The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 257

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 257 A White Lycan Bound In Chains

"What?" Calleb blinked his eyes couple of time, unsure about what Raine asked him. "What do you mean? What have I done?" He was at lost.

Not long after that, before Raine could talk further, someone opened the door and Serefina appeared from behind the door.

This time, Raine's vicious eyes shifted toward the witch. "You know it, right?!"

"What?" Serefina looked at Calleb, asking the unspoken question about what was going on and what Raine meant by her question.

"What have you done to Torak?!" Raine screamed furiously because they were still pretending that they knew nothing.

Calleb was still trying to comprehend with Raine's unending question while Serefina, seemingly, had caught on something.

"Did you see something?" Serefina narrowed her eyes as she stared right into Raine's fierce one.

"I saw him." Raine's voice was trembling because of the emotion that she tried hard to suppress.

"Him? Do you mean Torak?" Serefina clenched her jaw tightly, her question slightly sounded strain.

"Yes." The tensed of the atmosphere was hard to ignore at this moment. Raine opened and shut her mouth continuously until she recited to Serefina and Calleb about what she had seen the moment she touched the Gamma earlier.

There was a howl. An inhuman howl. The sound was low and ragged and full of pain.

It was a cool, damp room. That place was almost like a prison.

Gazing into the darkness, she could feel someone held her by her shoulder and when she lifted her head to see who it was; the familiar eyes stared back at her, it was Calleb, he whispered something to Raien's ear. "Don't worry."

Though Calleb said that, but Raine could feel the hand that held her shoulder tightened.

Calleb guided her as they desended the stairs. She moved slower now, more cautious. When she reached the bottom of the staircase, a faint light flickered.

To her horror, Raine found herself staring down a hallway of old forgotten jail cells. This place had been a prison once.

The same sound. The same deep growl emanated from one of the cells, overwhelming her with fear.

The growl was followed by a sorrowful whine. Raine felt the urge to run, but the hand that held her shoulder prevented her from doing so.

As Calleb pushed open the door, that was when Raine saw him.

A white Lycan bound in chains.

His white fur stained with dirt and blood as he was trying hard to free himself from this wretch place.

He stood on his hind legs with broad shoulders and sharp, lengthy canines protruding from his gums. Coiled around his body were dozens of metal chains, bolted to the wall.

The white Lycan wanted to move toward her, but the shackles wouldn't let him.

The white Lycan yelped as if he were a pup in the sight of Raine

And the sight killed her

"What you have done to him?" A tear fell from Raine's cheeks with the thought of the white Lycan that was shackled to the wall and the way he looked at her. "You torture him."

Was he asking for help?

Did Torak need her now?

Was he in danger?

Unanswered questions roamed around Raine's head, giving her nothing but the feeling of helpless.

If she could, Raine would go straight to him, no matter where he was.

Torak needed her, she could feel it deep in her heart, in every breath that she took. Torak needed his mate and Raine was at a loss where he was.

Nobody wanted to tell her.

Though what Raine experienced was only last for a second, but it felt like eternity for her the moment she saw the excruciating pain from the beast eyes.

"Is that true?" Calleb was flabbergasted, his eyes fixed on Serefina. "Is that what you did to Torak there!?" He was mad when the witch said nothing, as if she confirmed Raine's accusation.

Or, maybe it was no longer an accusation, but actually it was the truth?

"Raine. I swear. I know nothing about this." Calleb raised his arms, emphasizing that he was innocent.

Raphael just told him that Torak had a bad backlash because of his battle with the devil and he needed to recuperate, that was why they needed to bring him right away to their territory.

But, Calleb was clueless about Torak's real condition, he even had no chance to meet him in person when Raphael and Torak went back to the Red River City.

In the other hand, Raine had reached the point that she didn't care whether Calleb knew about this or not, all she wanted was for them to let her know where Torak was.

"Tell me, where is he?" Raine asked in deep voice, there was no warm in the way she talked. She even dared enough to approach Serefina and faced her head on.

"I can't tell you." Serefina said impassively.

The same answered that Raine didn't even want to hear, something burned inside her as her vision grew darker, yet before she could lose it to the sudden force that tried to take over her consciousness, Serefina added her words.

"But, you can follow me." Serefina was squinted her eyes when she watched something dark and malevolent in Raine's eyes.

Raine sighed a deep breath and closed her eyes, trying to get rid a thousand malicious things inside her mind to have her way.

Calleb was utterly speechless this time, he couldn't disobey his Alpha's order, but it wasn't him who had told Raine about Torak's whereabouts, right?

Should he stop her?

That thought disappeared as fast as it appeared the moment he watched how intimidating Raine's look now.

"Hey, you!" Serefina pointed Calleb with her chin. "Mind- link Raphael to book flight to red river city. We will wait in the parking lot."

Scratching his nose, Calleb asked. "Aren't we not allowed to tell Raine?"

The witch frowned when she heard his question. "I didn't tell her." She denied righteously. "I ask her to come with me."