dream.

From behind, she could hear Torak's voice called for her.