The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 269

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 269 Her Heartbeat Is Hard To Hear

"What happened?!"

From the other side of the house, before Serefina and Belinda turned to the corridor, where the door to the underground was located, Raphael and Calleb approached them hastily.

From the furrow between their brows, Serefina knew that they must feel something about this situation, because the roar from the underground was exceptionally loud, even in this thunderstorm.

"The spell was broken." Serefina said grimly. The four of them didn't stop for a second as they headed toward the underground.

"And Raine is missing." Belinda's words were like a bomb for Calleb and Raphael.

"What!?" Raphael stopped walking and grabbed Belinda's arm to stop her as well. "Tell me what happened? How could she possibly disappear?!" He asked impatiently.

"Stop yelling at her!" Serefina snapped at Raphael. "She must be in Torak's cell."

Raphael composed himself and then strode ahead toward the underground door.

For their surprise, the door to the underground was opened and this reinforced their suspicion that they were right about Raine was going to Torak's cell. But, how she could find the key for the door?

The key was hid in the place that wasn't easy to find. But, how could Raine found it easily?

However, Raphael didn't have time to think about it, he could look into that matter later because the moment he pushed open the door a strong smell of blood assault his nose.

Even Serefina and Belinda, who didn't have a keen sense of smell, scrunched their nose and furrowed their brows as they rushed down the stairs.

As soon as Torak's cell came into their view, their eyes bulged out of their socket at the horrible and horrendous scene before their eyes.

Belinda gasped loudly and covered her mouth to stifle her scream, while Serefina rooted to the ground with pale face.

It was Raphael and Calleb, who stepped forward and approached their Alpha.

Sitting on the floor was Torak. His broad back was facing the opened cell door as she cradle Raine in his strong arms.

From the look of his back alone, Raphael could feel the rage that exuded from his human form.

Torak's white shirt was tattered and his pants were torn but he was sitting still like a piece of wood as his right hand was pressing his palm at the wound on Raine's neck.

Blood was oozing out from his fingers, dripping on the floor beneath them, sending a metallic smell whirl in the air.

While Raine's face couldn't be seen because her hair covered almost all of her face and Torak held her so close to his chest, Raphael still could see a faint undulated movement from her small shoulder.

"Torak" Raphael called out his name gingerly. "We need to treat her wound"

Regardless the fact there were dozens of questions roaming around Raphael's head about how Torak could go back to his human form and how Raine got hurt this badly, Raphael need to hold back all of that for time like this, even Calleb didn't dare to utter a single word since they smell the strong blood scent.

Torak didn't move. He didn't answer Raphael's suggestion too. He stayed like that as if there was no one could bother him.

"Torak, let her go we need to take care of her wound." Raphael took another steps closer toward Torak, his senses heightened as the tensed in the atmosphere could drive anyone crazy.

Aside from the rustling sound that Raphael made when he moved and thunderous rain out there, the underground place was engulfed in eerie silence that forced people present to hold their breath.

Torak didn't budge.

Raphael stretched out his hand to shake Torak's shoulder in order to gain his attention, because he seemingly didn't listen to what he said. His mind was elsewhere.

Yet, when Raphael's finger merely an inch from Torak, the Alpha's voice boomed inside the cell, sending shiver down to Raphael and Calleb's spine.

Painful and suffocation feeling spread to every follicle of their skin, forced them to knee before the Supreme Alpha, showing him their submission.

"I TOLD YOU TO NOT BRING HER HERE!" Torak's voice boomed with anger and wrath. He had given them clear order, but how dare them to not obey his direct command?!

With a loud thud, both Raphael and Calleb's head hit the ground with their hand sprawled beside their head. It was a gesture of complete submission.

Even Belinda was forced to knee and lower her head out of fear of Torak's wrath. The Alpha was infamous with his ruthlessness and his terrifying way to deal with those who disobeyed his order.

The air has morphed into fear and as the more they breathed the more scared they were, it was like a toxin that killed them slowly.

It was only Serefina, who still stood unfazed in her spot.

After her shock the moment she witnessed how Torak had turned into his human form and Raine was injured in place of it, a conclusion started to form in her head about this whole situation.

The witch seemed like had known the rough idea about how could this end up in this situation.

The next second after Torak's outburst, Serefina strolled past the cell door and stood in front of Torak, before she squatted down to have a closer look on Raine.

Yet, before she could check on the girl's condition, her neck had been squeezed tightly in firm grip.

"If you kill me, she will die." Though it was hard to talk, Serefina pushed her last words out of her lips before the air left her lungs.

The witch glanced provocatively at Raine.

Because Torak removed his pressured on Raine's neck, the opened wound started to disgorge more and more blood until it pooled on the floor.

Raine's blood was like a broken dam, flowed endlessly without a sign to stop.

Within three seconds after Serefina's said her warning, she had almost lost her consciousness, but Raine's condition was getting worse as her heartbeat was hard to hear.