The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 259

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 259 The Devil's Plot

"Let's focus on the problem at hand first." Raphael rubbed his face roughly to get rid of his tiredness.

Once again the silent fell on them as both Serefina and Raphael were in a deep thought regarding various matters.

"How long do you think Torak's condition will last?" Raphael broke the silent between them, he tilted his head at Serefina, curious to know what the witch was thinking now, she has been looking at Raine strangely ever since they boarded the plane.

"I don't know, I have never very fond of Lycan, so I am lacking of knowledge about your kind." There was sarcasm and ironic fact in the way Serefina spoke.

How she could say that she wasn't very fond of Lycan while she had had relationship centuries ago with one of the greatest Lycan.

Yet, Raphael was wise enough to not bring this matter up. This was a rare occasion for both of them for having a peace conversation, thus he didn't want to ruin it by provoked the witch's patient.

"May I know why are you staring at her that way?" Raphael changed the topic, if Serefina said she didn't know how to fix Torak's condition, than that might be true.

Serefina shifted her gaze from Raine to Raphael's face. She wanted to make a sharp remark, but then the serene that engulfed them made her held back her tongue.

"I feel something is off with her." Serefina said calmly. "Giving to her nature, she becomes unreasonably very bold."

Raphael glanced at Raine beside him and sighed. "The situation forced her to be like that in order to survive." Then he stared at Serefina. "Isn't this the attitude that you want for her to have?"

"Yes" Serefina replied doubtfully, as if she wasn't sure about it. "Courage is needed for every creatures, not to mention those who were born to lead. It is only right for a Luna to be bold and hold her ground steadily."

"But?" Raphael could feel the contradiction in Serefina's way to talk. Though that was what she was saying, but Raphael could hear the dubiousness in her voice.

"I am thinking about the book." Serefina leaned back against her seat.

"The book?" Raphael frowned. "Which book?"

"The book that the shadow warrior gave to her and claimed it was a grimoire that we have been looking for." Serefina explained as Raphael knew what Raine and she were searching for when they traveled back to the past.

"What happened with that book?" Raphael didn't understand why Serefina was talking about that book when they were talking about Raine's recent behavior.

"That book has her blood on it." Serefina caught a glimpse of that book and the small wound in Raine's hand. "The blood of the guardian angel could be a cure for some creatures but could be a poison for the rest."

"What do you want to say?" Raphael leaned over at Serefina, suddenly felt restless by this fact. He then contemplated, trying to put pieces of his memories about that day in the library. "Lucifer has the book and the blood also"

"Yes" Serefina nodded. "I don't know what he is plotting with Raine's blood, but it must be something that doesn't benefit us."

"And the shadow warrior helped him to achieve that" Even though the shadow warrior was his enemy as he coveted their Luna, but Raphael didn't think that he would do any harm on Raine. Raine had told him about how he had saved her a couple of time, that was why she had a fight with Torak before.

Because Raine spoke for him and it incurred the Alpha's wrath.

"I don't think the shadow warrior will intentionally try to hurt her." Serefina twirled her short hair between her fingers as she thought about it. "I was there when the village of angel was still existed and I know very well how protective the shadow warrior to the guardian angel who was bestowed to them."

"She is the Alpha's mate." Somehow Raphael was irked when Serefina implied that their Luna belong to another random creatures.

"I didn't say she is not." Serefina refuted. "The possibilities are; whether the shadow warrior was being fooled by Lucifer, this is the most possible case, or both of them planned this together."

"Either way, it will not good for us." Raphael concluded.

"Hmm." Serefina mumbled.

"Do you think that the attack this afternoon has anything to do with this?" Something was clicked in his mind when Serefina mentioned about the devil's plot with the book, which has Raine's blood on it.

"There will always be a possibility for that." Serefina was unsure with her answer. "We need to find out more about this."

The rest of two hours filled with another silent before they arrived in red river city.


At the other place, inside a gloomy room that lack of light, where the only living things there were those creatures from the dark, a man in golden eyes stared at the red liquid inside the wine glass in his hand.

"This the book that you mentioned?" Another man with brown eyes and skin as pale as the dead people, lifted the book beside Lucifer carefully.

His straight black hair was combed to the back of his head and tied into a man bun, his eyes slightly narrowed, but it couldn't conceal the excitement in those eyes.

When he saw Lucifer nodded lazily, that man brought the book to his nose and smell it. To be exact, he smelled the spot where it looked darker, something tainted the cover of the black book.

Once he took a whiff of it, his eyes rolled back as his sharp breath was clear to hear. He groaned in pleasure of the scent.

"What creature is this?" He asked throatily, gripping the book tightly and sniffed it again with addiction.

But, the next second, the book disappeared from his hand and at the same time reappeared at the hand of a woman, who was sitting across from the two men.