The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 227

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 227 The Way He Tricked Her

Sitting on the floor with her back against the wall while hiding beside the large cabinet was Serefina with her pale face and sweat covered her forehead.

At first Torak didn't realize her smell because all his focus was on Raine and her condition, however in the middle of the conversation when Torak knew Raine was all right, he started to realize there was another scent inside the room.

Thought it was a faint smell of the witch, but she was engulfed with the same scent of soil and dirt like Raine, and when his mate said she was with Serefina traveled back to the past, thus Torak realized Serefina was still inside the room.

Torak stared down at the witch. He didn't know what had happened to her, but she looked in her worse shape.

"What happened to you? Should I prepare for the funeral now?" Torak asked sarcastically because Serefina's condition indeed like someone who was in their last breath.

"Don't fight me for now I need to take a rest" She breathed heavily, not even she couldn't lift her finger, she wasn't even able to open her eyes.

[Cal, come to the dining room.] Torak mind link the beta as he kept his eyes on the witch.

At first, Torak really wanted to give the witch one or two lesson the moment he met her, however, in her condition like this, not to mention a lesson, she wouldn't even able to reply for Torak's questions.

[Yes, Alpha.] Calleb replied.

After that, Torak squatted down and check on the witch, he put his palm on the witch forehead before he said. "You sapped a beast's energy." Torak stated.

Sapping a beast energy could make one gained powerful strength for short period of time, but afterward it would backfire because their condition would become worse than their previous state.

Torak didn't know why Serefina would do that knowing the consequences would be dire, but it seemed the situation was quite not in her favor.

Meanwhile, Serefina didn't reply for that statement and kept breathing unevenly.

Torak didn't let Raine know that Serefina was still here because if Serefina wanted, she could appear in front of her instead of hiding in this spot, in this sorry state.

Moreover, there were a lot of things that Torak wanted to say to the witch, but seemingly that needed to wait for some time until Serefina's condition was stable.

Not long after that, Calleb came inside the room with his happy- go- lucky face.

"Calleb is here!" He said cheerfully, his smile lasted until he smelled the blood and dirt in the air. "What is this smell?" He scrunched his nose.

Ignoring Calleb's reaction, Torak waved his hand. "Come here."

Calleb walked over toward Torak curiously and as soon as he saw Serefina was there, out of shape, his eyes opened wide in shock.

"What happened with her? Has karma finally caught up to her?" Calleb made a snarky remark, yet Serefina was too weak to even glare to him.

"Bring her to one of the houses and ask our Doctor to look after her." Torak then stood up after he gave his order. "Inform me if you need something." He added before he disappeared behind the door.

Calleb scratch the back of his head while wondering what happened to this witch, did she have a fight?

But, knowing her personality that made a lot of senses.


"Should I congratulate you for being able to come close to your girl again?" Lucifer asked as he stepped inside the room and scanned the area.

"What are you doing here?" Aeon didn't even raise his eyes from a silver dagger in his hand when he answered the devil. "I said don't come abruptly."

Aeon was living on the roof of a building, under the veil of the night. This small place had been turned into an armory by Aeon as he liked to do this kind of things.

"My bad." Lucifer held his hands up and sat on the nearest seat, didn't even bother with the unwelcome gesture from the shadow warrior. "May I know how your progress with her?"

Aeon glanced at him coldly. "She still believes that wrench Lycan is her mate." He said flatly, but the way Aeon was trying to test the sharpness of the dagger in his hand, showing how annoyed he was with that fact.

Lucifer chuckled upon hearing that. "Like I told you before, you should just take her away and immediately make her yours."

"I will never do something like that, she will come to me in her own conscience." Aeon said rightfully.

"This topic is really out of my league." Lucifer threw his hands upward, surrendered. He didn't understand why Aeon had to do something so stupid like waiting for a girl to come running to him when he could kidnap her and kept her in his store.

The way Aeon glanced at the devil's comment was filled with resentment.

"But, I have to give you two thumbs up for your idea with the horn of the unicorn." Lucifer grinned devilishly. "How do you know the witch would look for that item?"

"I have been living over centuries, so you should expect me to know one or two things about this world." Aeon threw a can of beer toward the devil that he caught in time.

"I guess so." Lucifer scoffed when he saw the beer in his hand, this wasn't the type of drink he would drink.

Aeon knew most items that witches would look for and how those witches would get it. Thus, when he caught a wind of there was a witch that looked for a horn of unicorn, that must be Serefina.

With Raine entered university, she would be exposed to the public, then it also meant she needed a lot of protection that possible.

Aeon had investigated this matter carefully and when he was sure the buyer was Serefina, all he had to do was to make sure the witch got the item that she wanted.

Hence, that was how he reconnected with Raine again and was able to follow her to the past as well.