The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 238

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 238 The Thunderous Sound That Shook The Earth

But, Lucifer looked unfazed. "Of course, he will come. She is the Luna of the Lycanthropes after all."

At the same moment when the Lucifer was saying that, suddenly a blaze of light hit the room along with an ear- piercing chirping sound of the firebird.

Aeon, who kept Raine in his arms to protect her from the falling book, suddenly was hurled aside with great force.

His body collided with a bookshelf, which it books fell on him continuously.

Meanwhile, in order to cover herself, Raine hugged back the person who was hugging her while protecting the little bunny in her arms.

When the loud cracking sound and falling object had ceased down, she opened her eyes in horror to see her surroundings.

All of that happened very fast and in matter of second, the meticulous library had turned into a mess with book on the floor and debris mixed with dust twirled in the air.

"What happened here?" Raine asked with shaking voice as she lifted her head to see Aeon.

She expected to see Aeon's face because the last sight that she saw before she closed her eyes was him, protecting her.

However, the person who was hugging her protectively now, wasn't the shadow warrior.

The look of surprise and excited crossed Raine's eyes when her eyes met with the figure that she had been missing dearly.

"Torak" Raine called out his name. "You are here." She stated in joyous.

Torak glanced at his little mate in his arms impassively, there was no smile or whatsoever emotion on his face. The way he talked also very rigid.

"Step back and stay with Raphael." Torak drew back his arms from Raine's body when the debris and dust had settled and no more books fell.

Raine was late to catch Torak's iciness, but she did what she told nonetheless.

Glancing through her shoulder, she caught a sight of Raphael and Serefina. Even though Serefina was slightly looked pale, but overall she was already in her quirky self, staring at Raine in disagreement as if accusing her for being here, in this mess.

Raine moved to the side and approached Raphael as she stood beside the Beta.

Torak was standing in front of the three of them, facing the devil and the shadow warrior at the same time, the claws on his finger came out dangerously as his body shook violently.

He didn't turn to his beast, but he was a step away from being one as his eyes had turned bloody red with elongated canines that as sharp as razor blade.

Raine could feel Torak's wrath that emitted from his half shifted body. For a moment she could feel the chill that ran down on her spine.

Torak was eerily intimidating.

Raine wanted to ask Raphael about how they could find her, but found the situation and the atmosphere required her to be quiet.

"Torak" Lucifer dusted the dirt from his body while Aeon was trying to stand up after been hit to the wall. "Don't you know that you can't barge in someone property and ruined my place like this?"

"I have warned you, do not touch my mate!" Torak growled deeply.

"I didn't!" Lucifer exclaimed and exaggeratedly raised both of his hands as he glanced at Aeon. "He did."

Seeing the devil was making fun of his words, Torak turned into his Lycan's form and bolted toward Lucifer in breakneck speed.

The beast and the devil let out thunderous roar and growl during their battle, biting and clawing the other with the speed that Raine's eyes couldn't follow.

They move too fast, the vision of them were blurred, just like a movie that was being fast forward.

Their battle was too intense and the library building couldn't accommodate their battle any longer, after the ravage entrance of Torak and the other two, the building had busted as it started to shake as if there was an earthquake.

"We need to get out from here." Raphael said as he looked at the witch beside him. "This building will collapse soon."

Around them, many big holes had created on the wall as the result of the beast and the devil's battle.

Serefina grabbed Raphael's hand and stretched out her other hand for Raine to take while saying. "I will teleport the three of us out from here."

Raine, who was halfway to take Serefina's hand, stopped. "The three of us? How about Torak?" Raine could feel herself panic, Torak was in the middle of fighting the devil and there was no break in between.

"No need to worry about him." Said Serefina in agitated tone. "He will be fine."

Raine knew she was wrong to ask Serefina for helping Torak, so she turned around to face Raphael. "We can not leave Torak here."

"Remember, this is because of you that we are here." Serefina said ruthlessly, didn't even care when Raine's expression turned guilt- ridden. "We can do nothing even if we stay."

With that was being said, Serefina took Raine's hand and she teleported them out of the building.


Raine just blinked her eyes because of the dust, but the next thing that she saw was a park filled with people.

Children were playing with their siblings or chasing after ball that their parents threw at them, teenagers were riding their bicycle.

The sound of laughter was everywhere as the golden evening sun shone dimly upon them.

It took Raine long time to attune with her new environment and when the understanding dawn on her, the first thing that she asked was her mate.

She was sitting down on the grass while Serefina and Raphael were standing on both of her sides.

"Where is Torak?" Raine asked while trying to stand up and followed their line of sight.

In front of them was a huge building that as known as the public library in the heart of the city.

Were they there before?

And as if answering Raine's question, the building collapsed in an instant with thunderous sound that shook the earth.