The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 24 Find The Witch

[Belphegor!?] Raphael's voice filled with dread. He halted his step and made Calleb almost ran onto him. [Belphegor one of the seven sins from hell?] Beside him, Calleb looked at him curiously.

[Yes, it was him.]

[But, Torak the war between the lycanthropes and the demons seven hundred years ago had sealed their power away] Raphael trailed off in his word and suddenly something clicked in his mind as he blurted out with breathless voice. [The prophecy about the guardian angels!]

Torak stared at the bathroom door with troubled expression when he saw the handle was twisted, ignoring Raphael's awareness about the prophecy, he gave him his firm command.

[Tell our hunter to start looking for Serefina. I want to meet her immediately.]

With that, Torak cut off the mind- link and left Raphael dumbfounded. Serefina was the most powerful witch who had been lost for several decades.

"Where do I have to find her!?" Raphael hissed in frustration while running his fingers on his hair. First was the appearance of Belphegor and now Torak wanted to find Serefina It wasn't an easy task.

If the prophecy was true, shouldn't Torak send people to find the guardian angel first before he hunted the witch?

Suddenly Calleb's face popped in his line of sight, in his shocked he cursed at the Gamma.

"What? What happened?" Calleb asked noisily, ignoring all human who was watching them.

"I need to find James now."

"James?" Calleb tilted his head, "Who is he going to hunt?"

James was their best hunter and Torak rarely assigned specific task for him, but if he did, it would be noteworthy.

"Serefina." Raphael answered curtly.

However, it was enough to make Calleb's jaw fell in astonishment. "Well, at least James will not complain about lack of task now" Then, he realized something important. "Do you already know who the intruder?"

"Hmm." Raphael nodded. "Belphegor."

With that he walked away, leaving the petrified Calleb behind him.


Inside the presidential suite.

Torak just ended the mind- link with Raphael when he saw Raine emerged from the bathroom, her hairs were still damp and her cheeks flushed with crimson color, as beautiful as she was, Torak frowned the moment he laid his eyes on her.

"Why don't you wear the dress that I told you, my love?" He stood up and approached her.

Raine was still in her overlarge sweatshirt and her ripped jeans. Torak didn't like her in that clothes, she deserved all the beautiful things in this world and he was very glad that he could provide it for her.

But, why she was wearing those outworn clothes again?

In the other side, the endearment in Torak's words never failed to make her heart fluttered. The feeling was so alien, but in the same time was so right.

"Why are you wearing this again?" Torak bent his body, so they were in the same height.

Raine was fidgeting when Torak's chiseled face seized all her line of sight as she took a step back, yet Torak didn't have intention to move away from her, if there was anything, he put more effort to cower Raine's anxious self further.

In all honesty, Torak enjoyed this.

Finally when the poor girl couldn't find another way to escape, she was trying to press her back against the wall behind her, as though she wished she could blend with it while her eyes zeroed in her toes.

"I am the one here who need your attention my love, not your toes." Torak feigned sulking. He traced his finger along her jaw line and lifted her chin to look at him. "I want to see you in that dress."

The way Torak said it make Raine's legs almost abandoned her and gave away, but she shook her head instead.

This rejection made the frown in Torak's face increased. "Why?"

For a moment Raine didn't respond. She was biting her lips with downcast eyes.

"You don't like the dress?" Torak tried to guess her reason, but Raine once again shook her head. "The size is not fit?"

Only then, slowly, Raine folded her sleeve and showed him her arm, embarrassedly.

Torak caught her movement and put his attention to the thing that she wanted to show him, however the moment her sleeves folded up and her arms was on display.

His eyes turned red in rage as he roared. "WHO DID THIS TO YOU!?"