The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 254

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 254 Raine Was Fed Up With Those Words

"Okey, enough!" Raine wasn't in the mood to hear Calleb and Serefina's squabble. "If you don't agree with Torak's decision, then why don't you tell me where he is?"

Raine shot a dagger- look at Calleb.

From across the seat, Calleb raised both of his hand in defeated manner. "I am obliged to obey my Alpha's order, though I disagreed, I still can't tell you about this as it will against the Alpha's will."

As a Gamma, he bound to follow every order of his Alpha, especially the direct one.

"Serefina, why don't you tell me?" Raine directed her demand at the witch. If the Lycans had to follow Torak's order, Serefina didn't have to do that. She wasn't a lycan and part of the pack after all.

"Why should I?" Serefina looked at Raine incredulously. "Regardless I will not get any consequences from revealing Torak's whereabouts, but I keep my words to not tell anything about it."

Raine really wanted to hit her head against the wall out of frustration for facing people like them.

Gritting her teeth, Raine lowered her head, she needed to do something, but what? What she could do to make them open their golden mouth and let her to meet Torak.

What she could do?!

This situation was irritated Raine and made her felt useless. The fact that she was indeed useless until Torak needed to order them to keep her away from him instead of letting her knew and helped him, depressed her even further.

Raphael stood up and walked toward the floor to the ceiling window, staring down at the parking lot where the dreadful incident had occurred.

Police cars, ambulance and fire truck had gathered there and crowd slowly dispersed, the only people who left were only those reporters and a few curious spectators.

Raphael had told his man to handle the situation for the meantime, arrested those reporters and sued their media.

He had notified Jared to handle the media's issue and the news that would circulate online about this, to not let unnecessary information pop up.

This would only add another line of work for Raphael and would consume his time.

"Raine, I think you should go before the police come to see you. Remember. You are not involved in this incident." Raphael stated.

"How can I not be involved? There were a lot of people there who saw me came out from the burning car." Raine protested.

"Don't worry. I will handle that." Raphael dismissed Raine's assertion. "It will not good for you if you received too much exposure. Just focus on your study."

Beside Raine, Serefina sneered at Raphael's statement and rolled her eyes to show her discontent. "What a good way to protect her" She said in mocking tone. "Why don't you just tie her on her bed, so she will not roaming around and create another troublesome incident like this?"

"Thank you for your suggestion, Serefina." Raine said sarcastically. "But, I don't need that."

"You are most welcome, dear." Serefina answered Raine with the same tone. "I just voiced out what was in my mind."

Raphael stepped away from the window and picked up a phone call. "Yes. I got it send them here in ten minutes."

Raine was still thinking the way to get information about Torak when Raphael faced her and said; "You have to go with Calleb now, the police will come." After saying that, Raphael threw a car key toward Calleb. "Use the north exit because the police will come through the private elevator."

Raine's eyes blazed with anger that she felt because her demand was being disregarded again and again. She stood up to gather her bearing as she glared at Raphael viciously.

"I am not going anywhere Raphael. Not until you bring me to Torak." Raine's voice was so firma as there was not a tinge of warmth inside it.

Raine didn't seem fazed and stared at Raphael with intense gaze. This wasn't the first time for them to see Raine was angry, but this was the first time for them to feel her wrath.

"Raine, you have to understand the situation." Raphael tried to persuade her, but she was dead- set with her request.

"What kind of situation? I will not be here and was attacked by those brutal people out there, if it isn't because of you, who keep Torak's whereabouts a secret! This chaotic situation will not happen if you just let me know where is Torak and what happened to him until he doesn't want to see me!?" Raine bellowed in fit of rage.

"Raine" Raphael was speechless while Calleb and Serefina didn't want to interfere in this matter.

But Raine didn't allow Raphael to talk, she was furious to say the least.

"Shut up!" Raine shouted from across the room to Raphael. "Do you think I am just a trouble for you?"

She was offended when Raphael said she didn't need to involve in this matter when it was her life that was in danger an hour ago.

Raine even forgot about the thing that had happened inside the car about how the time ticking to the opposite direction.

They wanted to protect her by keeping her in the dark and just like what Serefina had implied, though Raine hated to admit that she was right, it didn't help her to grow strong and be responsible enough for herself.

"I don't think of you like that, Raine." Raphael kept trying to persuade her. "But, you will be in more trouble if you are exposed to the media about this incident. It has been hard enough to protect you since you stepped out and announced your relationship with Torak."

Raphael tried to make Raine felt a little bit guilty about this because she had made everyone was having a hard time and implied that it was best for her to keep away from the trouble. He didn't mean to belittle her effort all this time, but he needed to do this to stop Raine from asking about Torak.

Little did he know, Raine was fed up with those words.