The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 262

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 262 Meet The Beast

Belinda blinked her eyes a couple of times when she heard that, Raine's sharp remark was something that she never expected to hear. It wasn't like her to hurt other people's feeling by rude comment.

In the other hand, Serefina and Raphael narrowed their eyes with Raine's attitude. They could understand if Raine was angry and spoke rudely at them, but Belinda was someone that, you could say, close to her and she had never wronged her.

But then, Raine pouted sullenly and spoke softly. "I want to meet Torak why he doesn't want to see me?" She lowered her head sadly, she even bit her lips, the habit that she has whenever she felt anxious.

Out of instinct, Belinda patted her head, though she was still puzzled. "Torak" She cleared her throat to get rid her shock. "Torak not in his best condition now he didn't want you to see him right now, not because he doesn't want to see you, but his condition is not allowed him."

Raine shook her head. "I still want to see him. I have come so far and I will not go home before I see him."

With that being said, Raine walked past Belinda and stood beside Serefina, she looked at the witch lime green eyes expectantly.

"Bring me to Torak, please." Raine pleaded.

If those people kept trying to prevent her from seeing Torak, then Raine knew who was at her side. Serefina was a hateful person in some occasion, but she always stood her ground and Raine was sure about that.

If the witch said she would bring her to Torak, then that was exactly what she would do, no matter what.

"Should I the one who leads the way?" Serefina stared at Raphael, Calleb and Belinda.

Belinda looked anxiously at Raphael. "You can't bring her down there." She said in pleading tone. "The beast is not stable."

"Maybe if Raine is there she could help him?" Calleb voiced out his own thought gingerly.

"What do you mean she could help?!" Belinda snapped at the Gamma.

"She is the Alpha's mate after all." Calleb shrugged his shoulder, he shifted his gaze toward Raphael. "You said it yourself that the bond between the Alpha and Raine is strong enough for her to overcome her fear, why don't you think it will work the same way for the Alpha?"

Calleb's statement, somehow silenced both Raphael and Belinda as those possibilities circulated inside their brain.

"Wow! Impressive! Sometime if you use your brain correctly, you are not that bad." Serefina flattered Calleb in mocking tone.

"What did you say!?" Serefina's words irked Calleb. It was hard for having a peaceful conversation with Serefina on the picture.

Ignoring the angry Gamma, Serefina spoke impatiently toward Raphael. "You know she will not go back without seeing Torak." She glanced at Raine beside her. "Unless you hit her head hard enough to put her into a coma for a couple of days, or else she will keep nagging at you until she sees Torak."

This time, it wasn't the three people there who were frowning at Serefina, but Raine also shot a dagger- look at her.

What kind of solution was that? Was she out of her mind?

"Why? Am I wrong?" Serefina asked in confusion innocently, seeing those people glared at her. "So, we will go now or we have to wait until new year?"

Raine closed her eyes because Raphael still has not decided yet. "Lead the way please." She said to Serefina.

"Over here." It was Raphael who strode across the room and walked past Raine and Serefina, heading to the left side of the house.

Raine followed him eagerly as Calleb tailed behind her.

However, when Belinda was about to follow them, Serefina held her shoulder to stop her from coming with them to the underground where they kept the beast.

"What?" Belinda frowned when she saw Serefina's hand on her shoulder. She disliked her, but not to the point that she hated her, yet for Serefina to touch her, it felt odd.

"Stay, there is something that I want to ask you." Serefina said as she walked toward different direction.

Serefina didn't need to see to know that Belinda was following her out of the house.


Raphael pushed open a black door in the end of the corridor, he held the door open, so Raine and Calleb could go first.

Behind the door was a long corridor that lack of light. There was only dying light from the lamp above them that didn't offer much help to illuminate their path.

And as soon as Raine stepped in, there was a howl. An inhuman howl. The sound was low and ragged and full of pain.

Gazing into the darkness, Raine could feel someone held her by her shoulder and knew almost immediately that it was Calleb, he whispered something to Raine's ear. "Don't worry." The same words that he told Raine in her vision, as his hand tightened on her shoulder.

Calleb guided her as they descended the stairs. Raine moved slower and more cautious. When she reached the bottom of the staircase, a faint light flickered.

At the end of the stairs, it was a hallway of old forgotten jail cells. This place had been a prison once.

The same sound. The same deep growl emanated from one of the cells. The growl was followed by a sorrowful whine.

Calleb stepped forward and as he pushed open the door, that was when Raine saw him.

A white Lycan bound in chains.

The sight of the beast now, killed her this was the same beast that appeared in her vision.

It was Torak

His white fur stained with dirt and blood as he was trying hard to free himself from this wretch place.

The beast stood on his hind legs with broad shoulders and sharp, lengthy canines protruding from his gums. Coiled around his body were dozens of metal chains, bolted to the wall.

When Raine was in vicinity, the beast caught her scent and raised his snout as if he was checking the air before his red eyes fell on Raine.