The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 258

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 258 Can You See My Concern?

"I didn't tell her, I ask her to come with me." Serefina said righteously.

Calleb was utterly speechless when he heard that. He didn't know what to say.

Didn't that also mean he couldn't be blamed too if the Alpha met Raine later? He didn't say anything at all, right?

He just let this passed

Because Calleb didn't want to hear Raphael was nagging at him, he resolved to inform the Beta through message instead of mind linked him directly.

Raphael must be still with the police right now, it wouldn't be good if suddenly he had a panic attack, because of what he was going to say, right?

Calleb knew, Raphael was hell- bend to follow every order of his Alpha, sometime he just followed him blindly.

After Calleb sent Raphael a message, he followed Raine and Serefina out of the room, heading to the parking lot.

He was worried both women would start to fight again.

When he was in the lobby, apparently the crowd had dispersed and the burning car had been moved. The situation returned to normal.


Inside the car, where Raine and Serefina were sitting on the back seat, Calleb glanced at the elevator door, which went straight to Torak's office, they were waiting for Raphael to deal with the police before they could leave to red river city.

The atmosphere was so tensed and thick until one could cut it with a knife.

After they were waiting for thirty minutes, finally three polices came out from the elevator along with Raphael who followed behind them.

They exchanged a few words before the three polices, who were asking about the chronological of the actual event, went away and headed toward their car.

Raphael was waiting for a long time before the car was out of his sight before he strode toward the car where the three of them had been waiting for him.

Calleb had told him about what Serefina did and about Raine's vision about Torak, but Raphael still felt not right about this.

Thus, he didn't directly get inside the car, instead, he bent his body and knocked on Raine's window.

The black glass of the window of the car rolled down and revealed Raine's impatient expression.

"Raine" Raphael just started when Raine cut him off mercilessly.

"Shut up and get on the car." Raine ordered him icily, afterward, she rolled the window up again, didn't even give Raphael a chance to say another word.

Beside Raine, Serefina glanced at her, as there was a slight furrow between her eyebrows.

At this moment, Raphael didn't know how to deal with the current Raine and for some reason, he felt, Raine looked more brave and rude.

Not only that. What the vision that Raine had seen that Calleb was talking about in his message?

Besides traveling back to the past, did she have other abilities?

[Why suddenly Serefina breaks her promise to the Alpha?] Raphael asked, he occasionally would glance at Raine through the rearview mirror.

"What happened to Mark and the other Lycan, who was in the same car as me?" Raine asked after a long silence inside the car.

Raine remembered how Mark had tried to protect her from the blast of the explosion. She knew that Lycan has a remarkable healing ability, but she would also feel so bad if something major happened to him.

"Don't worry, with that wound, he will be find within two days." Calleb answered. "But, he needs to stay in the hospital at least for two weeks, because no human will be able to recuperate so fast with injury like him."

"Mm" Raine mumbled before she stared at the road through the window.


On the private plane, Raine was exhausted because she didn't have time to rest this whole day, thus as soon as they got on the plane, she fell asleep without her knowing.

Across from Raine, Serefina was staring at her with complicated emotion while Raphael, who was sitting next to Raine, realized this and gave the witch a questioning look.

The dark night and the moonlight accompanied the private plane flew across the starry sky from the Fulbright city to the red river city.

Calleb sighed in his sleep while resting his head against the partition next to him. This would take around four hours, so he needed to use the time wisely.

Not only Raphael, recently, Calleb was so busy until he was hardly had enough time to rest.

But, none of Raine and Calleb wanted to use the bedroom inside the plane, they chose to stay there along with Serefina and Raphael.

"Have you thought about your decision carefully?" Raphael asked in low voice, he didn't want to wake them up.

"Not really." Serefina shrugged her shoulder. "But that decision was the best way to solve the problem at that time. "

Raphael narrowed his eyes on Serefina, didn't even believe a word from her.

"What do you think had happened to those reporters? It's impossible if they turned crazy out of the blue." Raphael tried to figure this thing out, but there were many strange variables for his conclusion.

"Dark witch." Serefina answered him. "The devil." She continued. "Both creatures have the ability to possess the darker side of human heart."

"Dark witch and the Devil" Raphael mumbled. "Not so long, we received news about the affiliation between the witch and the vampire."

"Witch from northern coven?" Serefina asked.

"Yes." Raphael nodded. "Seemingly, the dark creatures has started to make their move. Lately, they are getting bolder."

"They are anxiously waiting for the rise of their glory again, just like in the past." Serefina yawned tiredly, her head ached because there were so many things to think. "The resurrection of the guardian angel is the sign for it."

"We will have another war in the near future." Raphael concluded. "Those creatures will target her starting for now." He looked at Raine's sleeping face with complicated emotions

"Angels have always been targets even since ancient times." Serfina stared at Raine too. "Now can you see my concern?"