The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 26 She Is Mine

"My love, I don't want you to wear this clothes again." Torak caressed her cheek that made her lowered her head.

Raine was still not used to Torak's touch, but the spark between them was indescribable, that made her subconsciously leaned her head against his touch.

"But, because you will not wear the previous dress, how about you wear my shirt instead?" Torak's lips curved into playful grin. He wanted to see her in his shirt, it would be a sight to look, but "Only if you want." He added. "Or I will ask someone to bring another dress for you."

Raine slowly raised her head and looked at Torak's eyes for a second before she averted her gaze and nodded. She didn't have anything to wear because he didn't let her brought anything from the orphan.

However, looking the way he lived, the best clothes that she possessed would look too shabby. Not to mention she didn't have anything good under her possession.

Torak smiled slyly when he took out his shirt, it was a simple white t- shirt and a dark blue overshirt. He also picked up a baseball cap for her, he didn't want his mate being too exposed.

"Try these, my love" He handed the two pieces shirts onto her hand.

Raine walked to the bathroom once again and changed into Torak's shirts. It didn't take a long time before she walked back with the oversize clothes on.

The length of the overshirt's sleeves were a few centimeter longer than the tip of her finger nails that she needed more effort to fold it back while the edge of the hem touched her knees.

Raine was still wearing her worn out jeans, but it was clear to see that the clothes belonged to him. One could say this was another way to claim that she was him, since Torak couldn't mark her yet.

With his scent was being all over her, this was enough to ward off any supernatural creatures. They wouldn't dare to mess with what belong to Torak Donovan except they were courting death!

He didn't want the event with Belphegor earlier repeated. He would deal with The Sloth by himself.

Torak stared at her without blinking as her image right now had turned his ocean blue eyes a few shades darker while his beast prowled at the edge of his mind.

"Come here" Torak waved his hand, asking her to sit next to him.

Raine walked closer and sat beside him. Afterward, Torak helped her to fold the sleeves neatly until her wrist before putting the baseball cap and tidied up her hair.

The soft strands between his fingers made him hummed in satisfied, he took a longer time to play with her hair, before he leaned in and gave a quick kissed on her cheek. She smells good, like the scent of the soil after rain, so refreshing and pure.

Ignoring her surprised reaction, Torak grabbed her hand and help her stood up. "Let's go."

The moment they stepped out from their room, Raphael and Calleb were waiting for them and along with a few more guards, they were walking to the main lobby, where the cars had been waiting for them.

Torak rested his hand around her waist protectively when they walked along the corridor hotel and Raine tried to discern the spark between them, she didn't have this feeling when she touched other people.

Raine made a mental note to ask about this later.


The clock had strike 8.46 p.m when they arrived at their room. After the whole day being outside, Raine was spent, she barely could keep her eyes open.

Today was the best day in her life after many years of suffering. Torak bought many things for her, all expensive and beautiful. He brought her to art gallery as he thought his mate would like it. And yes, Raine love it.

They spent hours there, just walking along the corridor where many amazing painting were hung on it wall.

Torak walked with her silently, sometime he would receive a call and most of the time, he would play with her hair. Raine didn't mind it, actually, she liked it.

When they arrived at their room, Raine took a quick bath after Torak did and was standing in front of a wardrobe.

All the clothes that Torak had bought for her had been arranged neatly at the left side while Torak's was on the right side.

Raine looked absently at the dresses inside and frowned. She didn't like the silk pajamas that Torak had bought. Thus, she moved swiftly to Torak's side and found his grey pullover. She put it on and paired it with jogging pants.

"What are you doing, my love?"

A hoarse voice startled Raine from behind and almost made her fell to the floor. She turned around abruptly and looked at Torak, whose eyes had turned black.

She gulped hard and reached the ipad that Torak had bought to make it easier for her to communicate. She wrote something on it very fast and showed it to him.

[I am sorry, but your clothes look more comfortable. I will change.]

Upon reading the notes, Torak cleared his throat and said huskily. "No, my love, you don't have to. I like to see you in mine."