The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 246

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 246 A Harsh Slap

Raine glanced at Stephan who was keeping his eyes on her for the entire time, just like the rest of the hiding Lycans who were ordered to protect her inside this university building, as if Serefina's spell wasn't enough to ward off the unwanted supernatural creatures away from her.

But, the question remained. What the image that Raine had seen earlier? Was that because she was too stress and agitated because she couldn't find any news about Torak, so she started to see things?

Raine wasn't sure because the images were too vivid to be a hallucination. The scene of Sunny was slapping Stephan's face morphed in her head.

"Are you listening?" Sunny waved her hand in front of Raine's face to draw her attention back to her. "Raine!" She cried helplessly.

"Oh, I am sorry." Raine shook her head to clear her mind from that thought. "Ah, ya your question" She mumbled. "You know Torak told him to follow me you know to keep me save sometime Torak could be a little bit paranoid"

Raine stuttered when she had to explain it. That was the best excuse that she could think at this moment of awkwardness.

All the people in this University, strangely knew about Stephan, rumor has it that Stephan's brother was having business relationship with Torak, though Reynold Magnus has several companies, but seemingly Torak appeared to be in control on those Magnus's companies.

And here, his brother, Stephan Magnus was acting like a body guard for Torak's girlfriend.

Many jealous eyes from the college students directed at Raine ever since she entered this University, yet they couldn't do anything about it.

Most of the students here were an heir of their parents line of business, and to offend someone like Torak, who was able to shake the economy of the country, wasn't a good move to start.

That was why, Raine was considerably safe in this University, but that fact didn't make Torak to slack off.

"I don't like him and also the rest of us too." Sunny said sullenly, she tucked her hair behind her ear as she said that, glaring at Stephan one more time.

"I know" Raine said hopelessly. "But, what can I do?"

Sunny mimicked Raine's expression and spoke in defeated tone. "Let's go back before Kai and Stephan fight."

Sunny tugged Raine's arm and together both of them went to the wooden table, the place that the first time Raine was invited to come and now had become their regular spot.

"Come Raine, I have bought sandwich for you!" Stephan said half- heartedly as he patted the place beside him.

The dragon shifter had to perform his best service for Raine, or else those heartless Lycan would complain about him to Raphael.

The last punishment that he received from Raphael, because the shadow warrior managed to meet Raine while he was sleeping in the library, was terrifying. Stephan didn't want to experience it for the second time.

Therefore, though this was so annoying for him, he should keep his eyes on Raine as long as she was in the university's area.

"Sit next to me Raine." Sunny pulled Raine to sit in the empty seat beside her. "You know, you are not welcome here." She hissed under her breath, loud enough to be a whisper.

"What? Do you think I want to sit with the rest of you?" Stephan rolled his eyes as if saying; are you kidding me?

"If you don't like it, go away!" Sunny was very angry because of their last conversation didn't end well, she was at a loss for words.

"Why don't you are the one who go away from Raine? You have been leeching on her long enough." Stephan made a remark.

"Leeching on her?!" This time Sunny stood up and looked at Stephan as if she could swallow him. "Watch your mouth!"

"Raine. We go now." Stephan also stood up and stretched out his hand to grab Raine's wrist, but Sunny had swatted his hand away before he could do that.

"She will stay with us." Sunny said sternly, her eyes didn't leave Stephan's face.

"Don't make trouble and just go." Kai chimed in as he applied mascara on his long eyelashes. "She is not a kid anymore, it's not likely we will hurt her."

"What do you think could harm her? A bug?" Sunny mocked him as she let out a sarcastic laugh.

Instead of being offended, Stephan also laughed along with her.

Cassey, Jammie, Kai and Connor were looking at each other, confused with Stephan's behavior.

"Stop laughing!" Sunny exclaimed, feeling extremely annoyed.

"Okay enough!" Raine also stood up. "Stephan, I think we need to talk." Raine was about to bring Stephan away from there, but the dragon shifter stood still, unfazed.

"No. I am not done with her." Stephan became cheap and wanted to vent out his frustration by picking a fight with Sunny. "Do you think I don't know why you are being friend with her?" He pointed Raine with his chin without averting his eyes from Sunny.

"Do you think I have hidden agenda by being friend with her?!" Sunny's voice rose up a few octaves as she clenched her jaw to suppress her anger.

"Yes, you have." Stephan blurted out. "Do you think I don't know about the condition of your family's company? Don't kidding me" He scoffed.

"What do you mean?" Sunny narrow her eyes, but her voice slightly down.

"The Racoon, your family company, has financial problem and your father has been seeking for cash injection." Stephan raised his eyebrows as his lips curled into a mocking smile when he saw the slight change on Sunny's expression. "Do you think I don't know that Mr. Andoori has been trying to make a connection with Torak Donovan?"

"That's my father problem not mine!" Sunny became hysterical. "I just want to be her friend, that's it!"

"Really?" Stephan smirked. "Isn't you the sole heir of the Andoori family, that troublesome company will be yours one day."

Stephan didn't see it came, but Raine did.

She had seen this before.

The moment when Sunny landed a harsh slap on Stephan's face.