The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 253

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 253 I Won't Leave Until I Get What I Want

"Don't look." Calleb said as he pressed Raine's head against his chest to cover her sight from a dreadful scene in front of her.

Yet, Raine was too shock to even give a respond as her body trembling in fear.

Is he died?

That was the only question, which she kept asking in her head among the ringing sound that gradually decreased.

Calleb's worried voice was the first thing that she heard in the midst of clamor.

"Raine, can you walk?" Calleb asked as he watched Raphael and Serefina were running toward their direction.

Raine closed her eyes and nodded.

"Let's go." Calleb said as he turned Raine's body and grabbed her hand to walk away from the entrance gates.

There were many spectators holding their breath and stood, as far away as they could, but still kept the distance close enough for them to witness everything.

"Raine" Raphael dr.a.p.ed a blanket on Raine's shoulder as he pulled her into his embrace and carried her in his arms so they could walk faster to go to Torak's office.

Raine still could hear the last explosion from the car, sounded dull and less appalling than the first one.


"I don't believe it they took that entrance instead here ck!" Andromalius clicked his tongue, annoyed because his prediction missed. The snake in Adromalius hand slithered down his body.

He just watched how the car that consisted with the guardian angel and the lycans, ran passed the nearby entrance and sped to the other.

"Only if they went here, I have surprised for them." Andromalius smirked as he caressed his snake's head. "Are you sure Torak has disappear for days?"

Lucifer closed his eyes when he heard a loud explosion sound from afar. "Hmm." He said, enjoying what he was hearing.

"Where did he go?" Andromalius was curious, it had never happened before; an Alpha went missing.

"I don't know." Lucifer shrugged his shoulder. "Even his mate is desperate to know too."

Andromalius's eyebrows creased as he frowned. "Maybe he took the brunt because of your last battle?" He tried to make a guess.

"I did feel something was wrong with him during our battle" Lucifer murmured as he strode away from there.

"But, he is the Alpha, he will not so weak to be beaten up by you only for a short fight like that, right?" Andromalius still couldn't understand the situation. "Hey! Lucifer! You know something, right?!"

The devil after that chased after the devil and then disappeared for the sight.


Serefina handed a glass of warm water to Raine and sat down next to Raine while Calleb and Raphael were sitting across from them.

"Why are you here Raine?" Raphael asked, he was shock when he knew Raine was surrounded by those people, she should be at home, because there was something wrong with them that he couldn't tell what. "You shouldn't go roaming around carelessly like this."

Because of his anxiousness, his tone a bit harsh when he talked to Raine.

Calleb, who realized that Raphael had gone a little bit overboard, elbowed his arms and made a face, which told him he shouldn't speak that way.

"Listen Raine" Raphael sigh a deep breath.

"No. You listen to me." Raine put down the glass in her hand on the table, despite her trembling hands, her voice was steady as she looked at Raphael impassively. "Tell me now where is Torak."

Raphael was caught out of guard by Raine's behavior and the way she looked at him.

"Raine, Torak will meet you eventually, but not now." Raphael replied calmly, the same answer that he had given her every time she asked about Torak.

"I want to meet him now." Raine said with no room to negotiate. She was fed- up with Raphael's excuses that she couldn't meet Torak for the meantime, yet he didn't provide her with reasonable reason.

"You can't meet him now Raine. You know that, I have told you many times." Raphael held Raine's gaze with unperturbed attitude. "Stop asking the same question and Torak will meet you soon."

"Stop gives me the same answer and start to tell me the reason behind Torak's disappearance." Raine retorted.

From the side Serefina leaned her back against the backseat as she rested her elbow on the armrest, a smirk of approvement on her face when she heard Raine's rebuttal, as if she was enjoying the show.

"Raine" Raphael once again let out a helpless sigh, he had been avoiding her lately because he didn't want to answer this. "I will ask Calleb to take you home once the situation outside is under control."

"I will not go anywhere unless you take me to Torak." Raine said determinedly. She glared at Raphael and folded her arms stubbornly.

"Raine, you don't understand the situation." Raphael said tiredly, he had been handling a lot of things in Torak absent and now he didn't think, he could handle Raine's demand as well.

"Explain it to me then. Make me understand." Raine was resolute to find out the answer and she wouldn't go anywhere without getting what she wanted.

"Raine, you make things difficult." Raphael tried to sound like he was angry, yet Raine unyielding.

"I will make things more difficult for you if you keep doing this to me." Raine was dead- set with her demand.

Beside her, Raine could hear Serefina's chuckle and knew immediately that the witch was in her side.

Upon hearing Serefina's chuckle, Raphael threw her a glare which returned with a shrug. "What? You know I disagree with your Alpha's decision regarding this matter."

Sometime Raine was confused whether she hated the witch or not, but at time like this, she was grateful that Serefina didn't oppose her.

"What?" Calleb shrunk in his seat. "As awful as it sounds, but I agree with the witch." He blurted out when he got his turn to receive Raphael's glare.

"What do you mean awful?" Serefina was offended by Calleb statement.

"You know, I don't really like to agree with you." Calleb replied sullenly. "But, our opinion is the same."

"Make your own opinion!" Serefina growled at him.