The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 247

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 247 Torak Had Corrupted Her

Cassey, Jammie, Kai and Connor stood up from their seat with worried expression, except Jammie, she still looked callous and didn't even flinch when a harsh slap landed on Stephan's cheeks.

In the other hand, a shock also crossed the dragon shifter's face when he received something that he thought as a humiliation for him.

Raine could sense the shifted of emotion in Stephan, in the way he let out a deep growl at Sunny

This won't be good.

Raine quickly gripped his shoulder firmly to avoid something worse to happen, from the corner of her eyes, she could see a few people laid their eyes on this small commotion. They could be the lycans that Torak had put there to look after her.

It was a good thing too that they were nearby, because if Stephan really lost it, Raine wouldn't be able to stop him.

"Stephan, let's go." Raine whisper- yelled at him as she tugged his body away with all the strength that she has, but Stephan was like a solid stone, couldn't be moved. "Stephan, not here!" Raine hissed.

She glanced at Sunny behind her, the girl was dumbstruck, apparently she didn't realize what she did until it had done.

There was fear crossed in her eyes and she was visibly trembling when Stephan stared her down, but her expression remained stubborn.

Jammie came to her side and said in calm tone. "You don't have to be so angry, all of us really wanted to slap your face for every comment that comes out from your mouth."

Yet, her statement didn't help the situation at all.

As if gained a support, Sunny lifted her chin defiantly and Stephan was livid. This wouldn't be good for him to stay.

Raine was tired to tug the dragon shifter away as she didn't have the strength, instead, she stood firmly in front of him, within his line of sight and warned him firmly. "Go! Now!"

This time, Stephan slightly shifted his gaze from Sunny and clenched his jaw tightly before he decided to follow Raine's order and turned around, stomped away with grumbled.

Raine couldn't let him alone, so she proceeded to follow him when Sunny's voice called her name.

"Raine I didn't" She tried to explain, but for now Raine needed to do something else.

"We will talk about this later... don't worry." Raine said and raced toward Stephan's direction.

And now, when Raine ran toward Stephan's direction, she could feel many pairs of eyes staring at her from different direction, yet Raine ignored them, as she knew they were the lycans.

Maybe they were worried because Raine was running straight to the incensed dragon shifter and afraid something would happen to her.

Raine was out of breath when she managed to catch up with Stephan right in front of the library and held his elbow to stop him.

"What?!" Stephan snarled and startled her.

"Why did you shout at me?" Raine frowned, didn't like the way Stephan talked to her. "I am not going to say that what she did was the right thing, but your comments were so offensive." She tried to make Stephan saw her standpoint.

Stephan sighed and raised his arms. "Listen, I don't want to talk about this. I have my own problem also, so if I have to follow you around, it will only upset me."

"Then don't." Raine felt offended, she had never asked him to tail behind her. "Don't follow me then."

Stephan scoffed resentfully. "It is easy for you to say that, but I will be very glad if your mate stops pressuring my older brother."

"What do you mean?" Raine knew about Stephan's older brother, Reynold, she had been in their house before and from what she knew, Torak attacked Reynold because he had killed one of the lycan in his pack that resulted the harassment that she received when the first time Raine arrived in the pack house.

And that also led to Torak's cruel action to squeeze out the lycan's life right before her eyes. Raine wouldn't forget that moment.

"Oh, you really know nothing." Stephan mocked her as he crossed his arms in front of his body. "I forgot the fact that you don't even know where your mate is."

Raine raised her eyebrows, Stephan's words would be going too far if she didn't stop him. It seemed, he wasn't satisfied yet to make Sunny angry and now he wanted to anger her as well.

"Stop whining like a baby." Raine remarked. "Whatever Torak did to your brother, it has nothing to do with me, so what is your point from attacking me with your words?"

Raine could hear the sound of Stephan's teeth clenching.

They stared for each other for like eternity and no one willing to back down, not even Raine. Sometime, in rare occasion she could be so stubborn and didn't want to yield.

"Alright!" Stephan threw his hands up. "This depressing matter really had taken a toll on me."

Only then Raine's expression slightly softened and leaned her back against the wall as if tired after the staring contest.

Following Raine's gesture, Stephan leaned his back and sat down on the floor.

"Torak has been threatening our species you know" Stephan started to talk.

Fortunately there were not many people that passing by in the corridor to the library, so they could have their conversation without being afraid of someone would overhear this.

Raine nodded. "His title required him to do that in some certain point of a situation."

"Are you trying to speak up for your Alpha?" Stephan sneered at her. He didn't need another person to stand up for that cruel Lycan.

"I am not" Raine contemplated. "But I had come to understanding, which in some moment in our life we need to use unacceptable measure to make our intention be understood to the other party."

Stephan glanced at the girl beside him with bizarre gaze.

"What?" Raine raised her eyebrows when she felt Stephan's eyes lingered on her for long time.

"I don't believe it you will say something like that." He shook his head, remembered the girl who hid behind the Alpha's back. "Torak really had corrupted you."

"Oh, I miss him." Raine sighed.