The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 239

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 239 You Dropped This

People screamed and shouted, some of them even tried to run from the place, afraid if it was a bomb or some kind of terrorist attack.

There was no way, hundreds years library building suddenly collapse and in an instant had already flattened with the earth.

The commotion started to get loud as all the people tried to get away from there and they ran to different direction while keeping their family together, Raine was standing there, flabbergasted, unmoved.

Serefina and Raphael were standing on her both sides, staring at the same direction as they furrowed their eyebrows.

"Raphael" Raine held her breath when she spoke. " Is that the library that we were in?" Her question sounded unbelievable in her ears as she said it.

"Yes, it was." It was Serefina who answered this for Raine.

"Then, how about Torak?" Raine could feel her blood rushed in her vein, she was too antsy even to stay quiet like what Raphael and Serefina did. "We have to save him! We have to find him!"

If it wasn't because Raphael was holding her arms tightly to keep her in place, Raine would have dashed to collapsed building and dug every inches of the debris with her bare hands to find Torak.

"Torak is there! Why don't you help him?!" Raine was trying to get away from Raphael strong hold, but she couldn't move him even an inch.

"Raine, calm down." Raphael fell on the ground along with Raine as he held her, preventing the Luna to move closer to the destroyed building.

"How can I calm down?!" Raine could feel the air became thin as she was having difficulty to breath. "Torak is there and all you are doing is staring here?!" Anger rose up from the pit of her misery.

"Let's wait for a few moments." Raphael said as calm as ever and this aggravated Raine.

Why nobody felt the same thing as her? Wasn't Raphael was Torak's second person in command? Why he didn't care even a bit about him?

"I don't want to wait!!!" Raine screamed, droplets of her tears started to fall down on her cheeks as she was being helpless.

Raine was well aware that she could do nothing to help Torak in this situation, she even couldn't break free from Raphael's tight grip.

"Raphael please, help him" Raine turned around to look at Raphael with teary eyes and pitiful voice.

"Raine please calm down first." Raphael pulled Raine's head and hugged her tightly so she could stop struggling. "Torak will be fine. Let's wait for awhile."

Raine finally let Raphael to hold her as she rested her head on Raphael's chest, streams of tears from her red eyes didn't cease down as her breath rasped in her chest.

Meanwhile, Serefina was standing on her spot, unfazed.

She didn't even flinch when she watched how the building turned into dust in matter of seconds, or how Raine was throwing tantrum in front of her.

The witch's lime green eyes looked at the same spot without even blinking, as if she was waiting for something.

Half an hour passed after the library building collapsed, the park which was full of excitement was now in chaos.

People made a barricade behind the police line while police cars and fire trucks had arrived at the crime scene.

However, as odd as it sounded, no one noticed about the three people in the middle of the chaos, they didn't seem to see them or the polices even bothered to remind them to stay away from the park.

Raine sat on the ground and sobbed silently in Raphael's chest as he held her head and caressed her back, her eyes didn't even a second left the sight in front of her.

Hoping that he would come out and walked toward her, and held her like he always did.

But, as the seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours, Raine still couldn't see the person that she wanted to see the most.

There were many victims because of the sudden collapsed building, polices and firefighters tried to get the injured people out of the scene or tried their hardest to get them out of the debris.

Ambulances came with roaring sounds.

In this commotion and racket, Raine's mind was disarray. Waiting in agony for Torak to return. Her tears had stopped flooding down her face, but it didn't ease the pain in her heart, if anything the sorrow had become more prominent.

The waiting was killing her as she didn't know if something was happening to him, or maybe he was struggling while they were waiting in this safe place.

"He doesn't come" Raine whimpered, the excruciating pain attack her with the thought she would lost him.

Raine's body was trembling out of fear to face the reality.

"Raphael why he has not come yet?" Raine asked Raphael with a voice that barely a whisper.

Raphael didn't have the answer for that. It has been so long since the Alpha was trapped there, he should have come now.

"Stop crying, there he is." Serefina finally spoke.

Raine immediately lifted her head and followed the witch's line of sight, but she couldn't see it yet.

"Where is he?" Raine's heart was beating so fast against her ribcage until it was so painful.

Raphael also sniffed the air, trying to catch the scent of his Alpha before he pointed straight ahead. "There."

After Raphael said that, a figure gradually appeared among the crowd, striding toward where Raine was sitting on the ground, waiting for him.

Raine stared at the figure until the outline of him, made her sigh deep breath of relief. She watched Torak was getting closer until he stopped in front of her.

There was some dirt and blood on his face and his brown shirt, but aside from that, he was in good condition for a person who just escaped a collapsed building.

Torak squatted down and stared at his mate disheartened state. "You dropped this."

While saying that, Torak put down the white little bunny, which a little bit dirty, on Raine's laps.