The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 260

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 260 Please Don't Judge Him

"Is it the angel that you had mentioned before?" The woman has a long black hair with dark lips that looked like always smiling, but her vicious eyes were saying otherwise.

"I forgot to thank you for those people" Lucifer said lightly without a hint of gratefulness, though he was smiling when he said that.

'Those people' that Lucifer meant was the group of reporters that had acted brutal toward Raine.

Just like what Serefina had expected, someone pulled the string behind that strange attack, but it wasn't only the devil or the witch that had possessed them, but it was both of them that had worked together.

"No need for the formality, it's my pleasure to create a little bit noise in this calm realm." The witch traced her long fingers on the surface of the book. "Young blood" She muttered faintly, but it was enough for the two men, to hear that.

"What do you mean with the young blood?" The pale man asked impassively, yet his eyes zeroed in the book in the witch's hands. He really wanted to take a sniff of that blood again.

He had never smelled something so addictive like that.

"This angel is still not at the peak of her power." The witch said nonchalantly. "You need her to be more powerful than this to be useful for you."

Lucifer raised his eyebrows. "I plan to kill her before she becomes more powerful than this." He said offhandedly. "I am powerful enough to not use her."

The witch clicked her tongue, annoyed by Lucifer statement. "Don't inflate your pride in this matter, once she is in the peak of her power and within your grasp, you will see how easy to crush the world beneath you." The witch sneered. "It has long been confirmed that angels will increase your strength. Don't be so righteous by not taking the chance when it presents in front of you."

Lucifer scoffed and gulped down his wine. "Just do what I said, if I change my mind, I will tell you."

The devil didn't like to be advised and questioned about his decision, but the witch's words tempted him in some point.

"She has many advantages for you if she lives than she dies." It was every witch nature to act ignorant, so she also didn't take Lucifer's attitude seriously. "My question is; is she really the Alpha's mate?"

"Mm. I don't believe it at first, but seeing that Lycan reacted when I threatened her, I think it is true" Lucifer drank the wine from its bottle.

"Do other devils know about this?" The witch asked curiously.

"I think Belphegor knows about it since Lilith is always with him recently and also that Lycan female with him. She confirmed that the information is true, after all she was expelled because she tried to harm the girl." It was so rare for the devil to talk a lot, but he had known the witch in front of him for long time ago, since the downfall of the dark.

"Wait." The pale man straightened his back, as if he just woke up from his delirious state. "Did you just say that the Alpha has a mate? No way, he was cursed by the Moon Goddess herself."

"And the Moon Goddess herself has the ability to lift the curse." The witch concluded.

"And makes that weak creature called guardian angel to be his mate? Isn't that another curse?" It was well known how the Lycanthropes despised weak creature like guardian angel.

But, now Torak Donovan was actually having a mate from that kind? Wasn't that because the Moon Goddess wanted to mock him?

"Don't underestimate the mate bond of the shape- shifter." The witch lifted the book in her hand and scrutinized it, as she continued to talk. "Weak creature? I don't think so the guardian angel's condition is unique, but it doesn't mean they are weak."

The witch had another opinion about this, after all the fact that most of the creatures were looking for the guardian angel to sap their power, was something that they couldn't oversee.

Their physic maybe weak, but it didn't apply to the power that they were holding.

The pale man sneered upon hearing the witch's words, he looked at Lucifer, who was sitting next to him. "Say a word and I will kill that creature for you." He said haughtily as a devilish smirk appeared on the corner of his lips. "Of course, after I drained all of her blood"

"Do it if you can." Lucifer chuckled and gave the permission.

While in the other hand, the witch narrowed her eyes because Lucifer had completely disregarded her advice to nurture the guardian angel and used her for their own benefit.

"What are you planning to do with the shadow guard?" The witch tapped her finger on the stain of blood on the surface of the book. "You didn't keep your word when you promised him that you will not harm the girl."

"That is why you don't make a deal with a devil." Lucifer smirked devilishly.


When they arrived at the red river city, the sky was still dark. It was two hours away before the sun would rise.

Once the plane had landed, the lights in the cabin turned on and the four of them stood up and prepared to leave the plane.

They exited out onto the tarmac and the harsh wind greeted their small group. Raine needed to take a shield behind Calleb's broad shoulder to cover her face from it.

A man in his twenty approached Calleb and gave a polite nod for the rest of the small group, he talked something to Raphael that Raine couldn't hear before they followed him to the large SUV that had been waiting for them near the terminal.

As they didn't bring any luggage they didn't need to wait for that before they got into the car and the man handed the car key to Raphael.

This time, it was Raphael who was driving. "Raine, I just want to remind you. Whatever you will see later, I hope you will not judge Torak by that."