The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 226

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 226 The Promise

Seeing Raine's frowning expression, Torak leaned over to kiss her forehead and lingered his kiss a bit longer before he cupped her face and stared at her deeply.

"I know I can't give you the comforting words that you need. Honestly, I don't even know what exactly how you feel now, after living for centuries while killing numerous creatures and going through battle after battle, I don't know how to feel again. During that time, I don't know what fear is."

Torak caressed her cheeks with his thumbs. Raine's condition had improved greatly now since the first time he met her, so Torak though it would be right for her to be taught little by little about another side of this world, the dark side of it.

Though, Torak didn't want for Raine to see it and learned about it, but the fact that most of the time 'ignorance' could kill, forced Torak to put aside his nonsensical thought that he could always protect her.

That thought had been proven wrong many time and now was the recent example.

"But, all I want to say. I will prefer for having you killed other people than other people harmed you." Torak said his standpoint. "Don't feel guilty because you killed the wizard hunter, because that wizard hunter wouldn't feel the same thing when he managed to kill you."

Raine blinked her eyes, Torak was right. No, he was totally right.

Raine remembered how the wizard hunter laughed at her when he thought he had killed her along with baby Torak.

Raine rubbed her eyes and tiptoed to kiss Torak's lips while saying. "Thank you."

"You are most welcome my love." Torak rubbed her head, relieved that his little mate a little bit calm down. "Will you tell me about what you have gone through?"

Torak was really against the decision for Raine to be trained by Serefina after what had happened and how, sometime, the witch neglected her responsibilities.

Yet, in the end he had to compromise with the situation and came to understand that not everything happened according to what he wanted, especially when this was about his mate.

Raine looked at Torak with conflicted and sad eyes before she shook her head. "I can't" She said regretfully.

"Why? Serefina told you so?" With Raine, Torak really learned how to control his emotion and found another side of him.

Raine nodded. "She said something about knowledge about the past should stay at the past, or the present will change and we don't know if it for good or bad" Raine repeated what Serefina had said toward her.

Torak sighed deeply. "Do you really want to keep doing this?" He said after he stared at his precious mate. "If Serefina's method is too harsh, let's find another way for you to gain your power there are thousands of witches, there will be one of them who knows about this."

Raine gave some thought about that. "Serefina had managed to use my power to bring us back to the past and we are in progress to find the first guardian angel that was able to control the time." She felt a little bit awkward when she talked about her ability, because she had not yet felt it. "If I stop now, it will be a retrogression."

Raine was trying to give her point of view.

Torak closed his eyes and touched Raine's forehead with his. "Can you promise me to do everything to be safe? I couldn't ask you more than this. Whatever you will do, or whenever you will go, please come back to me."

Torak said in deep voice as he pleaded for the safety of his mate.

"I will try my best." Raine said, she glanced at Torak's face that was so close to hers.

"Promise me, my love, promise me that you will return to me." Torak demanded. He had frustrated enough for not being able to go with her to travel back to the past and protect her personally.

"Promise." Raine finally said after she went silence for awhile.

"And what I meant with everything is every way possible or impossible." Torak wanted to underline his words that he wouldn't mind if Raine was going to kill one or two more creatures in order to save herself, she must do that if she has to.

Raine could feel how worry Torak was for her as she placed her palms on the side of his face and said. "Where should I go if I don't return to you?" She smiled sweetly the moment Torak opened his eyes and looked at her.

"I think I should correct my words earlier." He mumbled.

"Which one?" Raine asked because she didn't know what Torak's meant.

"The part when I said I don't know what fear is. Because even though you are so close to me right now, I am still afraid of losing you." Torak said those cheesy words with seriousness that made Raine didn't know what to do, whether she should laugh at it or she should feel ecstatic.

But, one thing for sure was; she felt contented by Torak's words. Raine giggled and hugged Torak tightly that he reciprocated it gladly.

After long, Torak caressed Raine's head and kissed her. "My love, I didn't mean to offend you, but your smell bother me" He said calmly.

"Ah!" Raine shrieked and suddenly pulled herself from Torak's arms. She just remembered that her body reeked with foul smell of dust, dirt and blood. "I will take a bath!"

"Do you need help?" Torak caught her waist and whispered to her ear.

"No. no. no." Raine rejected the offer frantically as she escaped from the room and ran to the second floor.

Once it was only Torak there, he walked toward the side of the cabinet, this spot was a blind spot in this dining room, where people could hide there and couldn't be seen, but Torak didn't need his eyes to know there was someone there.

"So, how your condition can be like this?" Torak asked a woman, who was sitting there with her swallow breaths.