The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 243

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 243 Something Dear To Me

Today was Sunday, so Raine didn't need to go to the college, but she spent her entire morning bothering Calleb about Torak's whereabouts.

Raine had tried dozen times to call Torak or Raphael, but both of them couldn't be reached. They turned off their phone and this only made Raine became more suspicious.

She had not yet had a chance to talk properly to Torak and told him how regretful she was when she said the words that hurt his feeling.

But, now Torak was nowhere to be found and she didn't feel any better compared to the moment Torak was ignoring her too.

When the time hit 2 p.m, Serefina came to the main house and found Raine was staring blankly at the television, didn't even know what she was watching as the screen just kept showing many commercial programs.

Serefina sat down next to her, slumped her perfect body on the sofa and showed off her slender legs by crossing them in elegant manner, obviously she wanted to get Raine's attention without even saying 'hi' to her or asked her feeling as she looked so gloomy at the moment.

"We will go back to retrieve the grimoire once I gained enough strength to travel back." Serefina informed Raine even without she asked about it.

"Hm." Raine hummed in respond absentmindedly.

Serefina glanced at Raine one more time when she realized her lack of interest for the topic.

"And Raine." Serefina called her name to get her attention. "It will be better if you stay away from the shadow warrior, or whatever his name is."

There was a fleeting emotion crossed Raine's eyes when she heard Serefina's advice. This wasn't the first time she heard about this kind of suggestion.

Deep down in her heart, Raine wanted to say; she didn't invite Aeon to meet her, but why they kept implying that she wanted to be close to the shadow warrior.

Regardless, Raine only nodded and mumbled. "I know."

"Good if you know." As Serefina felt there was nothing she wanted to say to Raine anymore, she stood up and was about to leave her alone with her gloominess when Raine opened her mouth to ask.

"Where is Torak?" Raine had been bothering Calleb since this morning, but the Gamma buried his nose on piles of doc.u.ments and shooed her away.

After yesterday chaos, surprisingly, Torak didn't issue an order to ground Raine and let her explored the house, she was even allowed to go outside.

But, of course with tight security.

It was obvious Raine wouldn't take the option, as she didn't want to parade in the city and attract hate comments even more.

Actually, without Raine knowing it, Serefina had put strong spell on her to keep her away from the unwanted creatures and dark magic spell, hence, she was too exhausted to travel back to the past, not to mention she had used tremendous amount of power when she just felt better yesterday to come for Raine's rescue.

"Why do you ask me? Do you think Torak will tell me where he will go?" Serefina answered Raine with cynical questions.

Raine sighed deeply.

Absolutely Serefina was the last person who would know about Torak's whereabouts, only if in the case she had nothing to do with the Alpha's disappearance.

"Is he still angry at me? Did I make very big mistakes again?" Raine muttered to herself.

Serefina halted her steps when she heard Raine's voice and what she said. For some reason, Raine's insecurities and her self- deprecation irritated her.

The witch had had enough with Raine's whining.

"Are you really going to sit there and whining the whole time and do nothing? Hoping someone will give you the answer that you want?!" Serefina's loud voice startled Raine as she whipped her head and looked at the angry witch.

Raine didn't know what she had said wrong but apparently her mumbling words were heard by Serefina and this agitated the witch.

"I thought you have learned your lesson, but I guessed you are only improving with your words but not your perseverance!" Once again Serefina chastised her about her attitude. "If you really want to find him, do something about it, not only watching nonsense program on the television absentmindedly!"

Though Serefina's words meant well, but the way she reacted on Raine's current condition was a bit excessive, as if her deep memories, which she didn't want to remember, was being plucked out from her head and she was forced to remember it.

"If you want something, go and get it! Not everyone has the same luck as yours!"

Raine was fl.u.s.tered by Serefina's last words, she didn't understand what kind of 'luck' that Serefina was talking about.

"You are lucky enough to be a Luna, the Alpha's mate, but do something about it that make you deserved the title!" Serefina glared at Raine. "Remember this; you can get the title because you are Torak's mate, but respect is something that no one could give you, not even Torak, it is something that you should earn by yourself!"

Serefina's loud voice invited Calleb to come out from Torak's study room with a few doc.u.ments in his hands and panic expression, he heard commotion and thought there was an attack.

"What happened " Calleb had not yet finished his question when he heard Serefina's loud and stern voice again.

"Do you think they will respect someone, who sitting gloomily like you, just because the Alpha was throwing an attitude to you? Torak's decision will not always be right, but here you are, instead of straighten out the problem, you succ.u.mb yourself in self deprecation!"

Serefina took two steps closer toward Raine as she glared down at Raine, who was gritting her teeth upon hearing the witch harsh words.

"Be a woman who will not let anyone look down on you even yourself and keep that attitude, because you will need it when the real problem arise." Serefina looked at Raine in indescribable gaze. "You know how I had survived from the death? Because I strive for something dear to me."