The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 225

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 225 Comforting Words

"What is this smell?" Torak opened the dining room's door harshly, his expression turned rigid when he saw Raine's condition. "Blood?" He growled at the word and strode over toward Raine.

"Torak I" Raine was still confused with the sudden change of environment and time, moreover, Serefina wasn't there to explain what actually happened to them?

How about Fabian? What happened to him? And their trip to get the grimoire? The battle in the castle? How about Aeon? Where is he? Is he still in the past? Where is Serefina? And many more questions

However, no one could answer her because Serefina's last word was to keep this matter as secret; about the grimoire and the battle in the castle also Torak and his family.

'The knowledge of the past, should be kept at the past'

"Are you hurt? Why are you wearing this dress?" Torak checked on her thoroughly, but apparently the blood on her hair, face and dress were not hers. Gently, he pinched her chin to make her eyes looked at him. "My love tell me what happened?"

Torak could feel his beast prowled at the edge of his head, getting anxious by the sight of his mate drenched with blood.

Raine was fl.u.s.tered and disoriented. She frowned when she looked at Torak's in the eyes. "Torak, how long I was missing?"

That was the first question that came out from her mouth as she looked at Torak with fear and bewilderment.

"How long?" Torak furrowed his brows, he pulled Raine closed to him. "You just go down for two minutes ago my love, but how did you end up like this? What was happening? Whose blood is this?"

He was very worry, but he tried to suppress it, just in case his mate would be scare. But, he couldn't help, but gritted his teeth and questioned himself with the same questions.

Did he fail to protect her again? Just how many times Raine was hurt under his protection? Shouldn't she be safe with him?

That questions kept banging his head as he felt useless. He was at lost about how to protect her. His protective side and most part of his beast wanted to keep Raine for himself twenty four hours, hiding her from the wild world outside.

However, his conscience knew that wasn't a solution. Raine would become depressed. Torak really wanted to let Raine did whatever she liked to do.

Torak was in contradiction with himself.

"My love?" Torak tried to call her, seeing her eyes were distracted as if she didn't have presence of mind. "Raine!" Out of his antsy, he called out her name, this was the first time Torak called her name.

Gradually, Raine's eyes shifted at Torak and focused on him, she opened her mouth and whispered very softly.

"Torak I just killed someone." As she wasn't allowed to say anything about what the past information and also Torak wouldn't be able to answer all of her questions, so the only thing that bother her now was the fact that she had killed someone.

"You killed someone?" Torak furrowed his eyebrows.

Raine only out of his sight for two minutes, so how on earth she had killed someone during that short period of time? He also didn't hear anything.

"No my love you killed no one. See for yourself, there is no one inside this room." Torak scanned the room for her and shook his head. "There is no one here."

What actually happened to his mate?

"No, Torak not in this time the other time" Raine uttered as her mind was still spinning.

Torak narrowed his eyes and when understanding dawn on him, his expression turned ashen. "It's Serfina, right? She came here." That wasn't a question, but a statement.

When he watched his mate nodded her head, he pulled her close, hugged her tightly. "Tell me what happened. Where did you go this time?"

Raine was confused too, she had gone for two days, but apparently in real time, the time didn't move and she was still at the same day and the same moment when Serefina had taken her.

How could that be possible? The first time she traveled back to the past, the time she was missing with the time she was in the village of angel was in synch.

Probably, this was because Serefina?

"Who did you kill?" Torak asked again.

"A wizard hunter." Raine said as she wrapped her arms around Torak's waist, relishing the feeling of safety whenever she was with him.

Torak closed his eyes to calm the anger that clawed his entire body.

Lycanthropes and the wizard hunter were not in good terms for centuries. There was event in the past that Torak was unsure what it was that severed their relationship.

Because Torak didn't care about that, he had never tried to find out why.

"The wizard hunter wanted to hurt you?" Torak asked, with his eyes still closed, a feeling of guilty for not able to protect his mate gnawed his heart.

"He wanted to kill me" Raine said as she hugged Torak tighter. She could feel the tense from his body when she said that, so she added. "But, it's alright I killed him first"

"You should. You have to." Torak said in rough voice firmly. He buried his nose on the crook of her shoulder, taking the liberty to breathe in her scent.

"I kill someone Torak" Raine repeated pitifully.

Torak didn't know what to say to consol her, because in his world, you have to kill before someone killed you, and that was a common thing.

Hence Torak was a little bit at lost about how Raine felt about it. Why this matter seemed so big for her despite he didn't quite understand his mate feeling right now.

Torak still tried his best to persuade her. "If this makes you slightly feel at ease, I will let you know that I have killed thousands of creatures. You have done a great job for killing someone who wanted to harm you."

Raine frowned and pushed Torak away as she stared at him sullenly.

Are they supposed to be comforting words? What kind of comforting words are those?