The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 245

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 245 Complicated Relationship

Raine ever heard about this too, Calleb had mentioned it offhandedly before, but she didn't put much attention into this information.

And now, since this thing brought up again, Raine became curious. "So, how their relationship ends?"

"Hmm" Calleb mumbled. "I don't know which story is correct some said Serefina didn't want to live with Lycan anymore some said Jedrek Donovan had banned her because of a mistake, which couldn't be forgiven, that she had committed"

Raine found herself frowning. "What the unforgivable mistake that Serefina had commited?"

Once again Calleb was hesitated to talk about this, but this only made Raine even more curious.

"What is it?" Raine prodded.

"Remember, this is only hearsay and most of rumors are not true." Calleb sat straight and looked at Raine deeply to confirm if the girl understood what he was saying.

"What?" Raine leaned over at Calleb.

"Some people said, Serefina had a relationship with Jedrek's younger brother behind his back." Calleb blurted out.

One day his mouth really would bring trouble for him if he kept doing this, the Gamma realized about the consequences, but the only problem was, he couldn't help it.

"Torak!?" Raine's voice rose up with surprise.

"No, of course not!" Calleb shook his head and waved his hands frantically. "It is the youngest brother. Kace Donovan."

Raine heaved a sigh of relief, though I was only a rumor, but to think that Torak and Serefina had a relationship before, didn't sit well with Raine.

"Kace Donovan" Raine reiterated that name. When she went to the past, she just saw Jedrek. At that time, Kace had not born yet.

"Yes but I don't know for sure, if the rumor is true or not, but after Serefina disappeared, years after that Kace also left the castle and no one knows where he is." Calleb said.

Raine was contemplating about this fact. "So, why it has anything to do with the mate bond?"

"Oh, that one" Calleb slapped his forehead, forgot about this topic. "This is only my theory, but when I heard that guardian angel will be resurrected once again and they will be a mate of the three brother Donovans, knowing how strong the mate bond, I think Serefina chose to leave the realm because of that." He voiced out his own opinion.

That made sense no wonder Serefina was so irritated with the mate bond between Raine and Torak.


Days passed and in a blink of an eye, it had been a week since Raine met Torak that night, after that Torak had never returned home again.

Raine was allowed to go to college, but every step that she took, she realized there was couples pair of eyes that followed her every moves.

Not only that. Stephan, who usually would leave her alone with her other friends, now was tailing her like her shadow and only left her alone if she had to go the toilet.

"Stop following me!" Raine complained when Stephan followed her to the canteen to meet with Sunny. "You don't even want to be friend with them!"

The only thing that Stephan did when he joined the small circle of her friends was making sarcastic comments about everything that Sunny said or what Kai did, angered them effortlessly.

"Do you think I want to mingle with human like them if it is not because Raphael has threatened me?!" Stephan also fed up with these threatening things from the Lycan.

"You know where is Torak, right?" Raine made an accusation bitterly, knowing what Stephan's answer would be.

"Do you think, I, an outsider will have known where your Alpha would be when you, as their Luna, don't have any information about that?" Stephan replied in frustration. "How many times I have to tell you this, that I don't know where your mate is."

Raine rubbed her face harshly. She was getting impatient about what she had to do to find where Torak was.

Calleb had been avoiding her, because whenever Raine met him, the only thing that she would say was asking about Torak's whereabouts and Calleb would answer with; he would return soon.

From afar Raine could see Sunny was waving her hand toward her, but when her eyes landed on Stephan, her expression turned unsightly and Raine could only grimace.

She gave Sunny an apologetic gaze for this. "You better shut your mouth!" Raine hissed at Stephan and also glared at him.

This only made the dragon shifter smirked. "Wow, now even you dare enough to threaten me too"

Raine ignored his sarcastic remark and walked toward Sunny and the others.

And once Raine was within Sunny's arm reach, she pulled Raine closed to her. This was a normal gesture that Sunny would do whenever she wanted to talk only to her without letting the other knew about this.

However, this time, there was something different.

For some odd reason, Raine's sight turned blurred and foggy, as if there was white thin smoked covered her eyes.

And then, she saw something at first it wasn't clear enough for Raine to figure out what it was, then gradually the image became more and more livid until it showed like a 3D movie scene right before her eyes.

The images turned out to be Sunny slapped Stephan's face with angry eyes that Raine had never seen before.

For some reason, Sunny was so angry at the shifter as Raine could see her gritting teeth and shaking hand, afterward, she left, fuming mad.


From afar, Raine could hear Sunny's voice, but wasn't she already gone?

Raine felt someone was shaking her arms.

"Raine, are you listening?"

Raine whipped her head to the direction of Sunny's voice and found the girl was looking at her with worried expression.

Sunny was still there

"Hey, I was talking to you, but you don't listen." Sunny pouted.

"I am sorry, but what did you say?" Raine asked absentmindedly, still couldn't comprehend with what images that she has seen just now.

"I was asking why do you always bring him with you? No offense, but no one like him." Sunny pointed Stephan with her chin.