The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 25 Furious

Torak's roar was full with authority and demanded an answer that Raine couldn't find a way to give it to him as her head was racing with the thought of run away from him.

He was mad, incensed actually and she was afraid of his outburst. He wasn't like any other person that she had ever met. No, Raine wasn't even sure if he was a person.

Just what kind of creature was him? And what he would do if he was in rage?

The man before her eyes reeked of authority and dominance that made her uncomfortable, in spite it gave her the strange feeling of safety, the feeling of fear came in the same way.

Raine tried to wriggle her hand away from Torak's tight grip, but only earned a low growled as a respond. He folded up her another sleeves and watched in fury on his eyes when it was the same as her another arms.

The image that was displayed in his eyes was; both Raine's hand suffered with small black dots littered on her pale skin, it was marks of how many times they had tried to inject her.

The dress that Torak had given to her would reveal all of these ugly scars, there was no way Raine could wear it.

Three years being in the mental hospital left her with rough days, especially when people there knew if she was admitted not because her foster parents wanted to fix her, but they wanted to get rid of her because they had done with her madness and frenzy.

When she was scared to death because there was creatures that she didn't know what they were, wanted to take her and killed her, usually she would blow a fuse and screamed like there was no tomorrow until the other creatures left her alone.

Somehow, they would runaway with pain on their expression that Raine didn't know why, but didn't want to know the reason as well.

For those nurses and people in the mental hospital the easiest way to deal with her was to sedate her. It was always working every time, but the constant injection left her with scars.

Some of them weren't scars from the injection, but there was a male nurse who liked to burn her arms with cigarette.

The time she turned mute and knew no one would believe her, he started this habit to entertain his boring working hours.

He was mentally sick.

He enjoyed the pain expression on Raine's face when she couldn't voice a single word of protest when he did that.

And no one care enough to look over at her unnecessary extra wound, not even her foster parents. They had never come when Raine was still there in the second years. She didn't have any progress and her foster parents abandoned her.

Torak knew nothing about this. But the moment he laid his eyes on scars that marred her arms, he knew something totally went wrong when she was there.


His Alpha's voice rung on Raphael head and made the poor Lycan needed to halt his step by the ominous that laced in his voice.

[Yes Alpha.] Raphael couldn't help but gave him the utmost respect.

[Find out what had happened to my mate when she was in the mental hospital! I want every record about her treatment there and every single detail about it! Did I make myself clear?!]

[Yes Alpha.]

And with that the line was cut harshly.

Torak mustered every single fiber in his body to subdue his furious beast, his darker desire that demanding blood at that moment. He had been living hundreds of years to master a control over his wolf.

He wouldn't let loose now, not when he was with his trembling mate.

The goddess of moon was so cruel at him with her way right now. It wasn't salvation for his decaying soul, it was a challenge for his monstrous side.

Selene didn't only give him the most physically weak spirit, but the goddess also bestowed trauma into his case.

The fear in Raine's eyes broke his rotten soul and to be aware that he was the one who caused it ripped his heart apart.

Ignoring her protest and attempt to be anywhere except with him now, Torak pulled Rained closed to him. He was too strong for Raine to put up a fight.

His hand was in her waist while his other hand was on her shoulder, made him imaginably close. He put his head on the curved of her neck, inhaled deeply into her scent, the only thing that could calm him and the only convincing evidence that she was here with him at this very moment.

"I am sorry, I scared you" Torak murmured in her neck, hiding his rage and his bloody eyes. He had never been in this state of anguish in these past decades, being alive for centuries, had him immune with trouble and made him less care with his surroundings.

However, with Raine was in his arms and the spark erupted between them along with the warm tingling feeling engulfed their proximity, had offer all the calm that both of them needed.

Unexpectedly, Raine small hands patted his back as a form of comfort. She was still slightly trembling by Torak sudden outburst, but she knew that he didn't mean to be mean to her. With that small endearing gestured, his beast purred with content.

His mate was trying to appease him. Her small hand caressed his back soothingly.

No matter how comfort he was, Torak still remembered the important task that he needed to do, reluctantly he pushed himself away from her, but not before he gave Raine a small kissed on her neck that turned her frozen.

Chuckling, he said with lighter mood. "You need to eat." And with that he ushered both of them out of the bedroom.