The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 255

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 255 Raine's Dissapointment

"So, it's hard to protect me?" Raine said snidely, she gave Raphael a side look before she turned around to walk out of the office. "If you find it hard to protect me then don't do it." She stated icily.

Raphael was speechless, he didn't know since when it became difficult to deal with Raine. She has changed a lot.

"Where are you going?" Raphael asked with a frown when he watched Raine went out of the room, it would be good if she followed Raphael's order to go home with Calleb through the north exit, but he doubted that was what she would do now.

Raine was too incensed to answer him and just walked away without looking back.

It was Calleb who ran after her. "I will try to persuade her, well but, I am not promise." He murmured when he walked past Raphael.

Calleb managed to catch up to her when she just entered the elevator, the Gamma needed to risk his hand when he tried to stop the metal door from closing in.

"Raine! I almost lost my hand!" Calleb yelled and cradled his hand dramatically when he entered the same elevator as her. "You don't even try to hold the door."

Raine didn't even give any reaction to Calleb clumsy jokes, she folded her hands in front of her chest while her expression was devoid from any emotions.

"You know how strict Raphael is he follows the Alpha's order." Calleb shook his head. "No, in fact, it's very hard to disobey an Alpha's order. It feels like you are against your nature."

Calleb glanced at Raine, who still didn't give any reaction. He sighed helplessly. It became harder and harder to talk with stubborn Raine.

Why her attitude more and more like Torak?

The elevator opened when they reached the first floor with a soft sound.

As soon as the metal door opened, Raine stepped out without even looking at Calleb. She took her right and walked straight to the lobby.

At that moment, Calleb knew that Raine was up to something. "Raine, the north exit is in the opposite direction." Calleb informed her because they were told to take the north exit to go out of the building.

Just like before, there was no respond from Raine as she strode across the lobby and received many greetings from the staffs, who walked past her, yet none of them was responded by Raine.

"Raine, where are you going?" With Calleb's long legs, it was easy to catch up with her pace. "Raine!" He grabbed her hand to stop her from walking straight to the lobby door, where many people where there, police, firefighter, staffs and another media.

The news of today event surely would shake the entire city once again, just like how Torak announced Raine as his woman.

It was a good thing that Raine had come to age where she was considered an a.d.u.l.t. So they couldn't attack them with Raine's young age, they still talked about the gaping age between the two of them.

"If you don't want to tell me where Torak is, fine!" Raine snapped at Calleb. "I will find him!"

Calleb shook his head. "Raine, the Alpha is not in the place where you can find it easily." He lowered his voice because of the people around them. "Let's go home first."

Raine swatted Calleb's hand away from her as she glared viciously. "Don't you hear what I said? I will not go back until I find where Torak is and what happened to him."

"Raine" Calleb wanted to say something, but Raine cut him off icily.

"Am I your Luna or I just Torak's mate?" She asked in deep voice.

Calleb frowned, he didn't know why Raine asked him that question. "Of course you are the Alpha's mate, it makes you a Luna."

Raine bit her lips, just like what she thought. She was the Alpha's mate, not the Luna of the pack.

The thought of her that came to their mind was as Torak's woman first, not as someone who was equal to the Alpha.

Hence, they would respect her as Torak's woman, but the title of Luna was only an honor for her to be Torak's mate, not something that had a specific or significant importance for them.

Even Calleb and Raphael thought that way

Raine had to admit that Serefina's harsh words proved to be true. No one in the pack would look at her, because the one that they looked was someone behind her.

In the past, it didn't bother Raine at all, in the past, not to mention to make other people respected her, she was even very grateful if they didn't try to hurt her.

However, when Raine came to terms that she wanted to be with Torak and how she felt being loved by someone so much until she wanted to do everything to be able to be with him, she realized she was no longer could stand by and let herself be protected continuously.

Torak was one of the strongest creature, but that fact didn't stop his enemies to attack him relentlessly, they would try to find his weakness and the sole weakness that Torak had was Raine.

His mate.

Raine didn't want to be Torak's weakness point, thus she determined to get stronger and after what she had gone through and all of her effort to push herself to be the better version of her, apparently it wasn't enough.

Now, the way they didn't take her and her words seriously, upset her greatly. She just wanted to meet with Torak and to know what happened to him.

And the more they tried to hide this matter from her, the more Raine became anxious. Raphael and Calleb's attitude was only aggravated her further.

"If you think of me as your Luna, tell me where is Torak." Raine didn't hold much hope in her words, she had been asking the same thing with no avail in different sentences.

"I am sorry, I can't" Calleb looked apologetically, he stretched out his hand to take Raine's hand, but once again Raine refused to be touched.

And then it happened.