The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 248

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 248 Interesting..

"Are you not trying to look for him?" Stephan asked when he watched Raine's defeated expression.

"Of course, I did." Raine mumbled, annoyed by Stephan's question.

It was so obvious. Did he really need to ask that?

"So?" Stephan raised his brows, asking for the result of Raine's effort. "Not even a single clue?"

"Do you think I will keep asking you if I can find the answer elsewhere? I will not so desperate to ask you, which obviously, know nothing about this if I can find a clue." Raine chastised Stephan, her lips pouted sullenly.

"Maybe you don't use your status as the Luna?" Stephan mumbled. "They will not be able to say 'no' to their Luna." He suggested offhandedly.

Raine looked at him questioningly, asking for the dragon shifter to explain it further.

"What?" Stephan frowned when he received that gaze. "Oh, please don't tell me that you don't know about this!" He slapped his forehead.

"Know about what?" Raine carefully asked.

"You are the Alpha's mate, the Luna. Of course you are holding the same authority as the Alpha." Stephan gazed at Raine helpless. "You are under one Lycan, but above millions." He concluded.

Raine thought about that seriously. She had never thought that way before.

Stephan glanced at the spot on Raine's neck that covered with her long hair. "Especially if he had marked you. You should be able to feel him." He added, retracted his gaze just in time when Raine looked at him worriedly.

"But, he had not marked me yet" Raine muttered sheepishly. She thought it was fine to say this kind of thing to Stephan. She didn't aware of the danger which was lurking on her for someone to hold this information.

"He had not marked you?" Stephan whipped his head and looked at Raine in disbelief. "Are you sure that you are his mate?"

Stephan's question sounded so rude, thus Raine gave him a good slap on the back of his head, just like what Raphael always did to Calleb, every time the Gamma made silly remark.

"Why did you slap me!?" Stephan growled as he rubbed his head, it wasn't really harmful, but it was still a slap nonetheless.

"You are talking nonsense!" Raine grumbled, her mood turned sour with Calleb's comment. Now she could feel how Sunny and Kai feeling every time Stephan was around.

"He didn't mark you, you don't have the same authority like him and now he didn't even tell you where he was going?" Stephan listed the obvious problem.

"Ugh! I can't talk with you!" Raine was extremely annoyed because Stephan had pointed out her foremost insecurities.

"Where are you going?" Stephan abruptly stood up when Raine walked away.

"I want to go home! If you want to keep pestering me, you better keep distance from me!" Raine warned him, turned her head and glared before she stomped to the aisle.

Stephan was surprised by Raine's hostility, but he still followed her to the entrance gates and watched as Raine called for the driver to pick her up.

Stephan's words must have affected her until she skipped two of her last classes today and chose to go home early.

Raine needed to wait for twenty minutes before the chauffeur came and picked her up ahead of the schedule time.

During that time, she was only sitting alone near the entrance gates while Stephan was standing in the distance, seeing his surrounding and how those people showed various expressions toward Raine, but jealous was the most common feeling that they had for her.

After a red sport car stopped at the entrance gates, Raine walked over and entered before the car sped away.

Only when the Raine and the car had gone, Stephan turned around and walked back to his class.

His duty had done once Raine left the university area, whatever happened to her out of here wasn't his responsibility at all.

The class was so empty because it wasn't the time yet for the next lesson.

Stephan looked at his watch that showed it was still two hours more before the next class, so it was the same amount of time for him to fall asleep.

When he just rested his head on the table and ready to close his eyes, he frowned and mumbled.

"There are many lycans around me, how can you just appear as you like?" The upset tone in his voice couldn't be concealed.

After he said that, inside the initially empty class, there was a snicker that echoed softly through the wall, as a man appeared right before Stephan's eyes, sitting on the table where he was resting his head.

"Keep doing this if you really wanted to be exposed so badly." Stephan grumbled as he lifted his head from the table and instead leaned his back against the wall behind him.

"I saw you are doing your part smoothly by encouraging the little Luna." That man said indifferently as his golden eyes stared at the young dragon shifter.

"I am good at it." Stephan stared at the man golden eyes. He hated the fact that he had to do this.

"Good, now surprise me with what you got from her." The devil was sitting on the table, crossed his legs.

"Why don't you tell me first, when will you free our dragon female?" Stephan asked defiantly.

He had to risk his life by deceiving the Alpha to get their last female, which was Reynold's mate, who was held hostage by Lucifer.

"Don't worry, I will set her free when the time comes." Lucifer smirked.

But Stephan was fed up by his words as he stood up abruptly, too irritated to even have a conversation with the devil.

"I will let Reynold to meet her." Lucifer offered lazily, zeroed his attention on his well trimmed finger nails, instead of the fuming dragon shifter. "Now tell me."

Stephan halted his step and took a deep breath to suppress his anger before he spoke through his gritted teeth. "Torak had gone missing for a week and yes, just like what you said, the Alpha has not marked her yet."

Upon hearing that, Lucifer's lips curled into a devilish smirk. "Interesting"