The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 256

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 256 What Have You Done To Torak?

The moment Raine's skin made a contact with Calleb, she saw the same image like what she had seen when she touched Sunny this afternoon.

The blurry image of something or someone?

At first, Raine couldn't make the outline of the image and was having a hard time to figure out what was that, but since this had happened before, this time, Raine wasn't as panic as the first one.

She waited until that images gradually materialized into shape and the color was being apparent to see.

Raine thought it was a shape of a bear white bear however, once that image fell into her sight vividly, she knew an instant what was that

At the same time Raine could hear an ears- piercing scream, the sound of it was so painful until Raine had to cover both of her ears so she couldn't hear it, because for some reason she felt her heart tugged ruthlessly when she heard that.

Only when she felt someone shook her body, Raine realized it was her own voice, she was the one who was screaming until her throat was dry.

"Raine, what happen!?" Calleb's panic voice gradually registered to her mind as she hyperventilated.

Many people who were in the lobby was alarmed by Raine sudden outburst, they zeroed their attention on her and couldn't get it why suddenly their future lady boss was screaming out of nowhere.

"Raine, let's get away from here." Calleb glanced at the staff around them and felt this wouldn't be good if they stayed.

Calleb helped Raine to walk to the nearest room as she was stumbled a couple of time and Calleb couldn't casually carry her away. It was fine if there was only their kind, they knew Raine and his position, but in human eyes it would create another stupid rumor.

[Raph, come down here.] Calleb mind linked the Beta. [Bring Serefina with you.]

[What happened? I am talking with the police now.] Raphael replied almost immediately, but his voice laced with worry, as if he had expected Raine would do something about meeting Torak.

[Let the other person to handle that. Raine suddenly just had an outburst and I don't know how to handle her. She has panic attack at the moment.] Calleb tried to explain their condition.

As Calleb was about to enter the nearby empty room, he talked to one of the female staff. "Bring me a glass of warm water and don't let anyone enter this room."

"Yes, Mr. Watson." She nodded her head and went to get a glass of water from the pantry.

[Serefina is on the way there, I will go after I talk with the police.] Raphael said and cut the mind link.

Calleb pushed the door open and help Raine to sit down on one of the chair inside the room. This was a small meeting room with six chairs and a round table in the middle, the dominant color in this room was grey that exuded coldness.

Raine had stopped whimpering, but she hugged her trembling body with tears brimming on her eyes.

Calleb took a seat in front of her and looked at her with worry, he was afraid Raine would have a mental breakdown, but the problem was; he didn't know what that trigger Raine's sudden outburst.

"Raine what was going on?" Calleb patted Raine's shoulder. He tried to remember what he had said before Raine let out an ear- piercing scream.

Yet, Calleb couldn't remember something that triggered her. The last thing that he said to her was his rejection to let her know where Torak was.

Rained sniffled and rubbed her tears roughly from her face, she wanted to say something, but her voice choked on her sobs.

Calleb pulled her into his warm embrace and caressed her back to calm her down.

At the same time, a woman who he had asked to bring a glass of warm water came inside the room without even knocking the door.

This, of course, startled not only Calleb but also the woman as well.

Calleb could see the look in her eyes that indicated she had a wrong idea about the situation that she witnessed.

In the eyes of outsiders, Calleb was nothing but Torak's one of trusted man, but surely he couldn't be compared with Raphael.

However now, he was hugging Torak Donovan's woman, who was crying, as he tried to soothe her emotion by caressing her back. Wasn't that too intimate for someone with status like Calleb?

Calleb sighed helplessly, another drama was on its way.

He knew how those human's curiosity would lead them to jump into wrong conclusion and judged the situation based on what they saw.

But, Calleb didn't have time for it now. "Put the glass on the table and go."

"Ah, yes" The woman snapped back from her initial shock and hurriedly put the glass down on the table before she left both of them behind the close door.

She glanced with furrowed brows for the last time at the closed door before she left.

Inside the room.

Raine was receiving the warm water and gulped it down until it only half. She looked slightly calm after that.

Yet, the moment she stared at Calleb it wasn't a pitiful gaze, but the hateful one. Calleb was caught out of guard when he received that kind of eyes from Raine.

What did he do wrong that made her look at him with hatred?

"Raine?" Calleb swallowed his salive.

A moment ago, they were having a fine argument about Torak's whereabouts, but then Raine suddenly screamed on the top of her lungs that terrified Calleb, after that she cried painfully as if something really bad had happened, and now she glared at him with hatred.

"Why are you giving me that look?" Calleb asked, puzzled.

Right, he was right when he thought; recently, Raine resembled Torak a lot when she got angry, in 'softer' version of course.

But, it still sent fear down Calleb's spine when he looked into those obsidian eyes.

"What have you done to Torak!?" Raine asked through her gritted teeth.