The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 252

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 252 The Explosion

"Drive the car!" This time Raine yelled anxiously. She glared at the other lycan.

There were three entrance gates of Torak's building and the nearest was on their left, but based on what Raine remembered, Calleb would appear at the middle entrances, where there were many reporters were still staying there.

"Go to the middle entrance!" Raine pointed at the direction a bit far from them.

"But, Luna isn't it better if we take the left?" Asked Mark, confused. He glanced at his left side and then swift his sight to the middle entrance.

In his opinion, of course it would be safer if they took the left side instead of went through a lot of reporters to go to the middle entrance.

But, Raine insisted for them to take the middle entrance.

"Hold on." Mark growled, he couldn't decide yet about which direction they should take and this made Raine infuriated.

At time like this, Mark made a call and the other person picked up the phone almost immediately.

"Beta Raphael, I am with Luna and we are surrounded by " Mark didn't have a chance to finish his sentence when Raphael cut him.

"I know. Our people are on their way to you." Raphael said in black mood. "How is Luna?"

"The Luna is fine" Mark glanced at Raine.

"Give the phone to me!" Raine was exasperated as she snatched the phone from Mark's hand. "Raph?" Raine's impatient voice could be heard.

"Raine." Raphael called her name to calm her down, he thought the way Raine spoke now was the result of her fear, this also made Raphael restless to know that his Luna was in dangerous situation. "It's okay, you will be alright, Calleb is on his way toward you."

"I know!" Raine cut him off. "He will come from the middle entrance! Just tell him to clear the area, we will go through!"

"I got it!" Though Raphael was puzzled with Raine's commanding tone, but he complied anyway.

"The Gamma will come from the middle entrance?" The other lycan muttered. How did the Luna know?

They were a bit too far from the entrance, so they were not able to mind- link Calleb to know his position and the reinforcement.

At the same time, Mark cursed loudly when he looked at his right side. "Oh, sh*t!!!"

Raine whipped her head just in time when she watched in horror, the same scene of someone poured a bucket of fuel on the car.

She had seen this.

No way! Even after she turned back time, the same thing would happen again?!

"Move now!!!" Mark roared to the other lycan, this time, he was the one who stepped in the acceleration.

The car hurled forward abruptly and the sudden move caught Raine out of guard as she was thrown back to her seat.

"Go to the middle entrance!" Mark ordered the other lycan, apparently he had seen Calleb and bunch of security guard who came with him, were trying to chase away the reporters from the main entrance.

Raine rubbed her head which accidentally hit the back of the seat.

This chaotic situation was so strange. Those reporters looked like they were possessed by something and resulted this brutal action.

Mere human wouldn't do such thing only to get news, their intention was so clear that they wanted to kill them.

However, who is the person behind all of this? The devil? That was the first thing that came across Raine's mind when she thought about the possibility of the perpetrators.

They were a few meter away from the entrance and calleb and the securities had managed to drive most of the people there away, leaving an opening for their car to get in.

However, when Raine turned her head when the other man chased after them and lit a match as he threw it to the car.

The fire glided smoothly on the surface of the ground because of the stream of fuel that was left behind the car.

The fire moved very fast as if it was a creature, which chasing after it prey, before the flame licked the back of the car.

"Mark!" Raine exclaimed when she watched in horror at the fire that had reached their car. "We need to get out from here!"

The car sped toward the entrance with fire tailed behind.

Once they securely passed the entrance, the gates were closed to prevent those crazy people from trespassing the area.

And then, the car came to stop as the Lycan hit the brake and made Raine hit her head again, yet before she could gain her focus as the pain crept down from her head and made her dizzy, someone had pulled her out of the car.

At the same time, Raine could feel she was being covered with someone bulky body as he pressed her head against his sturdy chest before she could hear an ear- piercing sound of the explosion.

The blow sent them a few steps back.

Fortunately, whoever this person, he had a strong grip and steady feet, so they didn't tumble down on the ground.

Raine's ears rung painfully, for a moment she couldn't hear any other voices except the ringing sound that banging her head, this made her felt dizzy.

Raine knew that the car had exploded, but her mind didn't work fast enough to comprehend her condition now and what exactly had happened afterward.

But, before the ringing in her ears stopped, someone had grabbed her body away from the first person who had protected her from the blow of the explosion.

Raine forced herself to open her eyes and as the first of light caught her vision, she could see blurry image of her surroundings.

It was Calleb who was holding her and talked something to her, but Raine could hear nothing because of the ringing sound in her ears.

And the second sight made Raine terrified.

On the ground, a man, who Raine recognized as Mark because of the remaining jacket on his body, laid motionlessly with the fire still burning on his back.