The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 268

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 268 The Spell Was Broken

"Torak" Raine called him softly, his name grazed her lips with longing. Only if she could, she would run toward him and flung her arms around his neck and told him how sorry she was and how she missed him.

The beast kept his eyes on her and a disturbingly eerie feeling crept in the air as Raine's heart refused to feel anything but scare.

Raine put down the plate on her hand and inhaled a shaky breath as she opened the padlock of the cell with the hanging key on the stone wall beside it.

The cell door creaked loudly that made Raine nervous, she tensed, afraid someone would hear it and caught her there, her eyes zeroed at the top of the dark stairs, waiting if someone would come.

But to her relief, there was no one coming

Raine's mind spun when she shifted her gaze on the beast in front of her.

The white beast condition was heartrending despite the enmity in his red eyes.

"I I bring food for you" Raine stuttered, having an urge to cry when the mixed feeling of despair, dread and scare suffused her entire being.

Raine put down the plate on the floor, at this moment, the beast had stopped scaring her with his growl or howl. Instead he showed her his elongated canines threateningly.

Raine felt her fear filled the air inside the cell and it let the beast knew that he was a threat for her as he tilted his big head, staring at her curiously.

A little weak girl was standing five steps away from him, trembling out of fear, but refused to back down.

But, it wasn't the reason that piqued the beast interest, it was her scent, the sweet scent that made the beast relaxed for having her near him.

He glanced at the beef on the plate and snarled loudly, as loud as the thunder out there.

This sudden outburst startled Raine and made her took a step back unconsciously, yet this little action was regarded with another snarl as loud as the first one.

Raine couldn't figure out why the beast suddenly gave her that reaction or what he wanted, she didn't understood that the beast was angry because she walked away from him.

The more he snarled at her the more further Raine stepped back out of fear, her heart beating so fast as she started to turn her body and tried to lock the door again, got away from the underground.

But, her trembling fingers didn't help at all when she dropped the key again and again, failed to lock it.

In the other hand, the beast seemingly became more and more aggravated by Raine's attempt to flee from him as he tugged the chains that held him back forcefully until the debris and dust from the wall fell, scattered in the air.

His roar thundered and reverberated along the underground space and with a loud cracking sound, the beast managed to free himself from the chains that restrained him.

The spell was broken and the chains were no longer could hold him back as his red eyes focused on Raine before he stalked toward her in an unnervingly fast manner.

Panic overwhelmed Raine and she began to tremble violently, the key dropped from her hand without she even noticed it, as the sound of her own ragged breathing was drowned out by her heart, pounding wildly in her ears.

Raine's brain worked extremely slowly and when she finally snapped out of her shock, she was already in dangerous situation and it was too late for her even when she wanted to run away from the beast now.

The beast towered above her as he let out another vicious snarl that could turn her bone into jelly.

The massive white Lycan stared down at Raine when her legs finally gave away and she slumped on the cold, dirty floor beneath her, crawling backward to put some distance between her and the beast.

Raine didn't realize how massive this white lycan until this very moment. Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, but there was no sound came out from her dried throat.

A tear slipped from her eyes as she closed them in defeat.

Because of her conscience, Raine couldn't stay inside her bedroom and sleep beside Belinda comfortably.

She shouldn't be here in the first place. She should listen to Raphael, who kept reminding her to stay away from Torak at this moment. She should heed Serefina's warning when she said 'a beast is a beast', there was no way Torak would remember her, right? Even though she was his mate.

The beast lowered his head and sniffed her as his warm breath fanned Raine's face.

"T Torak?" Raine's voice was shaking madly when she felt the beast snout nuzzled the crook of her shoulder.

Slowly, Raine opened her eyes, her eyelashes fluttered like weak wings of butterfly.

When Raine's eyes met with the beast red one, he snarled viciously at her and lashed at Raine, bitting into her neck in the blink of an eye.

Raine shrieked as the searing pain shot throughout her neck.


Belinda woke with start when the loud thunder outside shook the earth, her eyes darted from the heavy rain that rapped the window to the space next to her, where Raine was sleeping.

But, to her surprise, no one there.

"Raine?" Belinda called out her name as she stretched out her hand. The spot where Raine supposed to sleep was so cold. She had been long gone.

Without wasting another second, Belinda bolted out of her bed and checked the bathroom, yet Raine wasn't there either.

In panic, Belinda dashed out of the bedroom and sped toward Serefina's.

But, halfway there, Belinda met her half sister in the corridor, the frown between her eyebrows told her that there was something wrong happening.

"Serefina!" Belinda trotted toward Serefina hastily. "Raine is gone!"

"I know." Serefina replied curtly, her expression turned rigid when she added. "The spell was broken."

This news from Serefina left Belinda flabbergasted as blood drained from her face. This is very bad!