The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 228

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 228 Mood Swing

Raine showered for almost two hours long, she brushed every part of her skin and dipped inside bubble bath until the tips of her fingers wrinkle.

"My love if you still haven't done, I will go inside and help you." Torak warned Raine, what she was doing inside there?

Raine almost skipped her breakfast because of this.

"No. I am done now!" Raine hurriedly replied, as there was a rustling sound from inside and the door was being unlocked before she appeared in her bathrobe.

Since Torak always teased her and came inside the bathroom when she was bathing , Raine would lock the door if she didn't forget.

"What are you doing?" Torak folded his arms in front of him and watched Raine's face and her exposed skin was brightly red. "Did you skin yourself inside?" Torak grabbed Raine's hand saw her wrinkle skin on the tip of her fingers.

Raine pouted and pulled back her hand. "You said I was smelly" She said sullenly.

Torak frowned when he heard Raine's answer, but then he remembered what he had said to her as his expression was turned surprise. "That's not what I meant my love I didn't mean to say that you are smelly"

"That's what you said." Raine insisted and walked past Torak.

Torak tilted his head upon seeing Raine's reaction and chuckled heartily when he watched Raine was choosing a parfume from the cabinet.

She had never used any parfume before and Torak liked it that way.

Hence, seeing Raine was standing in a row of expensive parfumes with wrinkle eyebrows was a rare sight to see.

Understood why his mate was in bad mood, Torak approached her and hugged her from behind, resting his head on the nape behind her neck, the spot where her sweet scent was stronger, he kissed the fine hair on the back of her neck and made Raine shuddered.

"You smell just fine, what I meant, I don't like the smell of blood on you and, moreover, another men scent that latched on you" Torak explained and turned Raine's body.

"I know" Raine said in a very faint voice timidly, she lowered her head. "I am being ridiculous, right?"

Torak cupped her small face between his palms and grinned. "It's alright, period makes you become more sensitive."

"Torak!" Raine swatted Torak's hand away from her, but he held her firmly before he pecked her lips and released his little mate that was bright red now. "Put your dress and let's have breakfast."

"Okay." Apparently her period indeed turned her more sensitive than usual.

"You don't have anything to do for today right? How about accompany me to the office so we can go to have lunch together from there?" Torak suggested, he felt unease to leave Raine alone after she traveled back time again.

"Okay." Raine agreed readily. She liked to wait for Torak while he was working.

Raine walked to her wardrobe room and was about to choose something for her to wear when she realized Torak was following her from behind.

"I will change." Raine said while looking at Torak, whose taking a seat near the door room.

"I know." Torak nodded innocently.

"What are you doing there?"

"Waiting for you."

Raine was speechless, Torak was getting more and more bolder with her. "You can wait outside." She approached her and tried to make him stood up, but it was a difficult task to do.

"I will wait here, who knows what will happen later?" Torak folded his arms stubbornly. "I just left you for two minutes and when I saw you again, you had covered with blood."

"I will not go anywhere. Moreover Serefina seems not in good condition when we return." Raine remembered what Aeon had said to her about the after effect sapping a beast energy.

Torak also knew about that, but since Serefina hid herself from Raine, he wouldn't say anything about it for meantime.

"I will close my eyes." Torak closed his eyes, he was still very stubborn to stay.

Sighed deeply, Raine yielded. "Don't peek." She warned him.

Though, they already slept together for many nights since the first time Torak had taken her away from the orphanage, but nothing happened during those entire nights.

Sometime Raine wondered if she didn't attractive enough for him, thus he didn't have any desire for her, but then, Torak always said he loved her...

Raine ever heard about it, that woman and man, who were in love with each other wouldn't be able to sleep together without nothing happened, more so for many, many, many night.

It was either the woman was not attractive enough or the man was bent.

Well, at least that was what she heard when Sally spoke to Lana and Diane.

Raine stole a glance at Torak and shook her head. It was impossible that Torak was bent. And then she looked at herself in the mirror and started to compare herself with Serefina, and that only made her frustrated.

"My love, are you done?" Torak asked because he couldn't her Raine was taking anything, because she was standing absentmindedly in front of the mirror.

"No. not yet." Raine replied hurriedly and searched at the part that she had never taken interest before.

It was the part where they put feminine dress for her that didn't suit her taste at all. After some time rummaged a lot of dress, Raine finally chose to take a white floral dress and put it on her.

Afterward, she looked herself in the mirror.

It was a high low dress with longer back and shorter at the front, while the back of the dress reached the floor, the front of it was hanging one centimeter above her knees.

She didn't look bad. Raine thought before she walked to Torak and sat on his laps.

Torak instinctively held her waist, in case she lost her balance and opened his eyes. The first thing that he saw was her slender legs that made Torak frowned and then the dress that she had chosen.

"Why? Is it that bad?" Raine was very self- conscious now.

"No, you look perfect in everything you wear, but are you really going to wear this?" Torak asked. He knew this kind of dress wouldn't be her style, but why she wore something that she wasn't comfortable?

"Yes." Raine replied sullenly. "We will have lunch together right?"

"But, I think you need to wear high heels with this kind of dress" Torak reminded her because Raine usually would wear sandals or sneakers when they went outside, never heels, except for that mask party.

And after that party, her feet slightly bruised because of the high heels, at that time she said she didn't like to wear that kind of shoes anymore.

But now why did she suddenly change her mind?

"I will wear it." Raine said firmly. She wanted to look beautiful and attractive in front of him.

"Alright, get your heels then and we will ready to go after breakfast." Torak was slightly confused what was running inside his little mate's mind, why she was so abrupt today? But, in the end he thought it was because of her period that she was having a mood swing.