The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 261

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 261 My Dear Go Home Please

Raine felt uneasy with what Raphael told her. She had seen Torak's condition in her vision and aside from anger because of the way they treated Torak, Raine didn't find a reason to hate him, but why Raphael made it as if Torak had turned into utterly repulsive creature?

"I will not, why would I?" Raine could feel a strange anger rose up in her throat.

"I am just saying." Raphael yielded, he started the engine and drove the SUV away.

Lately, Raine became easier to be irritated by a small thing or maybe it was the fact because Raphael had prevented her to meet Torak many times, so it was safe for Raphael to not take her bad side and provoke her further.

It took another one hour and half from the airport to Torak's location.

At first, Raine thought they would go to the raven city where the pack house was located, however the road was different from the last time Raine was there.

The further they drive, the less people and cars that they saw.

And when finally the sun had arisen, they arrived at a big blue house with gargoyle statue on each sides of the big double gates.

Raphael honked the car twice before a man came out from the side of the car. This made Raine startled and let out stifled scream.

"It's okay Raine" Calleb turned around and chuckled. "He is a lycan too."

"I know" Raine whined when she saw the man that was bulkier than Mark with his beard reached the front of his big stomach.

How big he was in his Lycan's form? This irrelevant questions flew in her minds for a few seconds.

After the huge man saw Raphael, he bowed his head in submission and proceeded to open the gates for them to enter the vast yard with lushes of trees along the way to the main house.

This place was elegant and the main house, which wasn't very big, was hidden behind old trees on both side.

The house was painted in white with many windows that allowed someone from the outside to see the inside of the house clearly.

Raine was stunned with this beautiful building before her eyes.

When they stepped on the threshold Calleb stood beside her and nudged her side with his elbow. "This is only camouflage, the real function of this building is in the underground." He said in low voice.

"What is in the underground?" As she asked the question, the memory of the place where Torak was being held, flew in her mind, reminded her about how terrifying that place.

"You will see it soon." Calleb grimaced.

Compared to the dungeon that they had in raven village, this place was worse than that, though the exterior of this place was so beautiful and admiring. Calleb himself has only been here once.

"Raine, you are here!?" A familiar voice greeted them when they just stepped inside the house.

It was Belinda, the middle age lady ran toward Raine and pulled her into her tight hug as she rubbed her back excitedly.

Belinda and Serefina shared the same blood from their father, the pure blood witch, but from appearance, people would think Belinda as Serefina's mother, this was because the werewolf's blood in her.

The werewolf indeed has long life span, but it wasn't as long as the lycan and their appearance would start to change after their age reached more than four hundred years, so it was understandable that Belinda looked older than Serefina as she has the pure blood.

"Belinda?" Raine reciprocated her hug in puzzled, she even forgot when the last time she met Belinda in the Fulbright city.

The last time she remembered, Belinda was helping her to dress in her eighteen birthday party, where Torak announced their relationship to the public.

Afterward, she was told that Belinda was taking care of Serefina when she had a backlash from sapping the Luna of the Lycanthropes's power when they traveled back to the past and then, Raine had never heard about her again.

"Oh, wait!" Belinda suddenly pushed her away from her, her eyes widened when she stared at Raphael. "Why she is here? The Alpha had specifically told you to not let Raine knows about it."

Raine could feel her heart was being tugged ruthlessly by Belinda's words. Why Torak was so adamant to not let her know about his condition? Wasn't she his mate?

Torak told her himself that they would do things together, but why she was being left in the dark? Raine had to admit that she was disappointed and upset by Torak's decision.

"You can ask to your sister over here." It was Calleb who answered Belinda's question, he glanced at Serefina beside him provocatively.

"Does it make you feel much better to throw the blame on me?" Serefina raised her eyebrows. "Don't pretend that you don't want to let Raine know about this. You don't even stop me." She sneered and walked ahead arrogantly.

It was true that Calleb wanted to tell Raine about Torak's whereabouts, but because he bounded to obey his Alpha's order, he couldn't do that.

Thankfully, with Serefina's cunningness, she managed to solve the problem. So, Calleb didn't have the right to blame her for this when he has the same intention like the witch.

"Serefina! You can't let her to meet with Torak, now!" Belinda yelled at her half- sister. "You didn't keep your words!"

Serefina turned around with frown, his lime green eyes looked brighter when she stared down at Belinda. "Your Alpha didn't say anything about; it wasn't allowed to bring her directly here, he just asked me to not let Raine knew this place." She said smartly, finding mishap in Torak's order.

"You are so shameless." Belinda hissed and then she turned around to face Raine as her expression softened. "Raine, my dear, just go home please you don't want to see Torak in his current state."

Unexpectedly, Raine laughed cynically at Belinda's plea and when she stopped, she spoke icily. "It is on me whether I want to see Torak or not."