The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 240

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 240 He Treated Her Coldly

Ignoring the white little bunny, Raine threw herself at Torak and hugged him tightly as if she didn't do that, Torak would disappear again from her line of sight.

Raine was so afraid, she snuggled herself in his safety embrace.

Torak coaxed his little mate silently as he caressed her back and patted her head while saying in tired voice. "It's alright. You are safe now."

Raine shook her head fervently, because that wasn't the thing, which she concerned at this moment.

Didn't Torak realize that she was worried for him? She felt terrifyingly afraid for the thought that she would lose him?

But Torak didn't know that because Raine was so shaken to say a word.

Carefully, Torak scooped her body in his arms, but didn't say anything. His eyes were still bloody red and he seemed having a hard time to clear his mind as Torak kept shaking his head as if he wanted to clear the fog before his eyes.

Raphael took the bunny, which has been abandoned, from the ground as he walked ahead to bring their car closer so they could go home.

Raine was still burying her face on Torak's chest as her hands clutched onto his front shirt, because she didn't want to let him go, Torak had to put Raine on his laps when they entered the car and cradled her trembling body along the way.

There was only silence that stretched out inside the car as no one tried to speak a word, not even Serefina wanted to break the tension.

Raphael glanced at his Alpha a few times through the rear view mirror and realized that his eyes still the color of blood.

Torak was resting his chin on Raine's shoulder and often nudged her neck, as if he was seeking for comfort.

Raine had fallen asleep during two long hours of driving, but she woke up once they arrived at their house.

She was puzzled with her environment, but when the last memory about her grievances of the thought of losing Torak, she abruptly opened her eyes widely and started to get panic.

Only when Raine realized that she was in Torak's arms, she was a bit relax and hugged Torak's neck, crying silently.

Torak kept carrying Raine out of the car, but didn't say anything, not even a comforting word that he always said whenever his mate was feeling down, not to mention she was crying like this.

However, he kept quiet and let Raine to cry until she felt satisfied, the only soothing gesture that he did was occasionally kissing her forehead when her body trembling violently, but no words.

Torak stepped inside the house and put Raine on the sofa, he told Raphael to dismiss all the guards from that room as he sat down beside Raine too.

Serefina took a seat across from Torak and Raine, she looked exhausted and worn out, her voice couldn't be heard along the trip back and not even now.

Not long after that, Calleb came, joined them. He sat beside Raphael.

"Luna, can you tell us why did you end up there with Lucifer and the shadow warriors?" Calleb asked softly when no one opened their mouth.

Both Torak and Serefina looked too tired to speak while Raphael put his focus on the rabbit on his laps.

Hearing someone was calling out her name, Raine raised her head and looked around her with her swollen eyes before they fell on Torak's face.

Torak's bloody eyes stared back at his mate and nodded to encourage her to answer Calleb's question.

"The bunny went out of the greenhouse" Raine's voice was trembling as she was fighting back her sobs. "It went to the backyard"

And then, stammering, Raine told them the whole story about what had happened this afternoon.

The guards were trying to help her to find the bunny, but then the bunny appeared only across the street and no guards around to help her, so Raine decided to take it by herself.

And how the gates were not locked when she went out.

However, when she took the fork in the road, Lucifer was holding the bunny and when she wanted to go back to the house, she had teleported to the rooftop of the building.

There, Raine was met with Aeon and was taken to the library.

"Aeon said he would give me the grimoire that we were looking for" Raine glanced at Serefina. "I had the book before, but because it bit, so I threw it and now I lose it" She said in a whisper.

"You were lied to." Serefina said without open her eyes as she rested her head at the backrest of the sofa. "The real grimoire had gone in this time. It was burned and disappeared. Therefore, I brought you to the past when the grimoire was still existed."

Raine bit her lips, she felt so stupid and regretted her action to believe Aeon's words. "I am sorry I didn't know"

"That's not your fault Luna." Raphael comforted her. "After all, once you were with them, the shadow warrior and the devil wouldn't let you go easily."

Though that was what Raphael said, but Raine couldn't suppress the guilty feeling in her heart. Moreover

Raine lifted her head and glanced at Torak, regardless the fact he was holding her close to him, but she felt the distance between them.

Torak had not said a word since they were inside the car.

"But, how did you find me?" Raine intentionally looked at Torak, hoping he would answer her, or at least would talk to her, but it was Calleb, who answered her question.

"The firebird." Calleb said and Raine remembered the beautiful small bird that perched on her shoulder. "The firebird belongs to the Alpha and it has power to find the person that you are thinking of. Once we realized you had disappeared, the Alpha used the bird to find you and Serefina took them to where you were." He explained.

Raine understood, but the only thing that she didn't get it was, why Torak treated her coldly?