The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 266

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 266 A Beast Is A Beast

The room was so dark when Belinda entered, while holding the tray with her left hand, she pressed the button with her right hand and immediately the whole room was illuminated by the bright light.

"Raine?" Belinda called out her name, but she got no reply from her. "I bring you your dinner, you have to eat something, okay? Or else you will hurt yourself."

Belinda put the tray on the small table beside the bed, only then she realized, Raine wasn't on the bed because the blanket only covered a pillow beneath it.

"Raine?" For made sure that Raine wasn't there, Belinda tugged the blanket away and just like what she thought, no one was there.

Hastily, she went out of the room and rushed to the dining table where Raphael and Calleb were still there.

"Raine is gone!" Belinda said in panic.

"Hha?" Calleb put down the phone in his hand and stared at Belinda. "Are you sure?"


Raine couldn't sleep, she even was not able to close her eyes without being hunted by the image of the white beast in his miserable state.

Raine sat down on her bed as she stared blankly at the wall in front of her. She didn't even have time to appreciate how beautiful and nice the room that she was occupied as her heart was thumping faster until it hurt.

All the memories of Torak flooded her mind and that was so painful when she had to lose him the man that has loved her unconditionally.

Lost him?

Somewhere, among the memories that she shared with Torak, there was a moment when she was so scare of him when he lost himself over his beast and killed another Lycan without even batting an eye.

'The thought of hurting you will never cross my mind, even if I lost myself over my beast, he will continue to protect you.' Torak's eyes slightly dimmed, the angst in his heart ate him alive. 'But, I think in the end I still hurt you in one way or another and I am sorry for that'

Raine inhaled sharply and as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water, an understanding dawn on her

Raine didn't even realize when she started to rush out of her room and headed toward the underground door where they held the beast.

However, when she tried to open the knob, it was locked. She tried a couple of time and even pushed the locked door with her weak body with no avail.

After one hour passed and her attempt still didn't give any result, she rested her back against the door and slumped on the floor.

Raine could faintly hear the beast painful howl that echoed through the wall behind the closed door, as if he was calling for someone.

He was calling for her his mate

Yet, here Raine was, hugging her body without knowing what she could do to ease the pain from the beast down there.

The agonizing sound reverberated through the wall and reflected in her heart, causing a mental pain that similar as if someone crushed her entire body ruthlessly.

There was no tear, Raine was even too tired to cry. She clutched the front of her shirt to reduce the pain in her heart, but it didn't help at all.

Raine lost track of time when she was sitting there, she didn't know how long she was there until Serefina's voice snapped her back from the dark place that engulfed her soul.

"What are you doing there?" Serefina frowned. She stared down at Raine with her bright green eyes, her eyes traced from Raine's ghastly pale face to the door behind her, where a creepy howl could be heard. "Do you want to meet him?" She guessed.

"Can I?" In her devastated state, her voice sounded like someone strangled her.

"If you want to meet him, why don't you go inside?" Serefina said in matter of fact tone, yet when she watched the frown on Raine's face, in an instant she knew what the problem. "Oh! My beautiful goddess!" She exclaimed exasperatedly.

After saying her sarcastic remark, Serefina walked past Raine and retrieved a key from under a lamp pos beside the door.

"Are you looking for this?" The key dangled on Serefina's delicate finger.

Raine pushed herself up to stand up and shifted her eyes from the key to Serefina's face before she took the small metal and held it like the most precious thing that she possessed.

"You are really helpless." Serefina sneered and was about to leave Raine alone there when she turned around and added. "Think carefully before you decide on something. Just for your information; maybe you are his mate, but a beast is still a beast."

After saying that, Serefina strode away from there and disappeared when she turned at the other corner of the hallway.

The small metal in her palm was so cold, as if announced its existence, asking her to use it.

Yet, before Raine could open the door with it, Calleb's voice startled her and made her almost drop the metal key.

"There you are!" Calleb exclaimed in relief, he rushed over toward Raine with long strides. "You almost gave Belinda a heart attack when she couldn't find you inside your room."

Belinda and Raphael followed behind Calleb, and when the middle age witch saw Raine was fine, she pulled her into her tight, warm hug.

"I thought something bad happened to you." Belinda whined.

"You are over thinking thing." Calleb chastised her. "I told you she is still inside the house."

"I am fine." Raine patted Belinda's back as she released herself from her. "But, can I see Torak now?"

Upon hearing Raine's question the atmosphere suddenly turned tense as they looked at each other, unsure what to say about her request.

Finally it was Raphael, who spoke to Raine in apologetic tone. "I am sorry Raine, but I think you can't see him again until his condition is stable."

Raphael thought Raine would insist to see the beast, but to everyone surprise, she agreed.

"Alright." Raine said as she put the key inside the back of her pants quietly.