The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 229

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 229 Torak's Way To Figure Things Out

Torak put her down and then she walked to the part where row after row of various kind of shoes were put.

Raine chose five centimeter white wedges and put it on, she felt slightly uncomfortable, but she ignored it as she walked back toward Torak and grinned.

"I am ready." Raine said.

"Okay." Torak took her hands and together they were going out of their room.


After breakfast they went to the office. Despite Torak was being late for more than two hours, but the fact that he didn't have an important meeting this morning made him relaxed when he sat together with Raine at the back seat.

[Stop glancing at her every five seconds.] Raphael's voice suddenly echoed inside Calleb's mind, startled him.

Calleb was staring at what Raine was wearing. He had never seen her in dress before, even when the mask party, he hadn't chance to see it.

Actually Raine looked beautiful and sweet in that dress, but because he wasn't used to seeing her wearing a dress so he was a bit fascinated by the sight.

"Are you going somewhere Raine?" Ignoring Raphael's words, Calleb asked Raine directly.

"Why?" Raine lifted her head from the sketch book on her laps, she was drawing a baby baby Torak.

"You look so different." Calleb tried to find the right word.

"Do I look weird?" Raine suddenly focused her attention on Calleb as she closed her sketch book.

"No. of course not." Calleb quickly replied. "I have just never seen you wear a dress."

With that the ride to the office went silence and Raine continued with her sketch while Torak stared at the baby with indiscernible gaze.


Like usual, when they would use the same lift that brought her directly to Torak's office.

"Your birthday is coming soon, where do you want to celebrate it?" Torak asked when they stepped out of the lift.

Calleb and Raphael used another lift because they had something to do and since Raine was there, thus Calleb could go back behind the desk and helped Raphael with the company.

Raine gave some thought of it, but she didn't have anything she wanted except that one 'thing', so she shook her head and sat down at the seat across Torak's working desk. "I don't know I don't have something in mind."

"Do you want to celebrate it at home only?" Torak wanted to make something special for Raine, but he had never celebrated anyone birthday before. They didn't have that consecutive celebration every year as they had many centuries to live.

"I will like it to celebrate it with the four of us" Raine smiled, for now Raphael and Calleb were family for her. She loved to have them.

"Alright, let's celebrate it with the four of us only." Torak opened his laptop as Raine continued scrabbling on her sketch book.

"The baby looks handsome." Torak commented.

"How do you know it's a boy?" Raine lifted her head and looked at Torak who was still busy with his laptop.

"You are drawing me." Torak said in matter of fact tone.

Raine blinked her eyes and looked at the baby on her sketch book, she thought because all the baby would look the same, Torak wouldn't know if this was actually him.

"Did you meet me when you travel back to the past?" Torak asked again casually while replying an email.

Raine was in difficult position, Serefina clearly didn't want for her to speak about it, but either it was she, who was easily read or Torak, who was very smart to be able to guess it. She opted for the last.

Regardless Raine didn't answer his question, yet her silence provided the answer that he needed.

"As I remember, from what I heard, there was a commotion during the day of the celebration of my introduction to the public." Torak still focused his eyes on the screen as if he was talking about a trivial thing. "Were you going at that moment with Serefina?"

Raine gulped down anxiously, she lowered her head as she answered. "I can't tell you about it"

"You didn't tell me anything, my love." Torak averted his eyes from the screen and winked at Raine. "I guessed it."

Torak's words made Raine thought about it and slightly felt better. It was true. She didn't tell him anything. He was the one who had guessed it, correctly.

"So, we had met before." Torak stated, beaming with happiness. He put aside his laptop and looked at Raine. "Did you meet my parents as well?"

Torak tried to not make it obvious that he wanted to know what had happened to her during her journey with Serefina.

He tried to suppress his emotion and made the conversation as natural as possible. If Raine was being reluctant to tell him, then he would try to figure it out in different way.

Torak just needed to be more patient than before, something that he learned whenever he was with Raine.

"Yes, I do" Raine smiled back at him. "They are amazing I don't know if you used to live in the castle." Even that was for short period of time, but she remembered how amazing the castle was.

"I leave that realm since the great war." Torak said, noting down that Raine went to the castle and met with his parents. Now they were in the topic that he wanted to converse with Raine. "So, it was the wizard hunter from that time?"

Torak referred to the wizard hunter that Raine had killed.

"Yes" Raine nodded, looking a bit down because she remembered that she had killed someone.

"Thank you for saving me then" Torak stretched out his hand to rub Raine's head.

Raine was confused, she blinked her eyes rapidly, it was true that her action had saved both of them, but she didn't remember that she had mentioned anything about it.

"How do you know that? I don't remember that I mentioned anything about it." Raine couldn't help but ask, but her question, without her realizing it, had solidified Torak's statement.