The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 241

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 241 Your Soul Is Mine To Destroy

Actually, not long after Raine went to the greenhouse, Torak and Raphael returned along with Serefina.

Torak was looking for Raine when Calleb told him that she was in the greenhouse, visiting her bunny. However, at the moment they arrived in the greenhouse, she was not there and the door was opened.

Calleb asked the Lycan warrior there and he told him, Raine was at the backyard, apparently the bunny had gone missing and half of the Lycan warriors were looking for the white fur ball.

Torak felt something was wrong when they arrived at the backyard and Raine wasn't there, even her scent was very faint, as if she had long gone from there.

Torak's suspicious grew thicker when he saw the gates of the backyard was opened.

And then, what was happening after that, was the thing that Calleb had told Raine. Torak called out his firebird to find Raine's location and Serefina took them there.

"Torak, are you angry with me?" Raine asked cautiously, because Torak has not yet said a word to her during this long conversation.

Torak blinked his bloody red eyes and as he spoke, his voice came out so rough. "You need to rest."

Afterward, he carried Raine upstairs to their bedroom.

Instinctively, Raine wrapped her arms around Torak's neck and felt her uneasiness pressed her chest uncomfortably.

Like usual, Torak treated her with care.

He let Raine to take a quick shower and prepared her pajamas, after Raine had bathed she put the pajamas that Torak had prepared for her.

Oddly, Torak didn't take a bath and gestured to Raine to come to the bed before he tucked her inside the warm blanket.

Raine felt fresh and sleepy, but she didn't want Torak away from her, so she pulled her to the bed too and snuggled in his arms.

Raine frowned when she could feel Torak's muscles tensed up. "Are you still angry with me?" She asked, lifting her head to see the color of Torak's eyes were still red.

But, why his eyes didn't turn to its original blue? Did the beast was still aggravated? But, usually Torak would be able to calm his beast whenever he was with Raine, but what happened now?

"I am not angry I am just worried." Torak said in gruff voice.

Raine bit her lips, stretching her hand, she smoothened the wrinkle between his eyebrows as Torak closed his eyes, relishing his mate touch.

"But, your eyes they are the color of red." Raine whispered.

Torak didn't answer her, but second later he caught Raine's wrist and put her hand down. "Sleep, my love." He planted a quick kiss on her forehead.

Raine was exhausted because of what had happened today, so when Torak pulled her into his arms and caressed her back tenderly, regardless of Torak's strange behavior, Raine gave in and fell asleep almost instantly.


Aeon was staggering into his house, his body covered with blood and dirt, he barely survived from the collapsed building.

Not like the shifter, as the shadow warrior, he didn't have a healing ability like them, so with the wound that he was suffering now, he was in critical condition.

Fortunately for him, he managed to escape to the shadow realm right in time when the building was collapsing.

Aeon hit a corner of a table and made the things on it fell to the ground with noisy sound.

But, he could be careless about that when he felt his conscious started to slip away. Roughly, he opened a cupboard and pulled out a bottle of alcohol.

He opened the bottle cap with his teeth and gulped down half of it before he poured the liquid on his wounds.

An agony outcry escaped from his lips, echoed through the wall of that small house.

"I can help you." A familiar voice could be heard after Aeon's outcry.

Aeon shot a dagger- look at the devil, who sauntered across the room, approaching him.

And once Lucifer stopped right in front of him, he stretched out his hand, bare touching Aeon's open wound.

Second later, the wound on Aeon's thigh, which was still bleeding fervently before, the skin was gradually closing in until it didn't leave any mark, as if he had never gotten injure at the first place.

Afterward, Lucifer moved his hand to Aeon's ribcages, there was a snapping sound along with a deep grunt from him when his broken ribs were fixed.

"You are alright now." Lucifer smirked as he stood up, but in an instant, his body was wrapped by the darkness that immobilized him.

With bloodshot eyes, Aeon stood up. He had to admit, the devil had healed him completely as he could feel his strength returned.

"You tricked me!!!" Aeon shouted at Lucifer. "That book wasn't the grimoire Raine was looking for!" He exclaimed out loud as the shadow around Lucifer tightened and almost crushed his devilish body.

However, instead of panic because of his situation, Lucifer was laughing out loud.

"Just now you know that I tricked you?" Lucifer sneered, he clicked his tongue as if he was bored. "By now, you should have known me better."

"You!!!" Aeon's anger flared up. "What are you up to!?"

"Don't worry, nothing major will happen to the Alpha's mate." Lucifer snickered, ignoring the fact that Aeon was furious. "At least not now." He added.

Aeon couldn't take it.

First Lucifer addressed Raine as the Alpha's mate and the second, he had breached the deal between them and has a plan to harm her.

With the movement of his hands, the shadow around Lucifer's body crept up until his whole figure was encased with darkness.

Aeon performed a gripping hand to control the shadow as it constricted and not long after that the shadow was vanished along with the Lucifer.

Seeing Lucifer had gone, Aeon's lips form a thin line.

His eyebrows furrowed questioningly. Had the devil gone? When he was thinking about it, suddenly, Aeon felt an excruciating pain in his heart.

The pain was unbearable. Thousand times worse than the wound on his thigh or his broken ribs.

"Don't forget that your soul is mine to destroy." Lucifer's voice sounded.