The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 242

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 242 Something Was Going Wrong

Aeon writhed in excruciating pain on the floor, his throat contorted, as he couldn't breathe. The pain was surreal. He had never experienced this kind of pain before.

And when the pain subsided like it had never happened, he was left extremely worn out, it was only the blink of his eyes that indicated he was still alive.

"Do you really think that you can destroy me?" Lucifer sneered, he stretched out his hand to grab a knife on the table and floated it in the air. "Don't you ever hear an advice about; don't make a deal with a devil?"

Lucifer glanced at Aeon, the devilish smile that curled on his lips didn't dissipate, if anything, his golden eyes shone brightly with the sight of Aeon's condition.

"No? You had never heard about that?" Lucifer mocked him. "Well, now you know" He shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly.

Aeon was so spent to even say a single word to curse the devil.

This happening because of the deal that he had made with Lucifer, centuries ago.

Actually, at the night of the attack in the village of the angel, he was dead. However, the devil revived him again, not long after that.

As the exchanged, it was his soul that was used as a bargain for his life till now. Lucifer, of course, has malicious intention when he brought the shadow warrior back from the arms of death.

Aeon didn't ask for this, but he couldn't kill himself as well when he knew about the prophecy that guardian angel would be resurrected.

He had done many dirty things and ran every inhuman errand for the devil while waiting for her.

Aeon had been waiting for Raine for centuries, trying his best to keep her safe once he found her.

However, just like what the devil said, he shouldn't believe the promise from the mouth of hellish creature like him.

"Rather than trying to destroy me, you should thank me for giving you a chance to meet the girl that you admired." Lucifer raised his eyebrows as he walked out of the room. "Don't forget. The air you use to breathe now and the beating heart in your chest right now is a gift from me."

After the devil said his warning, Lucifer disappeared into thin air.


Raine woke up, feeling cold because of the empty bed.

She stretched out his hand, trying to find Torak beside her with eyes were still closed, yet the spot next to her was so cold.

Torak wasn't there.

With a frown, Raine opened her eyes to confirm it, and found no one there. She rubbed her eyes sleepily as she looked for her phone to see what time was it now.

8.30 a.m.

Probably Torak was inside the bathroom, taking a bath, yet when Raine tried to hear the sound of water running down from the bathroom, she heard nothing. It was too quiet for someone for having a bath inside.

"Torak?" Raine tried to call him as she stood up abruptly, scanned her surroundings. There was no sign Torak was still inside the room.

"Torak?" Raine got off of her bed and heading toward the bathroom, she entered and couldn't spot him.

Thus, after Raine was sure Torak was nowhere inside the bedroom, she grabbed a jacket from the armrest of the chair and went downstairs.

The first person that she met was Joseph, he was a human guard that Torak had hired.

Joseph had just closed Torak's study room door when Raine greeted him. "Good morning Joseph." Raine startled him, yet before he could greet her back, she had asked him. "Is Torak inside?"

"No, Miss. I came in because there is doc.u.ment that Mr. Lockwood told me to put inside." He said. "I had not yet seen Mr. Donovan since this morning." Joseph informed Raine. He had a morning shift, but he had not yet seen Torak neither he received news that Torak was out of the mansion.

"No?" Raine glanced at the closed door, to make sure, she walked past Joseph, ignoring his answer that Torak wasn't there.

With a soft click sound, the door was opened and Raine walked inside the room, yet the room was so empty. No one there, just like Joseph had told her.

"Has Torak already gone to the company?" Raine asked Joseph, who was still standing there.

"No, I don't think so because I didn't receive any news regarding Mr. Donovan was leaving the mansion." As a professional guard, Joseph needed to know every detail that happened inside the house, he would be briefed shortly about what had happened from the earlier shift.

Yet, no one mentioned that Torak had left the mansion, so the possibility was; Mr. Donovan was still inside the house.

Raine frowned. If Torak really wanted to leave the house, human guards wouldn't know about it, if he left in his beast form, Raine remembered Torak's red eyes.

Then Raine should ask the Lycans about it.

"What are you doing standing there? Frowning in the morning?" Calleb's voice greeted her as he dismissed the guard.

"Where is Torak?" Raine approached Calleb in hasty steps. "Where is him?"

Raine could see Calleb was slightly narrowing his eyes as he answered her calmly. "The Alpha has something to do and has gone with Raphael this early morning."

"With Raphael again?" Raine folded her arms. "Why does he always go with Raphael?" She even didn't try to conceal the unhappiness in her voice.

"Because Raphael is his Beta." Calleb answered her carelessly.

"Where were they going?" Raine asked through gritted teeth, she was upset now.

"Stop asking and frowning in the morning, you will spoil your entire day if you keep doing this, let's have breakfast first." Calleb put his hands on Raine's shoulders as he pushed her to the dining room.

"Where they go? When will they return?" Raine kept asking but Calleb only talked about food.

Before, no matter where Torak would go, he would tell her.

Somehow, Raine felt something was going wrong