The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 265

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 265 She Is Not In Her Room

At first, Raine couldn't comprehend what Serefina told her, so she asked for confirmation. "Pardon me, what did you say?" She leaned over, afraid that she would miss her repetition.

"We starve him." Serefina looked at Raine in the eyes as she repeated what she said before.

Seeing the understanding and anger slowly crept on Raine's eyes, Raphael hastily explained it for her. "Raine, we have to do that in order to keep the beast under control."

Not only Raine who was shocked by that revelation, but Calleb also has no idea about this, he has been assigned to keep his eyes on Raine, so aside from what Raphael let him know, he practically knew nothing about any of this.

But, the only thing that he could do was shaking his head in disbelief as he stared at Raphael and Serefina incredulously.

"WHAT IS THE REASON YOU STARVE HIM!?" Raine stood up from her seat and looked dagger at Raphael.

Serefina's expression wasn't as calm as before and was full with anticipation now, while Belinda shrunk on her seat.

In the other hand, Calleb wanted to calm her down, but unsure about what he had to do.

And it was Raphael, who was standing from his seat too, with complicated emotions that appeared on his expression.

"Raine, he is the Alpha and he is in his beast form. If he is any stronger than this, we will not be able to restrain him." Raphael tried to make his points crossed. "He will not die even if he doesn't eat anything for weeks. We just need to weaken him"

Raine was utterly speechless and muddleheaded at the moment. Everything seemed jumble up in her mind.

She closed her eyes to compose herself as she gripped at the edge of the table to support her as waves of exhaustion hit her hard.

"Raine, Torak knows this is what will happen to him. That is the reason he was so adamant for you to not see him in this condition." Raphael glanced at Serefina when he said this, blaming her for taking Raine here.

But, for Raine, she didn't regret her decision to come and witnessed with her own eyes what Torak was going through now.

Despite her heart ached for him and knew there was nothing she could do for Torak, at least she was no longer in the dark and knew the truth behind his disappearance.

Raine lowered her head as she hugged herself. "I will eat later may I know where is my room?"

"Raine, you have to eat something" Belinda wanted to persuade her to eat, but Raphael shook his head, thus she stood up and walked over to Raine. "I will take you to your room."

Belinda wrapped her arm around Raine's shoulder and guided her out of the dining room.

Knowing how stubborn Raine nowadays, she wouldn't eat anything no matter how hard Belinda tried to pursue her, thus it was a better choice to let her take a rest, she needed it after all.

After Belinda and Raine left, Calleb stared at Raphael in front of him. "Why don't you tell me about all of this?" He demanded an explanation.

Even though Raphael rank was above him, but Calleb was the Alpha's third in command, but why he was being left out?

"Don't start it Call," Raphael groaned as he closed his eyes, he had enough argumentation with Serefina and Raine, he didn't need the Gamma added to his headache. "You know this is the Alpha's order."

"So, why do you think the Alpha didn't want me to know about his real condition?" Calleb raised his eyebrows, he crossed his arms in front of his chest in displeased.

"Because most of the time you would with Raine and he was just being cautious that you would slip your tongue." Raphael tried to give him the reason.

With this, Calleb could only take a deep breath.

While Calleb and Raphael argued with each other, Serefina continued to eat her beef, but her eyes focused on scenery out of the window, as if she was contemplating something.


"Raine, do you need something?" Belinda asked Raine carefully when they arrived at an empty bedroom that dominated with the color of white.

Raine rested her head on the soft pillow while Belinda tucked her inside the blanket to keep her warm.

"I don't need anything." Raine replied softly. She needed Torak now, but it wasn't an option.

"Alright." Belinda nodded in understanding. "I will keep the beef for you, just call me if you want to eat, I will warm it up for you, dear."

"Okey." Raine replied curtly as she closed her eyes, yet when she heard the door was being opened, she opened her eyes and called her name. "Belinda."

"Yes?" Belinda turned around to find the pain in those beautiful eyes of her Luna. "Do you need something?"

"Thank you so much." Raine whispered, but Belinda could hear it clearly.

"You are most welcome, Raine." She replied with tender smile curled on her lips.


When the night came and all the lamps inside the house had turned on and the dinner had been prepared by Belinda, Raine was still inside her room.

"Should I ask her to come down?" Belinda asked Raphael in worry tone. "She had skipped her lunch, it will not good if she had to skip her diner as well."

Raphael didn't answer Belinda immediately, he contemplated for a while.

"Just bring this meal to her room later if she is still not coming down after we finished our dinner." Raphael gave the easiest solution.

Belinda nodded, but still felt a little unease.

After the four of them finished their dinner with no one in the mood to start a conversation, Raine still didn't come down, thus Belinda had to bring her, her dinner.

After she prepared all the food on the tray, she walked straight to her bedroom, knocking a few times, but no one answer.

Therefore, she pushed open the door and proceeded to go inside when she realized Raine wasn't there.