The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 263

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 263 She Caused More Harm To Him

Raine felt her body was shivering from the intense stare from the beast.

And then, another rumbled of the clanking chains when the white Lycan struggled to get himself free from the shackles that held him.

The white Lycan wanted to move toward her, but the shackles wouldn't let him.

Raine didn't know what she should do right now, because the sight killed her inside.

Standing rooted, Raine breathed raggedly as she couldn't even move a single finger.

The vision that she had seen before this had warned her that it was something that she would see once she decided to ignore Raphael and Belinda's admonition to not meet with Torak for meantime.

At this point, Raine must have prepared herself, but the truth said otherwise, she was still shaken up by the sight of the beast.

Raine was overwhelmed by various complicated emotions. Sad, helpless, afraid, anxious, nervous, shocked and many more

Because the beast couldn't get himself freed from the chains that restrained him, the white Lycan begun to yelp as if he were a pup in the sight of Raine

He wanted her close to him the scent of her drove him crazy as his eyes were filled with longing

"What you have done to him?" A tear fell from Raine's cheeks with the sight of the way of the white Lycan looked at her. "You torture him" She mumbled helplessly.

The beast red eyes stared at Raine's black one with painful gaze as she had sudden urge to run toward him and wrapped him in his arms, buried her head in his soft fur, to calm him down.

"Released him" Raine muttered in low voice.

But, Raphael shook his head resolutely. "We can't do that Raine." He said apologetically. "The chains that held him have been charmed with powerful spell."

Raine's eyes traced the chains that bolted to the wall and kept the Lycan in his place, giving no chance for him to move an inch.

How torturous this must be for Torak to be treated this way. Wasn't he their Alpha, but why they could do this to him?

"This is for his own safety too, Raine." Raphael answered Raine's unspoken question, by looking from her face, it was easy to read what was going on in her mind.

Raine didn't believe him and was still thinking that he was torturing his own Alpha.

Calleb, who almost as stunned as Raine, spoke in rigid voice. "What happened with the Alpha?" He remembered the last time he saw Torak in his human's form, his eyes were still the color of red even though Raine closed to him and was not in danger.

But, the beast still surged to the surface.

That could only happen if

"Raph, is it just the beast?" Calleb asked hesitantly.

Raine stared at Raphael and Calleb, she lost her words to ask about what happened, but it was reflected from her eyes, there was hundreds of unspoken questions that roamed around her head.

"Torak is not in balance condition, his beast stronger than his human side." Raphael frowned when once again the beast tried to break free from the chains that held him back.

The metal rumbling sound echoed through the entire room. This wasn't a big room, it could only fit twenty people for the very most and there was only one door.

Raine felt her heart was being tugged ruthlessly when she watched Torak's condition. How this thing could happen?

"How?" A soft whisper- question escaped her lips. "How he could be like this?"

Raphael grimaced once again when the beast let out a painful howl as his bloody eyes fixed on the figure of small girl, who was on the verge of breaking down. "This is a result of a series of events."

"What do you mean?" Raine's eyes met the beast and she felt unexplainable connection between them.

"When the first time he left you," Raphael started. "He wasn't angry at you. He was upset to himself that he couldn't protect you properly and how regretful he was for the harsh words that he had said toward you and caused you cry."

Raine remembered that day, the moment Torak had an outburst when he thought Raine was taking Aeon's side.

Raine felt extremely bad

"Even though it's against his nature, but he realizes you have to become stronger and gain your own power in order to protect yourself, because no matter how hard he tried to keep you safe, the dangers that lurk around you, many of time, are something that he couldn't control." Raphael shook his head in regret. "Especially when you suddenly travelled back to the past time."

The beast growled and his fangs bared. He looked to be in constant state of aggression and agitation after he wasn't able to move closer to the girl.

"And what happened after that?" Raine's voice was so small, she couldn't afford to cry again. Even her tears couldn't ease the pain that she felt right now.

"We went to find the cure for Serefina, because Torak thought it was the only way to help you, as Serefina the only person who knows your condition better." Raphael spoke everything truthfully.

He had brought Raine to this place, which an instant had broken the order of his Alpha, thus, since he had committed offenses, he would just go all the way to telling the truth to Raine.

"He was injured when we returned and gave the cure to Serefina, yet when we were at home, you were not there." Raphael looked at Raine. "You suddenly disappeared. Even when you are inside the house with tight protection and charms that could repel black magic and curses, you disappeared. Torak was beyond livid at that time."

Raine gulped hard. In his injure state, Torak still went all the way to find her.

Only if she didn't go outside at that time Probably Torak wouldn't end up in his condition now.

In the end, her weaknesses had caused more harm to him than what she thought.