The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 244

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 244 Serefina's Past Story

Raine clenched her hands tightly, she fought the need to retort, feeling helpless and angry at the same time.

"Do you want to know where Torak is?" Serefina taunted Raine. "Don't ask, but find it out yourself."

After Serefina had said that, she strode away from the room with chin held high, walked past Calleb and ignored his displeased gaze.

"You shouldn't have said something like that. Your words will provoke her." Calleb stated in very low voice that could only be heard by Serefina. "We have agreed to keep it secret."

Serefina looked at Calleb briefly before she rolled her eyes dramatically. "Did I reveal our little secret, to your little Luna?" She asked sarcastically. "For God's sake, I don't even care about Torak, it just her behavior doesn't sit well with me."

Serefina waved her hand to dismiss the topic and strolled out of the house.

"Raine?" Calleb approached Raine who was dumbstruck. She looked like she just received a great shock. "Are you alright?" He asked cautiously.

However, Raine acted like she didn't hear his question.

"Don't take her words to heart, you already knew how Serefina is" Calleb approached Raine and sat next to her. "She has that rare talent to annoy every people that talk to her."

Raine still didn't listen to Calleb's rambles.

"Hei!" Calleb shook Raine's shoulder to get her attention. "What are you thinking now?"

This time, Raine's eyes fixed on Calleb's face as she voiced out her own thought. "Do you know Serefina before this? Or the story about her?" Raine asked out of the blue.

"Hmm?" Calleb frowned. "I am not sure that I understand what your question is"

"I mean, about the reason why she had disappeared for years and why she has this hostile attitude toward the mate bond between Torak and me." Raine rephrased her words.

For some unexplainable reason, every time Serefina was angry on her and hurled harsh words, Raine felt the witch vented out her disappointment about something in her past at her.

The way Serefina talked, as if Raine has something she didn't have and wasn't able to get it, yet Raine was unsure about her assumption.

Calleb gave some thought about Raine's questions before he came out with information that surprised Raine.

"I don't know where she went decades ago. Nobody knew about this." Calleb emphasized that Serefina had just vanished without single information about her whereabouts. "But regarding her hostility toward the mate bond that you share with Torak probably it has something to do with her past." He said unsure.

"What is it?" Raine leaned over to listen to Calleb's explanation. She knew, there must be something in her past.

"There were two things that had happened to her regarding this mate bond." Calleb started and Raine followed closely. "The first is related to her parents."

"Her parents?" Raine's mind replayed the images of Cassandra and Fabian.

The beautiful woman who was pregnant with her first child, which no other than Serefina herself and, Fabian, the witch with pure blood.

Raine didn't see the problem was related to them, Fabian was a loving husband and Cassandra seemed love him more, moreover Fabian even utterly showed his dislike toward the Lycanthropes.

This made no sense to Raine until she remembered Belinda existence.

Belinda was Serefina step sister that shared the same blood as her through their father. But, how could that happen?

"Yes." Calleb nodded. "Serefina's father was mated to one of female werewolf." His words confirmed Raine's suspicion.

"But, Serefina's father has wife and daughter." Raine felt unease. "How he ended up with female werewolf?"

"The mate bond." Calleb answered her with certainty. "From what I heard about Serefina from Belinda, their father met Belinda's mother, who is a werewolf, when Serefina was just five years old and left her with her mother."

Raine didn't know how to feel about this revelation. She couldn't imagine Cassandra was left alone with little Serefina.

When Raine was there, she could see that Cassandra and Fabian looked perfect together and the love from their eyes or how Fabian was worried about his pregnant wife, yet because of the mate bond, Fabian had to leave them.

"The pull of the mate bond is so strong." Calleb explained and when he watched the furrowed between Raine's brows, he added. "You don't have that kind of pull toward Torak, Raine. However, even though you don't feel it, you are still worried about Torak and feeling down when he ignored you, but only if you have it, your feeling will be thousand times worse than this."

So, that was how Fabian's feeling if he was forced to stay with Cassandra and Serefina while being away from his mate.

Thus, the last pure blood witch chose to leave his wife and daughter to be with his mate that resulted of Serefina's first bad impression of the mate bond.

"I don't know if this is reliable or not, but since then Serefina's father had never visited her and her mother anymore." Calleb shrugged his shoulder. "I don't know the exact story, after all she is centuries older than me."

Raine begun to understand Serefina's feeling every time she made a remark when Torak showed his affection toward her and how she often implied that happened because of the mate bond.

But, the mate bond or not, something that destined to be together would be together in the end, right?

"And how about the second things?" Raine asked, she needed to understand the witch, because something really went wrong with her hostile attitude. "

Calleb was hesitant when Raine asked about this, he looked around as if he felt unease if insignificant someone heard about this.

"I don't know if this is wise of me to mention this." Calleb slumped his back on the backrest of the sofa and folded his arms in front of his chest, contemplating.

"I will not say anything about this to anyone." Raine promised. To whom she would talk about this to?

In the end Calleb yielded. "Long time ago, Serefina had a serious relationship with Torak's first brother. Jedrek Donovan."