The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 230

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 230 Eternal Life

"You were in my celebration day, you were in the castle, you met my parents, you saw me, you fought the wizard hunter" Torak mentioned all of it calmly. " I just needed to add a little bit imagination and you admitted my words are right."

Raine was flabbergasted, how he could think that way? And she admitted easily.

Torak chuckled when he saw Raine defeated expression. "I have seen a lot of dirty things, my love. Schemes, lies, plot and ploy, so I don't want anything like that between us. If you can't tell me, I will figure it out on my own, but don't ever lie to me." Then he added. "Because I will not appreciate it, whatever the reason."

Torak's expression turned serious, it was so rare to see Torak gave that kind of face in Raine's presence

"I think even if I want to lie to you, I will not be able to do so" Raine muttered, not to mention lying to him, she even couldn't keep this secret.

"No, my love. It's totally different things. If you want to lie to me, it means you don't trust me enough to know the truth, but if you want to keep things secret from me, you have your own circ.u.mstances."

"I will remember that" Raine smiled brightly.

"Good." Torak reciprocated the smile as he tousled her head. "I will be very disappointed if you lie to me."

Raine could sense the warning tone that laced in the way Torak spoke to her and it made her shuddered slightly.

When the lunch time came, Torak close his laptop and glanced at the baby that smiling on Raine's sketch book while pumping his little fist.

"Do I look that adorable or it's just your subjective point of view?" Torak tilted his head as he stared at Raine. He loved the way she blushed.

"I just draw it based on what I saw." Raine tried to defend herself.

"So, you depict me as an adorable baby." Torak said shamelessly and stood up to walk over to Raine.

Raine also stood up and wrapped her arms around Torak's neck while saying. "My adorable baby."

His mate's words made his beast purr in delight when he heard that. No matter how small the act was and how insignificant the words were, as long as it came from Raine's lips that showed affection toward him, Torak would always be pleased and happy.

"Alright, what do you want to eat?" Torak placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Can we eat at the place where my parents always took me when I was child?" Raine asked carefully. "I don't really remember it, but it is near my old house. Is it okay? Because it's quite far from here."

"If you want to eat there, let's eat there." Torak decided and took his car key while he mind linked his Beta.

[I will go out with Raine.] Apparently it would be lunch for both of them only.


Torak had visited Raine's house when she went missing for the first time, so he knew the place, thus Raine took this time to take a short nap.

She just felt it now that she was quite exhausted by that traveled back and forth of the time, and despite it was only two minutes in her real time, but for her, she had spent two days in the past that filled with nothing but nerve- wrecking event.

Only when she felt safe with Torak beside her with the slow song from the radio, the exhaustion and sleepiness greeted her and she fell asleep without knowing it.

Seeing Raine who was falling asleep, Torak reclined the seat so she wouldn't hurt her back, sleeping in that position.

When they arrived in front of the worn out Raine's former house, which almost looked like a ghost house, Torak saw something from inside the house, but it disappeared as fast as it appeared, as if Torak was only seeing things.

He couldn't get down from the car to check on it and left Raine alone, so he didn't think much of it and sped the car to the restaurant that Raine had described it for him.

Raine still remembered the name of that restaurant, she just forgot the exact location, so with asking a few people, Torak managed to find the restaurant that they were going to.

Fortunately the restaurant that Raine mentioned was still open even after eight years had passed. It seemed the business was growing fine in this area.

"We are here" Torak said as shook her shoulder, trying to wake her up.

After a few attempts, Raine finally opened her eyes and rubbed her face.

"Is that the restaurant that you want?" Torak pointed the building across the road where he parked their car.

Raine took a look at the building. The name of the restaurant was the same, 'Lucky Star Restaurant', only the building now looked bigger than the one in her memory.

"I think it is the restaurant." Raine turned her head and looked at Torak. "Let's go, I am hungry." Raine said eagerly as she unbuckled her safety belt and jumped out of the car.

Afterward, both of them walked across the street and entered the restaurant.

This restaurant was so clean and all the tables and chairs were in one row that faced the street while behind them was an open kitchen where they could see how the food was cooked.

Because the lunch hour had passed, there were no many customers there and when one of the waitresses saw Torak and Raine she took them to the table at the corner.

Because Torak didn't familiar with the food there, so Raine ordered the food for both of them.

"It's so different" Raine said while looking around the entire restaurant. "I hope the foods still have the same taste"

"Time passes and everything changes." Torak stated.

"What you will do when I am no longer alive?" Raine asked. "After all I don't have eternal life like you do."

Without them knowing, there was someone in the far distance captured this moment.